The Ultimate Avengers Age Of Ultron Funko Pop Guide

Avengers Funko Pops

Despite being the weakest Avengers Movie, the Age of Ultron Pop line was actually really good.

You have some fantastic Marvel Pops here, such as the blast-off Iron Man, The classic Hulk and one of the best Captain America Pops here.

Also the Avengers Age of Ultron Funko Pop collection feature some great characters which don’t have many Pops at all. For example, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Vision only have 2 variants in the whole of the Marvel Funko Pop collection (edit: Hawkeye has received much love from the Avengers End Game wave).

Plus the Age of Ultron Pop list has possibly the best Black Widow Pop of all – at least in my opinion of course!

Iron Man Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Avengers

First on the list and one of the most interesting in the collection, this Iron Man Funko Pop (#066) from Avengers Age of Ultron has one of the most exciting bases here.

The blast-off effect is simply excellent (we need more awesome bases Funko!). The clear blue plastic works really well, propping the Pop up on the thrusters, with the energy blast hitting the ground like a something out of Dragon Ball Z.

Replicating the spiky nature of the base, the suit itself has jagged edges and is not as sleek or bulky looking as the other Iron Man Pops. It’s a nice change, the sharp edges and contours make this suit really exciting and is a must have if you’re an Iron Man fan.

Captain America Funko Pop

Captain America Funko Pop Avengers

Despite his outfit not changing much throughout the MCU with the typical red, white and blue paint-job, this Pop (#067) is of the best Captain America Funko Pops released.

The sculpt is excellent, with an awesome looking head mask that has some sweet contouring and sharp edges which are blended nicely. The body panels on the suit are all separated by some nice line work – especially the torso and legs.

Accessories-wise, the belt buckle and the pockets break up the top and bottom nicely and his famous shield has raised the silver ring and middle emblem so it isn’t just a flat paint job.

The pose itself looks like he is in mid-combat, with his torso twisted slightly to the left with his shield raised to fend off Ultron’s minions.

Hulk Funko Pop

There are three variants of the Hulk Funko Pop (#068) for Avengers Age of Ultron. The sculpt is perfect, especially the caveman brow, angry snarling mouth and his ‘roided up clenched fists.

In my opinion, the standard Hulk Pop is the best version of him in the entire Hulk line if you’re after a classic version of the green beast, wearing his iconic purple shorts (or trousers for Banner!).

The other two variants are the Savage Hulk, which has glowing red eyes (or pinkeye) with a lighter skin tone and the Glow in the Dark version.

Thor Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Avengers

Despite this being a slightly older rendition of the Thor Funko Pops, the Avengers Age of Ultron version of Thor (#069) is actually really good.

Thor’s beard and hair looks great, but it is his body armour that really steals the show. The chainmail on his arms and legs has tons of detail, not to mention his classic chest armour with the circular plates interlocked with the armour panels on the torso.

The red cape is gorgeous (and actually supports the Pop) and his hammer has a nice silver sheen to it.

Hawkeye Funko Pop

Hawkeye Funko Pop Avengers

Poor Hawkeye – he has always been the underdog in the Avengers movies and it seems to be the same situation for him with Pops.

Before the Avengers End Game Pop collection came out (where he has a few now thank goodness!), Hawkeye has only had two Pops released and they skipped him in Avengers Assemble!

This is his first Pop (#70) (with his second being in a Civil War Twin Pack). Whilst the head is fairly standard for Pops from this era, it’s his suit that is the real draw. The black/purple combo is a nice contrast, with some nice raised line work on the jacket, with some neat detailing on his boots and arm.

The really nice touches are the bow grips found on his fingers and the bow itself. Annoyingly however, there is no quiver of arrows on his back.

Vision Funko Pop

Similar to Hawkeye, Vision is another Avengers Pop that has only a few releases. As this was his origin movie of sorts, he had 3 variants. The other version of Vision (which is probably the best) is his Infinity War Pop.

The thing that really stands out with this Marvel Pop (#071) is the texture details and colours.

All over the grey part of Vision’s suit is a thatched effect which resembles his onscreen outfit. To contrast this is the glossy pink/purple gloves and boots. His cape has a pinstripe texture also, with some nice golds and pinks fused together.

The variants include a faded Vision and a metallic option, both are exclusives and are tricky to find.

Ultron Funko Pop

Ultron Funko Pop Avengers

The titular villain has two Pops, this being the first incantation of Ultron (#072).

The sculpt has some great detailing all over, replicating the streamlined metal, however it looks a tad bland.

The silver paint job is broken up by the red detailing seen on his head and torso. For a two tone paint job, it works alright, however I can’t help but feel that some black detailing would have made the metal components stand out more – a black wash would make this Pop so much better.

Hulkbuster Funko Pop

Ultron Funko Pop Avengers

This is the first Hulkbuster Funko Pop (#073) that was released by Funko to coincide with Avengers Age of Ultron. Though it’s not as sleek as the latest Pop version from Infinity War, the 6″ figure has its own distinct look.

The bulkiness of the figure is more similar to the early Iron Man suits when they looked more mechanical – the metal panels and joints are separate and robotic looking, similar to a Transformer, with the overall figure posed the same as regular Pops with a bend at the knees.

Ultron Funko Pop

Ultron Funko Pop Avengers

The second Ultron Pop (#083), this variant has him smiling.

I prefer this to the one above as it has some character to it, however getting hold of this is going to be difficult – it’s a Funko Convention Exclusive, so you won’t see this in the shops or at a low price.

Black Widow Funko Pop

Black Widow Funko Pop Avengers

One of the coolest looking Black Widow Pops (#091) – only beaten by my favourite variant at the end of this list – Black Widow Funkos are getting better and better.

The Avengers Age of Ultron Pop has Romanov in a tactical suit similar to something seen in Disney’s Tron. The black leather outfit has been painted a glossy black so it has a nice shine, with a gorgeous electric blue stripe running down the arms, torso and highlighting the various parts of the legs.

Detailing on the body is excellent, with zippers, an awesome belt and buckle, thigh holster, some biker boots and wrist attachments (are these Stark electric fists?). Her weapons match the outfit of course, with the batons being blue and black to complete the ensemble.

Captain America Funko Pop

Captain America Pop Avengers

If you prefer Captain America without the mask, then this Pop (#092) is for you. However, it is hard to get hold of since it was a 2015 Summer Convention Funko Exclusive. Your best bet is eBay.

Iron Man Unmasked Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Avengers

This Iron Man Funko Pop (#094) is exactly the same as the #66 above, but unmasked.

This Pop is now vaulted, but the price is around $10-15 from sellers which won’t break the bank!

Scarlett Witch Funko Pop

Scarlet Witch Funko Pop Avengers

One of only two MCU Scarlet Witch Funko Pops (#095) – the other one is in the Captain America Civil War Pop collection – this is definitely my favourite.

The pose is much more interesting, with Scarlet Witch looking like she is about to cast her ‘spell’, with her arms outstretched with a single finger posed differently. The her many rings is a nice touch and this detail is echoed throughout her outfit with the necklaces, jacket zipper, buttoned dress and awesome boots.

Black Widow With Shield Funko Pop

Black Widow Funko Pop Avengers

Last on the list and probably the best Black Widow Funko Pop of them all, is the BW with Shield Pop (#103).

Whilst the awesome suit is the same as the standard Black Widow above, it’s the fact that she has Captain America’s shield in her possession that makes this Pop totally unique and eye-catching.

Based on the scene where ‘Cap loses his shield on a freeway whilst battling Ultron’s forces, Black Widow picks up his shield whilst hurtling through traffic one-handed on a motorbike. How she does this I have no idea as it is physically impossible, but then that’s the Avengers for you!

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