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If you’re a collector of Pop figures, you probably already know what Chase Funko Pops are.

For those of you who are new to the addiction of Pops and don’t know what are Chase Funko Pops, you’re probably wondering what the word ‘Chase’ means.

You may have heard the term on Facebook Groups or Reddit, or perhaps you’ve seen photos online of Pops with a mysterious shiny golden badge on the box. Maybe you’ve seen one in a local store…

This Funko blog guide is here to provide an explanation as to what are Chase Funko Pops, so you understand just how important they are in the world of Funko Pop Vinyls.

Also I cover:

  • How Rare Are Chase Funko Pops
  • How Many Chase Pops Are There
  • Where to find Chases and How to get them easier (probably the most important thing on this list!)
  • And finally, what are Chase Pops worth money-wise

*SUPER IMPORTANT EDIT! – Below in the article I wrote that it’s pretty much impossible to get a Chase Pop through online retailers. I was Wrong.

Recently I ordered from Entertainment Earth for the first time and I received a Chase Pop! I bought a Crash Bandicoot standard, and received the black and white Chase. I got lucky, but a first time purchase was pretty good I thought.

I’ve created a link HERE that takes you to Entertainment Earth, filtering only Chase Funko Pops so you can see them all. Good luck!

Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

What are Chase Funko Pops?

So what are Chase Funko Pops?

A Chase Pop is a rare variant of a common Funko Pop figure, whereby its design differs slightly to the original figure it’s based upon. A Chase Pop is recognised by the unique golden sticker on the front of the box and the difference in appearance when compared to the regular Pop. When bought brand new, the Chase is the same price as the regular Pop.

These differences can be super subtle or drastically different – from a tiny detail such as an alternative accessory or a slight variance in paint type, to an obvious design change such as a different head or outfit.

Above are some examples of what are Chase Pops – notice the design of the figures with the Chase stamp are different to the regular Pops.

Now you know what are Chase Funko Pops, how do you find them?

Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

How Rare Are Chase Funko Pops?

First let’s explain how Chase Pops are distributed.

When retailers order a batch of Pops, Funko will randomly put in a Chase Pop depending on the amount ordered.

It’s still under debate as to what the ratio is for how many Chase Pops there are to regular Pops. It used to be for every 36 Pops ordered, there would be one Chase put in the box. Now I’ve heard that it is 1 Chase for every 6 regular Pops.

Some collectors have been unhappy with this apparent change, as obviously Chase Pops are perhaps not as exclusive or rare as they used to be and therefore, not as valuable.

However I don’t agree with this, as they are still very difficult to get hold of and still retain their extra value – I myself have never come across a Wild Chase, I’ve only seen them for sale on eBay or Facebook Groups 2nd hand.

Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

How Many Chase Funko Pops Are There?

I found a list online here and wanted to show just how many Chase Variants there are out there. See below – these Chases date back to 2016 to mid 2018. There are obviously more – a lot more, especially now with so many releases.

Chase Funko Pops
Chase Funko Pops
Chase Funko Pops
Chase Funko Pops
Chase Funko Pops
Chase Funko Pops
Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

Where do you find Chase Funko Pops?

Now you know what are Chase Funko Pops, where can you get them?

This is the question that gets asked the most and sadly, you’re not going to like the answer. Basically, the clue is in the name. You have to ‘Chase’ after them. Due to their rarity, they are very difficult to find.

Finding a Brand New Chase Funko Pop via Online Retailers or in Local Stores

I’m going to be completely honest, the likelihood of you getting a Chase Pop from an online retailer like Amazon or Pop in a Box is slim to none (EDIT – like I mentioned above, Entertainment Earth do send out Chase Pops, so go try them out for yourselves HERE). You are relying solely on luck and are at the mercy of whoever is going to the stock room and picking which one you get. Who knows, maybe the retailer is saving them for a giveaway, or if you’re purchasing Pops on a generic toy website, some of the staff who pick the Pops may not know what are Chase Funko Pops.

If you do get one sent to you, then that is amazing. Also I’m absolutely jealous!

You have more of a chance finding a Chase Pop in local stores than via online retailers, though it takes effort.

Your local stores will have them, however it’s hard to find them on the shelves for several reasons:

  • Either another collector has beaten you to it.
  • Because the staff at the store know what are Chase Funko Pops and know their value, they have bought them as soon as the delivery has come in.
  • They are put behind the counter because the store owners are fed up with people rummaging through the shelves and ruining their displays.
  • Or someone has found one and hidden it somewhere else in the store so they can come back and buy it later (this happens more than you think).

So how do you increase the odds of getting a Chase at your local stores?

Befriend your local stores and the people that work there – I know that sounds perhaps manipulative or using people for your own gain, but it really isn’t if you go about it the right way. If you have a local toy shop, just ask the owner of the staff whom work there when they’re getting their new Funko batch in. Then ask them if they could reserve it for you, providing they get the Chase. You may have to tell them what is a Chase Funko Pop as they may not be aware of what they are.

Or if it is a big store, perhaps ask someone who works there if they have any more in the back of the shop. If they are fellow Pop enthusiasts, just be honest with them – usually they like to help their fellow collectors and they already know what are Chase Funko Pops!

If you do manage to get a Chase from a local store – or a Wild Chase as it’s known – then congrats!

Finding a Secondhand Chase Funko Pop Online

This is the easier way of getting a Chase Pop, however be prepared to pay more.

You can search on eBay for Chase Pops – there are loads of them, just be careful of scalpers charging too much. I use the Pop Price Guide website as a rule of thumb for how much I should be paying.

Also be careful when buying from eBay as there are plenty of fakes about – check out the guides on How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop and 4 Things to Check When Buying on eBay for more information.

Sometimes you can get really lucky, as someone who is just selling their stuff may not know what are Chase Funko Pops at all and perhaps price them low.

Alternatively, have a look on Funko Facebook Groups – they are a brilliant place to find people selling Chase Pops.

Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

What are Chase Funko Pops Worth?

As mentioned in the What are Chase Funko Pops section above, the price you pay for a Chase off the shelf (if you are luck enough to find one), is the same price you would pay for the standard version.

So what are Chase Funko Pops worth after you’ve bought them brand new?

As soon as you have paid the retail price of $10 or so and now own that Chase Pop, it will immediately double or triple in value due to its rarity!

With time, this Pop will gradually increase with value, so make sure you keep the box safe in a Funko Pop Protector of some kind. Check the link to see our favourites.

The bottom line is, if you see a new Chase Funko Pop, buy it.

Here is a Great Video of Examples of What are Chase Funko Pops

I had a search on Youtube for some of the best videos explaining what are Chase Funko Pops and I chose these. The guy below has a massive pop collection and shows some great examples!

In Conclusion…

What are Chase Funko Pops? A rare treat for Funko Pop addicts. It’s like finally catching the dragon.

Good luck on your Chase!

Click Here For Chase Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth!

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Adrian Jones
April 25, 2019 4:05 am

When it comes to collecting items like Funko Pops one thing to keep in mind is that among the entire batch of collectibles that may be sent to a store, there would always be one that has a sticker on the front that says it’s a limited edition. Keeping an eye out for these limited edition Pops, especially among collectors is a race since they’re surely different from the normal Pops that are released. If I had known that one of the Pops I’d seen previously in the store was a Chase (because of the sticker on the box) then I would’ve bought it right away… at least I now know what to do should I encounter them again.

Hector J Meza-Valenzuela
June 22, 2019 3:33 am

Pop in a box did send me a random Chase one time I ordered Michael Myers and they send me the glow in the dark chase… so it does happen


There is a guy on Ebay selling 12 Pretty Women Vivian Ward Chase Variants. Where does someone get a12 chases?


I ordered a demogorgon from Amazon and got the chase. Had no idea what that was and was actually disappointed at first. 😂 Did a little research and found what a stroke of luck that actually was. I ordered it again and now my daughter has the regular one while our chase lives in it’s box on display.


Some outer cartons will actually say if there is a chase inside. At least 4 different times I have opened a sealed carton for the store I work for, there have been none inside that said there should have been a chase. Leads me to believe someone at the Funko factory is pulling the ol’ switcheroo.


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