Funko Pop Jargon and Terminology Guide

Funko Pop Guide

When I first started collecting Pops, I went on various websites, forums and Facebook Groups to learn more about them.

I soon came across a lot of interesting Funko Pop lingo and abbreviations – however I didn’t know what people were talking about.

So I sheepishly asked members in various Funko groups I was lurking in what the terms “ISO” or “Chase” or “Grail” meant. The Pop fans were happy to answer the questions I had, which allowed me to delve deeper into the wonderful world of Funko Pops.

Instead of you going through this and asking those same questions, I’ve created a guide on all Funko Pop Terminology and Jargon so you can jump right in.

Official Funko Pop Terms

Funko Pops/ Pop Vinyls/ Pops/ Funko Bobbleheads

I thought I’d dive into this one first – it seems that there is a different name for Funko Pops, but to reassure you, the above are all the same thing.

Some people refer to them as Pop Vinyls. Others call the Funko Bobble Heads (which isn’t accurate, as there are only some that are actual bobbleheads). For others, it’s just Pops.

For me and most of the world, it is Funko Pops.


Black Panther Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

So what are Chase Pops?

A Chase Pop is a rare variant of a common Funko Pop figure, whereby its design differs slightly to the original figure it’s based upon. A Chase Pop is recognised by the unique golden sticker on the front of the box and the difference in appearance when compared to the regular Pop. When bought brand new, the Chase is the same price as the regular Pop.

I talk about Chases in more detail in the What Are Chase Funko Pops article – I also go in to how you can get hold of them easier with some simple tricks.


Star Wars Expensive Pop

A Grail or Holy Grail is in essence, the most desired Pop by you, someone else or a group or based on value and rarity.

Pretty open-ended huh?

Basically, whatever Pop you most desire, that is your grail – it’s your opinion based on your what you value most. However, the term is more generally used with the rarest Pops in various Funko Pop lines. Those rare Pops, such as the first editions or event exclusives are considered grails due to their value.

For more information on the grails, check out my article on the Top 50 Most Expensive Funko Pops Ever.


Rather than just have the standard paint job, some Pops – mainly exclusives to stores or events – will release a variant which has metallic paint on part or all of the Pop.


Gold Chrome Marvel Pop

Instead of a metallic finish, some lucky Pops get the full chrome treatment – check out the Marvel and Star Wars Pops to see what I mean.


Patina Pop

The Patina finish essentially gives the Pop a weathered bronze-like coat. Similar to the chromed Pops, the Patina paint-job also covers the Pop from head to toe.


Flocked Pop

Basically, furry Pops! Depending on the character, the Pop can be covered in part or all over with the fuzzy finish, giving those Pops with a fur coat or hair that great texture.

Glow In The Dark


Or GITD for short, these Pops do exactly what they say on the box. Some of them glow in the dark all over, or only certain parts of the Pop. The glow doesn’t last long though – they need to absorb a certain level of light for a time to glow when placed in the dark.


Exclusive Funko pop

I’ve already used this term above, but essentially it means that the Pop with this ‘Exclusive’ label is only available at wherever is selling it – e.g. a chain of stores or event.


Meaning, no longer produced or sold. Basically, some Pops are only produced in certain quantities or for a certain amount of time. These Pops are then ‘vaulted’ and are no longer in circulation, so your best bet in looking for vaulted Pops is on eBay, Facebook groups or forums.

Freddy Funko

Freddy Funko Pop

Freddy Funko is the mascot Pop for Funko Pops. There are hundreds of different versions of him about, however they are all in the price range of $200 or more, going up to $8000 due to their limited numbers.

Super-Sized Pop

Super Size POp

A bigger than normal Pop, a super-sized Pop can be 6″, 9″ or 10″ tall.

Forum and Facebook Group Jargon/Lingo

These are the words, phrases and acronyms you’ll see on various Funko Blogs, Forums and Facebook Groups.

ISO – In Search Of

OOB – Out Of Box

OBO – Or Best Offer

OOS – Out Of Stock

FT – For Trade

FS – For Sale

NFT – Not For Trade

NFS – Not For Sale

NIB – New In Box

LE – Limited Edition

MINT – Mint Condition

Wild – A Pop found on the shelves in a store

Numbered – Certain pops have a specific number on them, usually the Freddy Funkos or Event Pops

HTF – Hard To Find

Bump – When a post/forum needs a new comment to push it back to the top of the list

MCC – Marvel Collector Corps

PIAB – Pop In A Box (an online store that sells Pops and Funko Pop mystery boxes)

PPGPop Price Guide

HT or HTE – Hot Topic or Hot Topic Exclusive (a store that sells Pops)

DBT – Double Boxed Toys (an online store that sells Pops)

B&N – Barnes & Noble (a store that sells Pops)

GS – GameStop (a store that sells Pops)

SDCC – San Diego Comic Con

NYCC – New York Comic Con

Flip/Flipper – People who buy Funko Pops to sell them for profit ASAP

Proto – Prototype or pre-production models of the Pop, which are very rare.

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What is “OG”?


    It means it’s the original version. For example Mickey Mouse has a lot of different versions you can get. But the OG would mean the first Micky pop they ever made.


Don’t forget about BAM…Books A Million.


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