The Ultimate Guide On How To Display Your Funko Pops

Funko Pop Display

Whether you like to display your Funko Pops in or out of the box, you’ll find that Pops can take up a lot of space when your collection reaches a certain size.

Having them on a random shelf or displaying them on a windowsill (which is never a good idea due to sun damage) is limiting, both in space and location. Ideally you want to display your Pops in your home where you can enjoy them and for others to see, whilst looking awesome and being neat and tidy.

Pretty soon you’re going to need to find a custom solution. So, how do you display Funko Pops?

There are many options, from purpose built Pop display cases and stands, to shelving units and glass cabinets. Also, you can purchase cheap backlighting to make your collection have that Wow factor. For the ultra creative collectors reading, you can build or order custom stands to really go to the next level.

This Funko Pop Display Guide looks at every option in detail, giving you plenty of great value options and ways to display your beloved Pop collection in the best way possible.

11 Awesome Display Stands, Shelves, Cases and Cabinet Ideas For Funko Pops

Acrylic Riser Stand

Funko Pop Display Riser

First on this list is the Acrylic Riser Stand, which is the most popular way to display out of box Pops.

These stands allow you for to position your Pops on 3 elevated levels and work really well with glass cabinets which often have quite tall shelving space, so these allow you to fill it perfectly.

There are two sizes for this, a 9×6″ and a 12×8.5″. The 9″ wide can comfortable fit 4 standard sized Pops on each row, whereas the 12″ can fit 5.

The stand is really easy to assemble on 3 pieces and comes with a mini screw driver too, so you don’t need any tools for the job.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

APEX Action Figure Display Case

Funko Pop Display Case

Next up is the APEX Action Figure Display Case. This is perfect for Pops collectors who want to display and hate dusting!

The case comes with a two tiered riser (so 3 levels if you count the base), which is 15″ long, allowing you to easily get 5-6 Pops per level. The top level can also comfortably fit regular sized Pops on too.

This casing has a it’s lid on the top, which has a small tab that you can lift up from.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Baseball Bat Display Case

Baseball BAt Funko Pop Display Case

An awesome idea I’ve seen done is using singular baseball bat display cases, turning them on their side. They fit Pops perfectly, however it’s sometimes difficult to get the right ones.

I’ve also found some fancy glass ones, which are a bit pricier, however they can sit on a desk or shelf and look very, very cool.

In each case, you can usually fit around 12-14 regular sized Pops. I found some awesome photos of peoples displays on Pinterest!

Pastry Cabinet Acrylic Display

Funko Pop Big Display Case

Yes you read that right – something a bit different but works really well if you’re short on space!

This Pastry Cabinet is just the right height for Pops, with just under 5″ of headroom on each shelf, with a 9×19″ area means you can store and display loads of Pops in here!

For each individual level, the front panel lifts up so you can get to your Pops easily. It’s sturdy too, as this is meant for being in a shop so it’s very robust and will keep your Pops safe, dust free and is big enough to display full collections! You will need a screwdriver for this one though.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Wedding Party Acrylic Cupcake Display

Funko Pop Display Stand

Continuing the baking theme, I thought this was an interesting option – a wedding cupcake stand!

Just imagine all of the Avengers Pops on here with Thanos or Iron Man at the top! There is a decent amount of space on each tier, with the diameter of the levels being 12, 10, 8 and 6″ – so you could get over 20 Pops I reckon on this in total.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Clear Acrylic 3 Tier Half Moon Shelf Unit

Funko Pop Display stands

Another option, this is a bit more of a fancy three tiered riser with some curves!

This premium display stand is perfect for your favourite Pops or full collection – by looking at the dimensions you could fit around 20 Pops on this.

It would look more epic with some back lighting from the back or underneath too!

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Geek Stackable Shelves Display

Funko Pop Display Stacks

The Display Geek Stackable Shelves are purpose built For Funko Pops – they fit 15 in total, including the box in at the back and the Pop at the front. Also for all environmentalist Pop collectors, these awesome stackable Pop displays are made from 100% recycled material.

Made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard with a nice finish, these displays do require some assembly.

Check The Price Here on Amazon for a single.

Check The Price Here on Amazon for a value 5 pack.

Ikea Billy Bookcases 

Funko Pop Shelving

By far the most talked about storage and display option for in-box Pops, the Ikea Billy Bookcases are renowned for fitting Funko Pops really well and look great doing it.

The shelves are adjustable and are up to you where you position them. You can have it so there is one shelf per line of Pops, or double stack on each shelf. You can purchase more shelves with the bookcase too as it only comes with 5.

These things were built for Pop collectors – if you’re serious about your in-box collection, then these are a must.

Check The Price Here on Amazon

Saunder Bookcases – We Recommend!

Funko Pop Shelving

Similar to the above and priced considerably lower than the Ikea ones, these Saunder bookcases are of slightly lower quality, but to be honest it’s hard to see the difference when it is full of Pops. I definitely recommend this brand as they are a fraction of the cost of the ones above!

Check The Price Here on Amazon

5-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet – Most Popular For Collectors

Glass display FUnko Pop

Similar to bookshelves, there are tons of glass cabinet display options. This however, is my favourite and many other Pop or action figure collectors would agree.

Why? Well firstly just look at it – it’s excellent in quality and design. The best thing about this is that the Risers that I went through at the top fit in each shelf section, which optimised the extra space in each area (height between each shelf is 12″). Plus it looks awesome when your Pops are in it and all set up – take a look at the pictures of other Pop collectors who do the same.

Also, it is half the price of pretty much the same thing Ikea sell!

You can also get hold of a narrow version too.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Zigzag Corner Display Shelf Unit 

ZigZag Shelves

For my final recommendation, this is a great option to make the corners of your rooms do something interesting!

These zigzag shelves are subtle, and have quite a bit of space on each platform, allowing a handful of Pops on each shelf (unboxed).

It’s great value too!

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Backlighting Ideas To Enhance Your Pop Display

If you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a good shelving unit or fancy glass cabinet like the ones above, then you may as well have a go at lighting – as it takes your Pop display to another level.

The good thing is that lighting packs are cheap, easy to assemble and bring a new experience to displaying your collection.

Below are some options that I recommend you check out.

Multi-Color LED Strip Light

Funko Pop lighting

This is the money-shot!

So if you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up a nice display or even built one yourself, lighting is the perfect icing on the cake and these multi colored LED strips are the best available.

These lights come in 16 colours, and they are bright – so when you fix them up on your display, make sure they are pointing toward the Pops to get the full effect. There is a bit of set up – it’s not hard, you just follow the instructions.

Obviously make sure you set it up near an outlet – you need mains power for these things!

These specific set has hundreds of great reviews – they are the best of the bunch and great value.

Check The Pricing Here on Amazon.

Wireless LED Light

Funko Pop lighting

For those of you who hate wires and are not too fussed about having multi coloured lighting, these are perfect.

Powered by AAA batteries, these light bars have an adhesive strip which means you can stick them anywhere. The remote can turn them on all at once, individually or in a sequence if needs be.

Very awesome and work really well in the glass cabinet option with a riser display.

Check The Price Here on Amazon.

Amazing Custom Display Ideas For Funko Pops

Finally I thought it best to show you what can be achieved with some imagination and a little work. These fantastic Funko Pop custom displays look great (these aren’t my pictures)!

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