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Funko Pop Protector Guide – How To Protect Your Pops

In this Funko Blog I’ve scoured Amazon to find the best Funko Pop Protectors for both US and UK Pop collectors.

So How Do You Protect Your Funko Pops?

If you have the money, Funko Stacks. They are the hardiest case you can buy. If you want a cheaper option, the soft Funko Pop Protectors are amazing. If you live in the USA, Malko is the best brand. In the UK it is ATV Store.

There are a lot to choose from, so I’ve looked at as many as I can find, reading customer reviews and testing a few out myself. Below I’ve separated the best Funko Pop Protectors by region. Just below are the US Funko Pop Protectors on Amazon US.

For UK Pop collectors, click here to go straight down the page for UK Funko Pop Protectors available on Amazon.

If you’re wanting to find cool ways to display your Pop figures without the Funko Pop Protectors and the original packaging, check out my in-depth look at the Funko Blog Guide for the Best Ways To Display Your Funko Pops. There are some fantastic options, with some unique ideas, such as a Baseball Bat display case – which is the perfect size!

Why you should protect your Funko Pops

This sounds like an obvious statement – and if you’re a collector you know why! However for those of you who are new to the world of collecting, the packaging is just as important as the figure.

You should protect Funko Pop Vinyls as they’re an investment as well as an enjoyable collectible.

Many Pops get vaulted (never produced again), so they will only go up in value the older they get. Some are produced in a limited number, such as Chase Pops, whereas others are made especially for a certain event, such as a Comic-Con. Others are exclusive to a specific retailer, like Amazon, Target or Walgreens.

Using a Funko Pop Protector will keep the box from getting damaged and will help it maintain the value of your Pop.

If you don’t protect your Pop box, the cardboard packaging can easily get dented or ripped. If liquid gets spilt on the packaging, the material will degrade. The artwork on the box could get rubbed off.

Plus, by keeping the Pop protected, it will maintain its aesthetic look, which is one of the main reasons you bought it in the first place.

Regardless of whether you are protecting a rare Funko Pop or just regular one, using a Funko Pop Protector is a good investment.

How you should protect your Funko Pops

There are many ways to keep your Pops safe without a Funko Pop Protector – and most of these ways are just standard common sense.

Don’t leave them in a place where they will get damaged, either by falling or getting crushed. Don’t leave them out in direct sunlight over a period of time, as the colouring will fade over time. Don’t let them get wet. Don’t feed them after midnight. (That was a Gremlins reference for anyone who thinks I was going mad).

Despite all the above, they can still get damaged, so I would still invest in some Funko Pop Protectors for them, hence what this Funko Blog post is all about.

How much does it cost to protect your Funko Pops?

So how much are Funko Pop Protectors then?

Most of them are really cheap and totally worth it. You have the plastic vinyl options that are available in bulk purchasing and 10 cost the same as 1 regular priced Funko Pop.

If you’re after the Funko Pop Hard Cases for your really special figures, then 1 of these will cost the same as 1 regular Pop.

Below is my list of the best Funko Pop Protectors available in the US and UK via Amazon. Enjoy!

The Best Funko Pop Protectors for the US (click here for the UK)


The official Funko Pop Protectors by Funko, these things are the safest and sturdiest cases you can get.

If you have the money, then these are the best protection for your beloved Pops. You’re looking at around $10 each, so if you have a lot of Pop’s you’re going to be spending quite a bit.

Alternatively, collectors who are a bit short on cash (or just don’t want to spend the same amount on a case as they did the Pop) should perhaps use these for the really special Pop figures in their collection, such as the rare Funkos or exclusive Pop Vinyls.

The cases themselves have interlocking lids and stack together quite well, however I found that after you stacked more than 4 it became a bit wobbly. The Pop boxes don’t rattle around in the casing, they fit snugly.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

Malko Funko Pop Protector Cases

There are loads of different providers of Funko Pop Protectors. The company that we found to be the most consistent across the board in terms of quality and value for money was Malko. They specialise in protective casings for vintage video games, comic books and most relevant here, Pops.

Malko have an excellent range, from the standard Pop protectors to extra thick casing, plus they cater for every box size, including the 6″ and the huge 10″ Funkos.

The boxes are easy to assemble and have a protective adhesive film that you can peel off after you have set it up (so no grubby fingerprints). It has a locking tab that keeps the lid secure. The Pop itself fits comfortably inside and does not rattle around, making them easy to stack.

MALKO Pop Protector Plastic Case (10 Pack)

First up on the Malko list is the single Funko Pop protector and they are by far the best option around for their great value and excellent quality.

The boxes are easy to set up, though you do have to work with them a bit to hold the shape but it isn’t a struggle at all. It is best to crease the lids before you out the Pop in. Make sure as well that you don’t peel the plastic wrap off of it before you put the box in (this goes for all of the below too).

Once the Funko Pop is in the protector, it fits well. Peel the wrap off and it is very shiny and crystal clear.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Premium Pop Protector Hard Plastic Case (5 Pack)

I love these as they are an intermediary between the two above, especially if you’re not wanting to pay out $10 for a Funko Stack.

The Malko Premium Pop Protector is more expensive than their standard offering, however there is good reason. The thickness of the plastic is 1mm as opposed to 0.4mm. This means that it is much more strong and durable and very rigid, so you won’t damage the Pop even if it falls off the shelf.

I know a lot of people who use these only, however those of you who perhaps feel it is a little too expensive to put all of your Pops in, then perhaps save these for your special ones.

Despite their thickness, these are still easy to put together, perhaps requiring a little extra force when bending.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Pop Protector Case for 6 INCH Vinyl Figures (6 Pack)

One for your big Pops, this Funko Pop protector is the same in every shape and form as the standard version, just bigger.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Pop Protector Case for 10 INCH Vinyl Figures (2 Pack)

For the biggest Pop Vinyls, Malko has made sure that even they have protection.

Despite being massive, these are easy to assemble and work like a charm.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Pop Protector Display Case for 2 Pack Funko Pops (5 Pack)

For those occasions when you have the duo Pop case, Malko have made sure they stay protected with their own display case.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Premium Pop Protector Hard Plastic Case for 2 Pack Funko Pop (5 Pack)

This is pretty cool – Malko have a hard case version (1mm thick) for the duo packs too. highly recommend these over the one above, purely due to the fact it has two Pops in it plus the box is bigger and therefore heavier.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

MALKO Pop Protector Case for 3 Pack Funko Pops (5 Pack)

Highly unlikely you will need this, but I thought I’d include it anyway because there is always someone out there who has a three-pack Pop box. A good investment overall.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

The Best Funko Pop Protectors for the UK

Funko Stacks

As seen above in the US section, you can buy the official Funko Stacks on Amazon UK, however they are shipped from the States, so you would be looking at a delivery charge and a slightly longer delivery time.

However, they are the best of the best, and ensures safety for whichever Pop Vinyl you put in there (this is for standard Pop Vinyl boxes only, it doesn’t fit the 6″ Pops).

It is made of a hard transparent plastic acrylic with an interlocking lid, so you can see your Funko Pop in all its glory whilst it’s protected.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon.

ATV Store Funko Pop Vinyl Display Cases

The ATV Stores Funko Pop Protectors are the ones I use and I would recommend them to all UK Pop Vinyl collectors.

They are great quality and good value for money. Made from PET plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate), they are surprisingly thick and sturdy, which makes the perfect for stacking.

A plastic wrap layer covers them which can be peeled off. This is to protect them from scuffs and scratches when delivered and also stops you from leaving finger prints all over them when you’re assembling them.

ATV Stores also provides a nice and handy little dust cloth with each set you buy.

Also you get a discount voucher for your next purchase, which is great customer service.

Check out the range below.

ATV Store Funko Pop Protector Display Case (10 Pack) We Recommend!

These are for the normal sized Pops and are the ones I always use. In my opinion, they are the best. You can get 10 in a pack.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

ATV Store Blood Splattered Funko Pop Protector Display Case (Single)

These are great for horror themed Pop Vinyls. There are different blood splatters on each side which adds some variety. They are sold individually and can be purchased on Amazon Prime.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

ATV Store Funko Pop Protector Display Case For 6″ Pop Vinyl (Single)

Same as the above, but for your big 6″ figures. Again, you buy these individually too.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

PPJoe Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protectors

Similar to the ones above but with an obvious difference – blood splatters to the extreme!

These PPJoe range bring an extra level of enjoyment to displaying and protecting your Funko Pops.

The quality of the Pop protector is just as good as the ATV Store range, however they are slightly more expensive due to their gory decoration – but totally worthwhile.

PPJoe Alien Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protectors (10 Pack)

This is perfect for a number of different Pop collections; such as Alien, Predator, Ghostbusters, Gremlins and loads more. The green splatters cover the entire box.

You get 10 of these in a pack for a little bit more than the price of a regular Pop.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

PPJoe Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protectors 6″ (Single)

This is for the big 6″ Funko Pops – perfect for the Alien Queen Pop Vinyl! This is only sold as a single Funko Protector.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

PPJoe Blood Splatter Funko Pop Protectors 2 Pack (Single)

Double the blood for the duo set Pops. Same as the Funko Pop Protector above, this is sold individually.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

Gorilla Guard Funko Pop Protector Protective Case (25 Pack) – BEST FOR BUDGET

For the more budget versions of Funko Pop protectors, the Gorilla Guard are great.

You get 25 in a pack for a few quid more than the ATV Stores 10 pack. There is a little more assembly required for the Gorilla Guard ones and they aren’t as robust as the others mentioned above, but you get what you pay for and these are still great.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

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