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There may come a time when you have to sell your Funko Pop collection or part of it. For first time sellers, this can be a bit daunting, or for others it can seem like a hassle.

If this is your first time selling or you’re not great at selling – maybe you have already put up your Funko Pops on eBay aren’t they aren’t selling very well – then this guide will help you.

The guide below is designed to make your life easy. But first, see below for my quick answer on how to sell Funko Pops. 

If you need to know how to sell Funko Pops because it’s either your first time or you’re having trouble currently selling your Pops, then the things you need to do are:

  • List your items well
  • Take plenty of high quality photos
  • Communicate often with potential buyers
  • Price your Pops based on their value

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to sell them easily, and make some profit on them too.

If you’re pretty clued up on how to sell Funko Pops, but struggling to find the best place to sell them, then check out our guide on where to sell Funko Pops.

This is How to Sell Funko Pops

So now you know where to sell Funko Pops, the next step is of course, how to sell Funko Pops.

The rules below apply to eBay, Facebook Groups and Reddit. You want to take photos, have a great description, communicate well, price right and package well.

At the end of this guide, you will know how to sell Funko Pops like a pro.

Photos – and Lots of Them!

This is first and most important step on how to sell Funko Pops. People want pictures. Lots of pictures.

The more photos you have, the quicker it is likely to sell. Why? Because the buyer can see exactly what is being sold. Also, if you take enough good photos the buyer will not request more photos to verify that what you’re selling is what they want. Which can be really annoying when you have to do go back to your Pop, take more pictures again and again.

So what photos do you take?

Firstly, you want to take photos of every side of the Pop in the box. This not only shows the condition of the box, but also will show it is not a fake. For more information on How To Spot A Fake Funko Pop check here.

Next you want to take photos of the Pop itself from different angles (especially if it has damage). Also take photos of the feet and the base of the head for serial numbers and license agreement that are printed on them. Again, this is to show the condition of the Pop and show it is authentic.

And that about covers it, realistically, you should have around 10 photos of the Pop which should cover all aspects of Box and Pop condition, along with serial numbers and official licensing. Well done!

Have a Great Description

This step in how to sell Funko Pops is important mainly for selling on eBay.

The description you want to give is the title of the figure, describing the Pop condition and delivery information. It allows peace of mind for the consumer, plus if you’ve covered these bases the only queries you should get are offers.

You can also mention in the description that they should check out the other Pops you have for sale, which will increase the views on your listings and increase the chances of selling.

In Facebook and Reddit, a catchy description with some humour is always fun as it is eye-catching to the subscribers, plus delivery costs should be included too.

Be Responsive to Potential Buyers

Communication is key when knowing how to sell Funko Pops.

When listing your Pops for sale, you will receive messages from potential buyers.

If you’ve followed the steps above, then the messages should only be buyers with purchase enquiries – you should have enough photos to satisfy any collector and a decent description should cover bases about delivery costs too.

Regardless of the question however, you should answer straight away. This shows the buyer you are responsive and they are more likely to purchase from you due to you helping them out quickly.

If you take too long, they may go looking elsewhere.

Price Your Funko Pops According to Their Value

This is super important when learning how to sell Funko Pops.

When selling Pop’s on eBay, you can usually increase the price to cover the selling fees and to make some profit, particularly if the Pop is vaulted – which essentially means it’s in demand. You can increase the price by 15-20% usually on these types of Pops.

If you are selling on Facebook Groups or Reddit, then you are unlikely to make much profit at all, as the users of such groups and forums will know how much your Pop is worth. Don’t go crazy and overprice it too much, as you won’t get any buyers – more likely you will have salty comments.

I use the Pop Price Guide, as it has the most up to date pricing information on what every Pop is valued at. It’s great and you should definitely use it when learning how to sell Funko Pops. It’s also handy when buying Pops too.

Package Well

Finally in our how to sell Funko Pops Blog guide, is delivery and packaging.

When you receive payment, package it as you would want to receive it.

It goes without saying, that you should package well. The customer bought your Pop, they expect it to be protected whilst in transit to them, so use a decent box, plenty of bubble wrap and make sure Fragile is put on the outside of the box so it doesn’t get crushed or knocked around.

Customers want the box pristine for their collection. If it is badly packaged and they receive it all bent and crapped up, they will tell people and give you a bad review. And don’t use newspaper or anything that can cause the box to become discoloured. I had this once with a Pop and I threw the box out.

Personally, I sell my Pops with a Pop Protector. They are pretty cheap and provide great protection when being delivered. Check out our Funko Pop Protector guide here.

Next you want to Post it ASAP.

If people are waiting ages because you are taking your sweet time posting their Pop, they will get fed up.

With eBay they will send you messages asking for an update. When they do get their Item, they may give you a poor review. I have seen some people get ridiculed in ‘public’ on Facebook Groups. It’s not pleasant.

If there is an unexpected delay in sending the Pop to the customer, then let them know immediately – they will respect your honesty and are likely to buy from you again. If you ignore their messages, they won’t come back.

Follow these rules on how to sell Funko Pops and you should have no trouble selling them quickly and making some good money on the side. If you would like to know the best places where to sell Funko Pops, click here.

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