Most Expensive Funko Pop List – The Top 50 Most Valuable Pops 2019

Most Expensive Funko Pop Ultimate Guide

I’ve written the definitive Top 50 Most Expensive Funko Pop guide for you Pop fans.

Why? Well no one else has done it yet.

Also I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but whenever you search the most expensive Funko Pop figures in google, you get many different lists. I have found they are all wrong.

After doing a ton of research, I’ve compiled everything from DC to Disney, Marvel to Music, Baseball to TV Shows and even brand mascots. This is the most accurate list you will find online.

Just to let you know, this list excludes the Freddy Funko Pops – the mascot of the Funko brand. These Pops are super rare, but honestly they would just dominate this list as there are around 200 variations ranging from $9k to $2k. If you want to see just the list of the most expensive Freddy Funko Pop pieces only, head over to the Pop Price Guide.

Quick Top 10 Most Expensive Funko Pops List

For those who are short on time and just want to know what the actual top 10 most valuable Funko Pops are worth, here is a quick list.

So What are the top 10 most expensive Funko Pop figures?

  1. Clockwork Orange Chase $13300
  2. Dumbo Clown $5270
  3. Boo Berry $3540
  4. Purple Haze Chase $3080
  5. Dumbo Gold $2780
  6. Clockwork Orange $2580
  7. Ken Griffey Jr $2470
  8. Green Lantern $2350
  9. Planet Arlia Vegeta $2270
  10. Hopper Gold $2240

The Ultimate Top 50 Most Expensive Funko Pop List Starts Here

Below is the full list of the most expensive Pops, with pictures, pricing and rarity. You’ll notice most of these are Comic Con Exclusives, so whenever you get the chance to go to one of these events, run straight for the Funko Pop stand as soon as you get there!

50. Batman with Yellow Symbol Chase Funko Pop (Metallic) $850

Batman Metallic Chase Funko Pop

The Batman Metallic Chase Pop (#01) was one of the first variants of the first DC Heroes released in 2010. It is glorious, with a grey metallic paint job on his suit. This is obviously vaulted now and only a few lurk around for sale in forums.

49. Spider-Man Funko Pop (Metallic) $870

Spider-Man Funko Pop Rare

Released in 2011 at San Diego Comic Con, this metallic Spider-Man Funko Pop (#03) is the most expensive Funko Pop of the web slinger – and the most sort-after.

It’s freaking gorgeous. The metallic red and blue remind me of a Christmas decoration, with the suit broken up by the indents of the lining of the web decal.

48. Alien Funko Pop (Metallic) $880

Alien Funko Pop Metallic Disney

The Claaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!

Who didn’t love these guys in Toy Story? The metallic edition of the Alien (#033) was released at SDCC in 2012 with a batch of 480. The shiny green and blue look fab together – however watch out for fakes. There have been a few spotted on eBay by vigilant Pop fans – just remember what they are worth before you see them for $50.

47. Sorcerer Mickey & Chernabog Funko Pop Set (Metallic) $890

Sorcerer Mickey Funko Pop Disney

The first Mickey Funko Pop on our most expensive Funko Pop list (there are a few!) is part of a 2 piece set from Disney’s Fantasia. 480 of these were released at SDCC.

Mickey steals the show of course – whilst the metallic blue gargoyle looks rad, the rodent sorcerer looks magical. Mickey’s outfit looks amazing for a Pop made back in 2012 – the metallic red robe with a string belt, the brown metallic boots and the blue hat and decals look wonderful. His pose is in ‘mid-spell’ too!

46. Winnie the Pooh Funko Pop (Flocked) $900

Winnie The Pooh Funko Pop

The first flocked Disney Funko Pop in this list, the Winnie The Pooh Pop (#032) made its debut at the SDCC back in 2012.

This furry Funko is an adorable little guy, with his signature honey pot in one hand whilst the other has a paw covered in honey too. The flocked surface covers his body apart from this red top.

Winnie is a very sort after Pop amongst Disney fans.

45. Wonder Woman Funko Pop (Black & White Metallic) $970

Wonder Woman Funko Pop Rare

The first female character on our list is none other than Wonder Woman herself.

Exclusive to Toy Tokyo, the metallic black and white Wonder Woman Pop (#08) was released in 2011 with only 240 produced.

The retro version of the heroine in gorgeous in this monochrome design, with here headband, bracelets and chest piece shining silver. Her outfit is awesome, with her star-spangled pants and lasso of truth looking fab.

44. Skeletor Funko Pop (Black Hood) $990

Skeletor Funko Pop Most Expensive

He-Man fans will frothing at the mouth for this Skeletor Funko Pop (#019).

The black hood variation has only 480 pieces released at the SDCC in 2013 and getting hold of one is incredibly hard. The partial metallic paint job on the gold and purple look fabulous.

43. Oogie Boogie Funko Pop (GITD) $1000

Oogie Boogie Funko Pop

Breaking into the $1000 dollar mark in the most expensive Funko Pop list is Oogie Boogie from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Similar to the Disney Pops Pooh, Mickey and the Alien above, the Oogie Boogie Pop (#039) was released during the same Sand Diego Comic Con in 2012, with only 480 made.

The Pop is a glow in the dark edition, which is perfect for the spooky chap. The moulding on his body has a textured stitching effect to mimic the ‘sack’ he is made from. In his hand, he holds his red dice.

42. Shazam Funko Pop (Metallic) $1000

Shazam Funko Pop Marvel

Shazam! Nope, $1000 has not magically appeared in my hand.

This Shazam! Funko Pop (#014) is the variation of the standard Pop, only shinier! The red and gold work together splendidly, with the gold wristbands, boots and belt breaking up the metallic red. The cape looks amazing, with some nice detailing on the back. Dope chest logo too.

There are only 240 of these around, so it’s likely you will never see this. Sorry.

41. Batman Blue Funko Pop (Metallic) $1050

Batman Funko Pop Expensive

The Caped Crusader (#01) appears quite a few times in this list. His second appearance here has him sporting a metallic blue and silver costume.

Released in 2010 at SDCC, this has the standard limited number of 480 in total.

40. Sulley (Large) & Boo (Metallic) Funko Pop $1080

Funko Pop Expensive

The first Giant Funko Pop in our most expensive Pop list is actually a two pack. Again, SDCC is the place to be, with this being released in 2012 with only 480 of these in existence.

The giant Sulley and regular metallic Boo Pops work perfectly together, considering the scaling between the two are just right.

Boo looks very cute as she always does. Her little pigtails and fringe are spot-on, with her monster outfit having a lush metallic paint job. The Sulley design is awesome – the horns and eyebrows work well, with him standing behind boom the two look great.

39. Batman Blue Funko Pop $1100

Same as above, just not metallic.

Also released in 2010 at SDCC, with 480 in total.

38. Steamboat Willie Funko Pop (Metallic) $1100

Back to the bigger Pops, this Mickey Mouse iteration is based on his very first appearance ever, in the Steamboat Willie cartoon (which is shown at the start of many Disney movies in pre-credits).

Paying homage to the birth of the mouse and the Disney brand, Funko made the monochrome metallic mouse for the D23 Expo in 2013, where 360 of these were made.

37. Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop (Metallic) $1100

Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop Expensive

This Buzz Funko looks awesome – possibly the best Toy Story Pop ever made in my opinion, at least definitely in this most expensive Funko Pop list.

It’s gorgeous. The metallic green is amazing, and the detail on his suit is exactly like the movie, even the wings and laser!

This was released in 2011 at SDCC with only 360 of them around.

36. Buzz Lightyear with Zurg Funko Pop $1140

Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop Expensive

Exclusive to D23 Expo in 2013 like Steamboat Willie, this Buzz Lightyear is more rare – only 150 of this set were made.

The Buzz Pop is the same model as the one above, just not metallic – however, he comes with Evil Emperor Zurg. Though he is considerably smaller than the giant Buzz Pop – similar to Sulley & Boo.

The both glow in the dark which is awesome.

35. Superman Funko Pop Chase (Metallic) $1150

Superman Funko Pop Rare

I’m a big Superman fan and this is one of my favourites.

This Pop (#07) was released back in 2010 and was exclusive to Target – the Chase is the most expensive Kryptonian Pop in this list.

The metallic red and blue look amazing together, with the classic look of the man of steel produced perfectly.

34. The Riddler Funko Pop Chase (Metallic) $1160

Riddler Funko POp Rare

Another classic DC Superheroes Chase, this was released in 2010 also.

The Riddler (#05) has never looked so fly, emerald green metallic outfit, silver hat and purple banding and of course, a golden cane.

33. Big Boy Funko Pop $1170

BigBoy Funko Pop Expensive

A classic American Icon, the Big Boy Pop (#04) is one of the most expensive brand mascot Pops in this list (the other is further down the list).

Exclusive to SDCC 2016, 480 of these were sold at the event.

The Pop captures the character perfectly, chequered trousers, branded logo, whipped hairdo and of course, the Big Boy burger. This Pop makes you hungry 🙂

32. Penguin Funko Pop Chase (Metallic) $1190

Penguin Funko POp

Another DC Chase!

This time, the dastardly Penguin (#04) gets his metallic treatment and is now the most expensive Funko Pop in the Villain DC line.

The metallic purple hat and shirt look great, as does the rest of the Pop. Quack Quack Quack!

31. Nelson Cruz Funko Pop (Silver) $1190

Most Expensive Funko Pop List

One of two of the sporting Funko Pops made it into this list – both are from Major League Baseball.

The Nelson Cruz Silver Funko is incredibly rare – only 23(!) were released exclusively to the Safeco Field. This was only in 2018 – and just look at that price tag!

30. Steamboat Willie Funko Pop (Giant) $1200

Steamboat Willie Funko POp rare

Another D23 2013 Exclusive with only 250 made, this giant blue and red redux Steamboat Willie is very eye-catching to say the least.

Them red eyes look freakin’ evil.

29. Mike Wazowski Funko Pop (GITD) $1200

Funko Pop Most Expensive

There are a good number of Pixar Pops in this list isn’t there!

Mike Wazowski looks great in Funko form (#05) and instantly recognisable. His whole body glows in the dark too!

This Monsters Inc Pop was released in 2011 at SDCC with 480 made.

28. Chewbacca Funko Pop (Flocked) $1220

Star Wars Most Expensive Pop

The first Star Wars Pop in this most expensive Funko Pop list, the Chewbacca Flocked Pop (#06) was released in 2011 exclusive to San Diego Comic Con with 480 produced.

It’s a beautiful furry Pop, with the flocked coating covering Chewie from head to toe as you would expect. The sculpt work on his head is amazing, with line work replicating his waves of hair. He has his metal belt and Crossbow blaster too, with a very cool Star Wars stand.

27. Mickey Mouse Funko Pop (Metallic) $1220

Disney Rare Funko Pops

This metallic Mickey Mouse (#01) is gorgeous.

Standing in his classic pose and immortalised in stunning silver, this Pop is to die for if you’re a Disney fan.

There were 480 Mickey Clones in total at SDCC 2011.

26. Bone Daddy Funko Pop $1230

Rarest Funko Pop

This GITD Chase version of Bone Daddy (#06) is from Funko’s Spastik Plastik line (yes you heard that right…).

The standard version has him wearing a purple suit, whereas the chase has him wearing red.

25. Sulley Funko Pop (Flocked) $1230

Disney Expensive Pop

Like Chewie, Sulley is flocked from top to bottom in his limited edition Funko Pop and was released at the same SDCC 2011 too.

Nice work all over, particularly the purple patches on his coat.

24. Batgirl (Black) Funko Pop $1240

Bat Girl Funko Pop SDCC

Batgirl is the second and last female in this most expensive list, so apologies to the lack of diversity – not my fault!

This SDCC 2010 Batgirl Funko Pop (#03) had only 240 made for the event, hence the price tag.

Usually dressed in light blue and grey, this Pop has gone all black similar to the caped crusader.

23. Captain America Funko Pop (Metallic) $1340

Really Expensive Pop

This Pop is the most expensive and rarest Captain America Pop in his entire line. Here we have the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusive Metallic Captain America Funko Pop (#06).

Hi outfit looks great in metallic form – shame they don’t re-release this.

For more Captain America, check out the complete list of Captain America Funko Pops.

22. Mickey Mouse Large Funko Pop $1430

Funko Pop Most Expensive Giant Pop

This is the last Giant Funko Pop in the most expensive Funko Pop list and the last Mickey too.

Released in 2012 exclusively to SDCC, there were only 18 of these ever made – making it one of the most rarest Pops ever.

It’s amazing to look at – another monochrome design, but this one is 6 inches tall and makes an excellent centre piece for a Disney collection.

You will likely never see one of these!

21. Shadow Trooper Funko Pop $1430

Star Wars Most Expensive Pop

The next Star Wars Funko Pop in this most expensive list is the Shadow Trooper (#014).

The black glossy paint job to the elite stormtrooper is awesome and would make Darth Vader jealous.

Shadow Trooper was released in 2011 at SDCC and only 480 were crafted.

20. Batman Silver Funko Pop $1440

Batman Silver Funko Pop

This is the ultimate Batman variation and by far my favourite. It also has an interesting reason as to why it’s the most sort after Batman and of course in the most expensive Funko Pop list.

Batman Silver (#01) was made exclusively for employee’s of Hot Topic in 2015. Only 108 were made and the chances of you getting hold of one of these is nil. Nada.

It is the rarest Batman Pop in existence, so if you ever managed to even see one, take a photo!

19. T-Bone Funko Pop $1510

T-Bone Funko Metallic

This T-Bone Pop (#04) is another Pop from the Funko’s Spastik Plastik line.

Released in 2017, this Funko Chase variation of the Bull serving a steak (messed up but funny) got the pink/purple metallic treatment.

Probably the best steak in the world for that price.

18. Loki Funko Pop $1600

Loki Funko POp

This Loki Pop (#016) is the most expensive Funko Pop in the Marvel range.

The difference between this and the standard Loki is his metallic Gold crown. It was produced for San Diego Comic-Con in 2012 with 480 pieces made.

17. 1970’s Elvis Funko Pop Chase (GITD) $1610

Most Expensive Funkos

One of two Elvis Pop Rocks Chase figures to make the list, the 1970’s King of Rock has him wearing his legendary costume.

The pose is perfect, with his hand clutching his cape and his facial expression has been successfully captured here. The design and the decals on his suit are incredibly detailed.

And his signature hairstyle rocks.

16. Mr Incredible (Blue Suit) Funko Pop $1790

Mr Incredible Blue Suit Funko Pop

The rarest Incredibles Pop there is, the Mr Incredible Blue suit (#017) is taken from the younger days of the superhero.

Blue Suit was released in 2011 at SDCC, with 480 made.

15. 1950’s Elvis Funko Pop (Metallic Gold) $1820

Elvis Metallic Gold Pop

The second Elvis Chase has him wearing his gold jacket, clutching an old school Mic with a slightly different hairstyle to the one above.

14. Lotso Funko Pop (Flocked) $1840

Lotso Flocked Funko Pop

Another Disney Pop from Toy Story, the flocked Lotso (#013) was released in 2011 exclusively to the D23 Expo with a total set of 480. A lot of Lotos on that stand.

Similar to every way to the standard version, with one major difference – fully flocked – appropriate for the furry boss of daycare.

13. Notorious BIG Funko Pop $1960

Notorious BIG Funko Pop Rare

The next music legend to make the most expensive Funko Pop list is the Notorious BIG (#18).

Released at SDCC in 2011 with only 240 made available, this amazing edition to the Funko Pop Rocks line is extremely rare.

The Pop itself is brilliant, paying homage to the late artist, with a dapper silver metallic jacket and hat, splendid waste coat and silver mic – the Pop is topped off with a cool Notorious BIG facial expression of coolness.

12. Holographic Darth Maul Funko Pop $1990

Star Wars Expensive Pop

The most expensive Star Wars Funko Pop there is, this Holographic Darth Maul (#23) was released in 2012 SDCC with the standard 480 limited pieces.

It’s just awesome. Darth Maul has always been one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars franchise, and this Pop does the Sith justice. The moulding on the face sculpt is great, with his elaborate skin patterns actually raised from the face, not just a simple decal.

The whole thing is a glow in the dark Pop too.

11. Ned Stark (Headless) Funko Pop $2030

11th Most Expensive Funko POp

This is the most sort after Game Of Thrones Funko Pop there is. Another SDCC exclusive, this one’s limited to 1008 pieces.

Essentially the same as the standard Ned Stark (#02), this has one obvious difference. You can remove his head.

Yup Funko went the way of immortalising Sean Beans ironic mortality by allowing you to remove the head of Ned Stark. The Funko also has some differences such as blood around his neck, ‘dead eyes’ and a slightly brighter outfit.

10. Hopper Funko Pop (Gold) $2240

Most Expensive Funko Pop

For a pop that was only released in 2018 to be in the top 10 of the most expensive Funko Pops ever, it’s pretty crazy. Glad it was a Stranger Things Pop though!

The Hopper Gold Pop (#512) shot to the top due to the fact there are only 40 available when it was released in SDCC.

Essentially the same as the standard Hopper, this golden Pop is impossible to get hold of.

9. Planet Arlia Vegeta Funko Pop $2320

9th Most Expensive Pop

I’m so happy there is a Dragon Ball Z character in this list – and it’s Vegeta!

The Planet Arlia Vegeta is the rarest DBZ Funko Pop in existence, so don’t count on it turning up very often. I’m not sure how many were made (I can’t find the number anywhere online) – but I’ve seen one on eBay for stupid money.

The design is great, though very similar to the standard Vegeta.

8. Green Lantern Funko Pop (GITD) $2350

8th Most Expensive Funko Pop

Despite being left out of the team and being made fun of outside of the comics and movies, Green Lantern (#9) gets a lot of Funko love here, being the most Expensive DC Funko Pop ever.

It was released in 2010 at SDCC, with only 240 available.

7. Ken Griffey JR Funko Pop (Bronze) $2470

Funko Pop Most Expensive List

The second Major League Baseball Pop and the most expensive Sports Pop ever, the Ken Griffey Bronze Pop (#24) was released in 2018 exclusive to Safeco Field with only 24 available.

Similar to Hopper Gold above, due to the limited amount the price of this guy shot up insanely quick.

Those of you lucky enough to have one of these, keep it safe.

6. Clockwork Orange Funko Pop $2580

Clockwork Orange Most Expensive Funko Pop

Such a weird movie to get a Pop (two for that matter….). Even more strange is that they are 2 of the most expensive Funko Pop figures ever. Perhaps one of the designers were a fan of the film?

The Clockwork Orange Pop is based on the main character Alex DeLarge, a ruthless gang leader. The Pop itself has his signature tom-bowler hat, underpants on the outside of his long-johns and his menacing cane.

There were only 12 of these made.

5. Dumbo Gold Funko Pop $2780

5th Most Expensive Funko Pop

The first Dumbo (#050) on our list and a very expensive Pop, this was released back in 2013 exclusively to SDCC with only 48 made.

It’s a wonderful Pop, with the gold sheen over all of Dumbo’s grey skin.

Too bad these are nearly impossible to get hold of, unless you have gold spray paint and a standard version!

4. Purple Haze Funko Pop Chase $3080

Purple Haze Chase Most Expensive

I’m not sure how this wasn’t at the top of the most expensive Funko Pop list, perhaps maybe that’s me being biased because I’m a Hendrix fan.

This is the Chase version of Purple Haze. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF THESE IN THE WORLD.

Awesome metallic purple and gold outfit with the signature left handed guitar.

You will never own this. Sorry.

3. Boo Berry Funko Pop (GITD) $3540

Boo Berry 3rd Most Expensive Funko POP

The second advertising mascot in this list, Boo Berry takes 3rd place in the most pricey Pop list.

The Boo Berry Pop is the glow in the dark version, with only 24 produced in 2011.

2. Dumbo Clown Funko Pop $5270

2nd Most Expensive Funko Pop

Similar to the previous Dumbo, the Dumbo Clown was released as a 48 piece set in SDCC 2013.

However, this is more than double the value of the Gold Dumbo – I’m not entirely sure why, I guess like everything on this list is due to demand, but still – that is a lot of money…

The Pop looks excellent though, the face is adorable with the makeup.

1. Clockwork Orange Funko Pop Chase $13300

Clockwork Orange Most Expensive Funko Pop

This is it.

The most Expensive Funko Pop ever – and that’s including the whole of the Freddy Funko Line too.

It’s strange to think a disturbing movie like Clockwork Orange would be at the top of this list, but – there you go. Similar to the other CO Pop, this has only 12 pieces made.

This Chase Pop has only one difference – he isn’t holding his cane like the standard one just above.

To put the price in perspective, you could buy over 1000 regular Pops for the same cost…

Seen any of these rare Funko Pops being sold? Let us know in the comments below!

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