Funko Pop Mystery Box – Pop In A Box Subscription Guide and Review

Funko Pop Mystery Box Pop In A Box

I’ve been hearing about Funko Pop Mystery Boxes for ages now, but the idea of ordering a random box of Pops unnerved me a bit. Why on earth would I want to pay for a box of random Pops, when it could be full of ones I don’t like?

After reading a few things online about it, I decided to take the plunge and order one from Pop In A Box.

Was it worth it? Yes!

But there are a few things you should know before you buy.

Below I have created the best guide on the Pop In A Box subscription services and reviewed my own experience below, with a video unboxing. If you want to check out the Funko Pop Mystery Boxes right now, see the links here.

For US customers, head over to Pop In A Box US.

For those in Great Britain, click here to go to Pop In A Box UK.

Keep reading for some great secrets on how to get more discount on Pop In A Box Monthly subscriptions below!

What is the Pop In A Box Subscription Service and Why Would I Want It?

Funko Pop Mystery Box

Simply put – a Funko Pop Mystery Box is a random box of Pops delivered to your door every month.

Why order one? The main point of a Funko Mystery Box is of course, the mystery – you don’t know what you’re getting!

It’s actually really fun receiving this in the mail and opening it – you will get some nice surprises to add to your collection, or to start a new one. Yes, you may get some Pops you aren’t that bothered about, but you can put the ones you don’t want on eBay, or trade them on a Facebook group.

Also a Funko Pop Mystery Box makes a great gift idea for a Pop fan – just make sure you choose the right theme for the person you’re getting it for.

Plus you get some extras and freebies by subscribing too (see below)!

What Funko Pop Mystery Box subscription choices and options do PIAB offer?

Pop In A Box offers a load of choices for their Funko Pop Mystery Boxes.

Firstly, they have different sized boxes – you can choose a box of one, two, three, six or twelve Pops.

As there are literally thousands of Pops available, PIAB has different subscription options. Their ‘classic’ option is an assortment of everything – however, I would avoid this completely. There are too many choices and you could end up with Pops you have no interest in collecting.

Instead, I recommend you go the more specific themes that you or the person you’re buying it for enjoys. There are 11 choices in total, which are Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Gaming, Game Of Thrones, DC Heroes, Sports, TV, Animations and Movies.

Hang on, will I get duplicates?


Pop In A Box keeps track of every Pop you get in the subscription AND the ones you purchase from the store, so you’re never in any danger of getting duplicates later down the line if you continue or restart your subscription, which is pretty cool.

Also if you are unhappy with a Pop you get – say you get a Pop from a certain movie which you don’t like, you can flag it and you won’t get another one from that franchise.

What are the prices for the PIAB Funko Mystery Box Subscriptions?

I ordered my Pop In A Box subscription from the UK (I live there), but I will list the pricing for the US below as well:


1 Pop per month – $13.95/£9.99

2 Pops per month – $25.95/£18.99

3 Pops per month – $36.95/£26.99

6 Pops per month – $67.95/£49.99

12 Pops per month – $133.95/£99.00

Delivery – $4.49/£2.99

Secret Tip!!!

As this was the second time I subscribed to a Funko Pop Mystery Box at PIAB, I noticed that the 10% discount I got from being a VIP (subscriber) actually affected my next subscription purchase!!!

So realistically, after you have subbed to one, you can cancel, re-sub or choose a different subscription theme and then get more discount!!! See below to see what I mean:

Funko Pop Mystery Box

Are there any Extra Benefits with my PIAB Funko Mystery Box Subscription?


  • If you subscribe to any of the subscriptions, you get 10% discount on anything you actively purchase in the store.
  • Also, you get one free Pop from a select list with your first order.
  • And you are also get access to the VIP section, where you can purchase some nice exclusives to subscribers only!

Even if you just order the single Pop option, you will get all the above, which is pretty neat.

Secret Tip!!! 

When you make your first order for PIAB subscriptions, you get a free Pop. If you don’t like anything on list – don’t pick one. The list changes each month, so wait until a while thing look again and you will have different Pops to choose from – that’s what I did, and I got my Dennis Nedry for free!

REVIEW of Pop In A Box Subscription – Here Is What You Need To Know

So to test the Pop subscription out, I went for the 6-pack Movies subscription. Also I could choose a free gift, with about 10 different Pops to choose from. I went with Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park as I loved the character and the movie is one of my faves.

Funko Pop Mystery Box

The Delivery Time….

The delivery time is perhaps the only downside to the PIAB subscription Funko Pop Mystery Box.

It took a loooonnnng time to deliver.

The website states to allow 20 days for delivery when the purchase is made. If you’re like me and used to Amazon Prime, this is tough to swallow. Plus 20 days is a wide window for it to come in. Mine took roughly 14-18 days to arrive.

Why does it take so long? The reason for this is due to PIAB’s stock – quite simply, if they run out of a good assortment of Pops in the subscription genre you’ve chosen, you have to wait until they’ve replenished their stock.

With this in mind, when you do order a Funko Pop Mystery Box subscription from them, I would honestly just forget about it and have a nice surprise when it arrives. If you are ordering this as a gift, I would place your order a month before the date you need it for to allow a little leeway.

The Packaging – Did the Pops Survive?

When I finally received my order it was in one box (I’ve heard that sometimes you can receive multiple boxes at different times).

The packaging was great – the box itself was strong and durable, with edges sealed all over with heavy duty packaging tape. The box I received could neatly fit 8 Pops in.

Inside, each Pop was inidivdually wrapped (or rather ‘partitioned’)  in bubble wrap to avoid the Pop boxes marking one another. As I had 7 in the box (one was my free Pop), the leftover space was fitted with a double airbag packaging to make sure the Pops wouldn’t move around whilst in transit.

Overall, the packaging was excellent and the condition of the each Pop was nearly perfect, apart from one corner on one box, which had a small dent in it.

Funko Pop Mystery Box packaging

The Unboxing – What Pops Did I Get?

Funko Pop Mystery Box

I was really worried that I would get some rubbish to be honest, as there is a lot to choose from in the Movie Subscription list – but I was very, very happy with what I got!

The Pops I received were:

  • Dennis Nedry (Jurrassic Park) – I knew I was getting this as it was my free gift!
  • Xenomorph (Alien 40th Anniversary)
  • Hans Gruber (Die Hard)
  • Ramathorn (Super Troopers)
  • Mac (Super Troopers)
  • Odd Job (James Bond)
  • Ben Hanscom GITD (IT)

Customer Service

I thought I’d put this in as the Pop In A Box support were excellent. I contacted them because I was getting impatient waiting for my order (I didn’t realise how long it would take, so my fault!).

They replied very quickly, within a couple of hours and let me know when my items were dispatched and that it is in transit. You can track your package with their system which was helpful too.

Overall Experience

I was massively surprised as to how good this Funko Pop Mystery Box was. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant – I thought I was going to end up with a load of random Pops from movies I’m not bothered by, but I did well (or got lucky!).

Despite the long delivery time, the packaging was excellent, the Pops were great and the customer service was really good with a fast response time.

If you’re looking for a bit of fun or a gift idea, this is perfect – you have such a variety of different themed subscriptions and package sizes too.

Also you get a 10% discount on anything else you buy from the Pop In A Box store! Plus if you only want to do it once, you can cancel the contract.

I highly recommend you give it a go – even if you get just the one random Pop a month, the discounts and the free gift are totally worth it!

For US customers, head over to Pop In A Box US.

For those in Great Britain, click here to go to Pop In A Box UK.

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August 22, 2019 4:06 am

Is it weird that today a got my free pop but not my actual mystery box?


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