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So you want to know where to sell Funko Pops so you can make some profit? Or do you want to know where to sell Funko Pops and make sure they go to a collector? Maybe you just want to sell them ASAP?

From personal experience and advice from the Pop community, my best recommendation on where to sell Funko Pops is:

  • eBay
  • Facebook Groups
  • Reddit (Funko SubReddit)

Where should you not sell your Pops? Honestly, I would avoid going into these second hand stores where you can trade items for cash, as they will give you very little for them in return.

If you sell your Pops on eBay or Facebook groups, you can sell them pretty quick and for either the amount you paid for them, or make some profit, particularly if the Pop is rare.

Below I go into detail about the best three options on where to sell Funko Pops.

If you know where to sell Funko Pops but are having trouble actually selling them, take a look at our How to Sell Funko Pops Funko Blog.

Selling Funko Pops on eBay

The first place I would recommend on where to sell Funko Pops is eBay.

eBay is the best place to sell Funko Pops (or anything) due to it having the largest user base worldwide for an auction site. You are selling to everyone, whereas with Facebook Groups and Reddit they are Pop enthusiasts.

eBay is also the best place out of the other options below if you want to make a profit on Pops. 

This is because the dedicated Funko groups and subs know how much a Pop is valued at and don’t like to pay over the Pop value at all. With eBay, you have people who are more flexible with their cash because they may be buying the Pop as a gift who are happy to pay a little extra.

Use the Auction option for selling Pops. There are different methods to sell Pops on eBay such as the ‘Buy it Now’ option or through auction. Personally I recommend the latter, as with bidding you can have a starting value of what you want for the minimum price. If only one person bids on your Pop for the duration it is listed, then at least you get enough money to be happy with the sale.

If you aren’t patient enough to wait for 5-9 days for your Pop to be bid on, then the Buy It Now option can be quicker, but there is no guarantee it will sell faster than the auction option. Plus you don’t have the flexibility of what you can get money-wise for it. Buyers like to get a bargain if they can, so it can seem more attractive when the price is reasonable to begin with.

Also, whilst the Pop is auctioned, potential buyers can message you offering to buy it straight away and can barter for a price, which can be really good for both parties.

One key thing to remember with putting your Pops on eBay is always price them higher than the standard value of the Pop. This is to compensate for the percentage that eBay will take due to their selling fees.

When selling your Pops on eBay, all the methods on how to sell Funko Pops shown below must be done in order to sell them for the best price.

If you’re interested in buying Funko Pops on eBay, then check out our Funko Blog on things to look out for.

Selling Funko Pops on Facebook

If eBay isn’t quite your thing and you prefer social media, then the next on our list of where to sell Funko Pops is Facebook.

Facebook Funko Groups will give you instant access to thousands of collectors who love Pop figures, who will respond quickly.

When you post photos of your Pops which you wish to sell, depending on how many followers the group has, you usually get enquiries within minutes asking questions or requesting you to privately message them for your Paypal details.

Another benefit of selling your Funko Pops in Facebook Groups is that there are so many different local groups to choose from. If you want to sell just in the USA or in your particular State or even City, then there is usually a group for where you are located. This way delivery fees may be cheaper and quicker.

Plus by using groups to sell your Pops, you become active in the Pop community, whereby you can get helpful advice from fellow enthusiasts and you can keep tabs on the Pops you are after too!

A nice thing about selling your Funko Pops on Facebook is that your Pop will go to a good home, to a collector who will appreciate your Pop.

One thing to realise is that your reputation is judged by everyone on that group.

This is massively important. Mind what you say and when selling your Pops always post loads of photos, pricing and condition of the Pops.

Oh and make sure your pricing is what the value of the Pop is actually worth. The people on the Funko groups are not stupid, as they know what they should be paying, so don’t go and list something and overprice it. Good thing about selling on Facebook is that there are no sellers fees, as you will be using PayPal.

When you do sell them, make sure you get paid first – sadly there are always some suspicious buyers on groups wanting to take advantage.

Finally, when you do sell them, post them quickly and keep in contact with the buyer to update them on delivery or if any complications arise.

Selling Funko Pops on Reddit

The final recommendation for where to sell Funko Pops is Reddit.

Reddit have a fantastic exclusive subreddit dedicated for Funko Pops, which allows people to share pictures, news and sell their Pops. You can check it out by clicking here. 

Similar to Funko Facebook Groups, this is a community website dedicated to Pops, so the same rules above apply.

Buyers are more stringent on pricing in this Reddit forum, as people know the pricing – so don’t expect to make too much (if any profit) using it. However, similar to Facebook, there are no selling fees as you should be using Paypal.

So these are my recommendations on where to sell Funko Pops. As mentioned above, if you want to know more on how to sell Funko Pops check out our other blog post on the topic.

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