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Welcome to my Funko Blog! The articles and guides below are to help fellow Funko Pop lovers with their collections, give useful advice to first time buyers and provide interesting information about the world of Pops.

The Funko Blog consists of answers to questions on a range of Pop subjects, such as what are the most valuable Pops and how to spot a fake Funko, to what are the best ways to protect and display your awesome collection. Enjoy!

Most Expensive Funko Pop

Top 50 Most Expensive Funko Pops 2019

Whenever I’ve looked for a guide about the rarest or most expensive Funko Pops, every article I read is different, out of date, or just wrong.

So after hours of research, I’ve created the Top 50 Most Expensive Funko Pops definitive guide. This list covers entries from Disney, Marvel, DC, various Movies, Sports, TV and more.

The value of these 50 Pops are worth a staggering $93,000 in total, so for those of you with some older or rare Pops, it’s worth taking a look to see if your treasure is in here!

Display Funko Pops

How To Display Funko Pops

Whether you like to display your Funko Pops in or out of the box, you’ll find that Pops can take up a lot of space when your collection reaches a certain size.

So how do you display your Pop collection?

This Funko Blog Display Guide will give you loads of great ideas with plenty of great value options to display your beloved Pop collection in the best way possible.

Funko Pop Protector

The Best Funko Pop Protectors

In this Funko Blog I’ve scoured Amazon to find the best Funko Pop Protectors for both US and UK Pop collectors.

So How Do You Protect Your Funko Pops? Well it’s not as expensive as you think!

There are a lot to choose from, so I’ve looked at as many as I can find, reading customer reviews and testing a few out myself. Inside this guide I’ve listed the best Funko Pop Protectors in the US and UK.

Funko Pop Terminology and Jargon

Funko Pop Terminolgy, Jargon and Lingo Guide

If you’re new to the world of Funko Pops or perhaps need to brush up on the lingo used in Facebook Groups or Forums, then this Funko Blog guide is for you.

Inside you’ll find the full dictionary of terms used by Funko –  such as Chase, Flocked, Vaulted and more, plus there’s a jargon guide for everything you can come to expect in Funko Facebook Groups and forums, like what ISO means or what a Grail is. Enjoy!

What are chase funko pops

What Are Chase Funko Pops and How To Find Them

You may have heard the term ‘Chase’ on Facebook Groups or Reddit, or perhaps you’ve seen photos online of Pops with a mysterious shiny golden badge on the box. Maybe you’ve seen one in a local store…

This Funko blog guide is here to provide an explanation as to what are Chase Funko Pops, so you understand just how important they are in the world of collecting.

Plus I give some tips on how to get hold of them in the wild!

Funko Pop Mystery Box

Funko Pop Mystery Box – Are They Worth It? Pop In A Box Subscription Guide and Review

I’ve been hearing about Funko Pop Mystery Boxes for ages now, but the idea of ordering a random box of Pops unnerved me a bit. Why would I want to pay for a box of random Pops, when it could be full of ones I don’t like?

After reading a few things online, I decided to take the plunge and order one from Pop In A Box…..Was it worth it? YES!

Check out our Funko Blog Guide and Review – I also found out about some secret discounts no one has talked about!

where to sell funko pops

Where To Sell Funko Pops 

So you want to know where to sell Funko Pops so you can make some profit? Or do you want to sell your Pops and make sure they go to a collector? Perhaps you just need to shift them for some quick cash ASAP.

Whatever your mission or reason, this mini guide looks at the pros and cons of selling on eBay, Facebook Groups and Reddit.

how to sell funko pops

How To Sell Funko Pops 

There may come a time when you have to sell your Funko Pop collection or part of it. For first time sellers, this can be a bit daunting. For others it can seem like a hassle.

If this is your first time selling or you think you’re not great at it and need some help, then this guide will increase your sales and profits.

Fake Funko Pop

How To Spot A Fake Funko Pop – 13 Ways To Tell If Your Pop Is Real

So you’ve bought a Funko Pop and you’ve heard that there are fakes floating about? Or you’ve seen one on eBay for a bargain, but something smells fishy about the pictures?

Everyone gets worried if what they’re buying is the real deal or not. As with many toy lines, Funko suffers from fraudsters producing knockoffs.

How do you spot a Fake Funko Pop? There are many things to consider. Where you bought it, how much you paid, the box art, serial numbers and more. Check out full Funko blog guide on how to spot the fakes.

Should I buy Pops on ebay

Should I Buy Funko Pops From eBay? 4 Things To Look Out For

There will come a time where you’ll go hunting for a certain Funko Pop, to either help complete your amazing collection or perhaps as a gift for someone.

So you look on eBay. And there it is! It’s also a great price too!

So what’s the harm in buying Pops from eBay? Well, sometimes what you see is not always what you get. 

Here are the top 4 things to look out for when buying Pops on eBay.