Avengers Endgame Funko Pop Complete Guide

Avengers End Game Funko Pops are here and they look amazing!

With the Avengers End Game movie featuring so many characters, it was obvious that Funko would be celebrating the record-breaking blockbuster movie with lots of new Marvel Pops.

What is really interesting about the staggered release of the Endgame Pops is the cheeky misdirection as to what Funko released alongside the initial trailers to the film – for example, Thor’s ‘shape’ and the mysterious Hulk suit.

Below is the entire list of End Game Pops available, including exclusives and all variants. Go check out the biggest Marvel Funko Pop Guide if you want to see every Marvel Pop available!

Spoiler Warning – if you haven’t managed to see Avengers End Game, then scroll at your own risk. The descriptions of the Avengers End Game Pops below will give away various plot points that are in the film almost immediately. I warned you. Don’t come crying.

Hulk Funko Pop – Our Top Pick!

Endgame Funko Pop

Capturing one of the most epic moments in the movie, this Hulk Funko Pop (#478) has the green Avenger wearing Stark’s Infinity Nano-Gauntlet before he ‘snaps’ everyone back.

The 6″ Super-sized Pop is a wonderful set piece for any Marvel collection. Detailing on the new Banner/Hulk fusion sees this version of the Avenger with a cool hairdo with some greys on the side and bushy eyebrows. The suit is skin-tight in the movie, so no textures here, just a funky looking nano-suit paint job.

The real draw here is of course the Iron Gauntlet. Detailing is superb, with all six stones in place and great detailing on the fingers, electronics and metalwork.

One of the best Hulk Pops around.

Tony Stark Funko Pop

Avengers Endgame Pop

Spoilers – obviously!

Funko finally released their Endgame Tony Stark Pop at NYCC, capturing the final moments of the film when Iron Man’s nano gauntlet has all 6 stones.

A hard Pop to get to add to your collection due to the exclusivity, though personally this Pop could have had more detail on it – it’s far too ‘clean’ for the moment in the movie it is referencing.

Perhaps some multi-colored infinity stone energy veins would have been a nice touch.

Captain America Funko Pop

Captain America Pop

The moment in the theatre when I watched Endgame, when Captain America wields Thor’s Hammer – the whole audience cheered! I’ve never seen a reaction like that from a crowd and it was awesome.

This Endgame Pop captures that moment, with Cap holding both his shield and Mjoninr.

You’ll have to break out your wallet for this one, as it is a Marvel Collectors Corps exclusive – you can get it on eBay too if you look hard enough.

Valkyrie Funko Pop

Valkyrie Funko Pop

It was a relief to see that Valkyrie had survived her encounter with Thanos in Infinity War at the start of the movie and survived the snap.

Her Endgame Pop hasn’t changed too much since the Ragnarok version, apart from the stance, weapons and hair.

Again, similar to Captain America with the Hammer & Shield combo, this is a marvel collectors corps exclusive.

Wong Funko Pop

Wong Funko POp


Wong finally got a Pop!

Though nothing too special in his design, there is nice detail on his clothing and his energy shields.

He is an essential for a Marvel Avengers collection or Doctor Strange set.

Thor Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Despite his ‘transformation’ over the 5 years since killing Thanos too little too late, Thor is still worthy enough to wield both Mjolner and Stormbreaker simultaneously at the final battle in End Game, shown here in this Thor Funko Pop (#482).

Great care an attention has been given to Thor’s longer hair and beard, with various platting across the top and down the centre of his facial fluff. The suit itself has various line work with individual seams, knee pads and his traditional chainmail armor with chest plating. His red cape blows slightly to the right, with him dual wielding two of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, both having sufficient detail, particularly Stormbreaker.

It’s an interesting Pop and a great moment in the movie, however this isn’t the best Thor Pop available – I think that goes to the Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War Pops – then again, this is a changed Thor, so that does make this Pop special.

Infinity Stone Colored Chrome Hulk Funko Pops

Endgame Funko Pop

To celebrate the Hulk ‘Snap’ are 6 Infinity Stone colored Hulk Funko Pops – and they are simply gorgeous!

Based on the Hulk Pop (#478) below, these chromed beauties are readily available. These aren’t exclusive to different stores either, so collecting all of these won’t be such a pain as the Thanos chrome Pops which were each specific to various retailers.

Rescue Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Adding some much needed girl-power to the movie, Rescue is Pepper’s own personally ‘tailored’ Iron (Woman) suit which is seen at in the final battle.

This Rescue Pop (#480) looks great, with it being the first female styled suit Stark has made. It’s sleek style and blue and gold paint job stands out well next to the traditional Iron Man suit.

Overall the sculpting is just as good as Iron Man Funko Pop below, with great detailing on the arms and torso. The casual stance of the Endgame Pop with one fist clenched looks as though Pepper is waiting for the battle to begin.

Thor Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Poor Thor. Succumbing to PTSD and various side-affects that come with depression, Thor blamed himself for the Thanos snap and became a recluse for the following 5 years.

This Thor Pop (#479) is based on his ‘Big Lebowski’ outfit when he returns to the Avengers base to travel back in time. The unkept hair and beard, hangover sunglasses and baggy clothing are nicelly molded, with some tye-dye highlights of white on the red and blue garments.

It doesn’t scream God of Thunder, but then this was a Pop of Thor in his worst state. They could have given him a beer in his hand to make the Endgame Pop a tad more interesting though.

Iron Man Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Sad to think that this is the last Iron Man Suit, but at least it’s one of the best and looks fantastic in Pop form.

The Iron Man Endgame Funko Pop (#467) is an essential part of this collection, not only due to the finale, but also because it looks awesome.

The metallic hot rod red, gold and silver paint job looks wonderful and almost pearlescent in texture. The detailing of the sculpt across the whole body has intricate line work all over, with the grooves of the armour panels all indented accordingly, breaking up the sleekness of the Mark 50 suit.

The pose is classic ‘I am Iron Man’. One of the best Iron Man Pops created in my opinion.

Hawkeye Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Finally, Hawkeye gets some much needed love from Funko – before the Endgame Pops he only had two versions available – one from Avengers Age of Ultron and the other from Captain America Civil War.

This Hawkeye Pop (#466) sees the archer assassin wearing his Quantum Realm suit, clutching his trusty bow and sporting his new look emo haircut.

The suit looks great, with an excellent sculpt showing off various body panels in grey, red and black, bearing the Avengers ‘A’ in decal form. Funko replicated his hair well, shaved on the sides with a ‘tussle’ on top (sorry, I don’t know how to describe this hairstyle better than that!).

Not going to lie, there are better option for Hawkeye than him wearing his Quantum Realm suit, such as the ones below.

Ronin Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Now this is what I’m talking about!

Black and gold work very well together, particularly if you become a merciless assassin hellbent on murdering wrong-doers that survived the snap.

The Ronin Pop (#465) looks fab. The gold highlights over the hood, mask and body are well sculpted (they are all raised, not just painted on), with some nice intricate detailing on the suit overall. The samurai sword is sweet, with some nice indentations on the blade and the hilt and handle of the sword showing some rivet action.

Captain America Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

If you want a classic Captain America Funko Pop (#450), then look no further.

As Cap’s outfit has hardly changed over the last 10 years (some minor adjustments to the red, white and blue, though nothing massively noticeable) then this is an excellent Pop if you are looking to complete an Avengers set from any timeline period.

There is different texture work on this Pop in various places, with the scaled chest armour, smooth dome helmet and grooves on the armor plating on his arms and legs. If you’re a fan of belts and buckles, then this thing has plenty, most noticeably his boots (which seem odd, but hey – you gotta make sure them boots don’t fly off when kicking Mad Titan Ass).

The pose is typical Captain America, fist clenched and palm open, ready for a fight – or a diplomatic solution.

Hulk Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

This is a sneaky Hulk Pop (#463) – released in Wave One of the Endgame Pops before the release of the movie – no-one knew what this suit was. Now after seeing it, this is the nano-suit Hulk wears before he puts on his Stark-made Gauntlet.

Despite this Endgame Pop looking great, it is perhaps the weakest one since the others have been released, with the same head sculpt as the others and in his purple PJ’s.

Rocket Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Among the survivors of the Snap was Rocket, who as seen here joins the Avengers in the Quantum Realm to right the wrongs of the Mad Titan.

Wearing the same suit as the other characters, this Endgame Pop (#462) is pretty much the same design as loads of other Rocket Pops which can be seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop Guide, with him duel-wielding his blasters.

Particular note on the detailing of the fur with little hair-like indentations. Give us a flocked version Funko!

War Machine Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

War Machine has two Pops in this list – this one (#461), with a Quantum Realm suit over his armor is exclusive to Amazon.

It’s a refreshing twist on the QR suits – though they are all ever so slightly different for each Avenger, this is much more noticeable when compared with the rest.

Detailing is superb on the body. Despite most of the armour panels being one colour on the torso, the sculpt is very defined and you can really see all the line work across the chest and obliques. The bred and black helps break up the armor areas, with a sweet looking triple cannon mounted on his shoulder. The helmet is dope, with some neat ridges on the top and contouring on the cheek areas blending well with the sharper edges.

However, check out the other War Machine below, as I think it’s much better.

Thanos Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Fancy a 10″ Thanos Endgame Funko Pop (#460) which looks freaking amazing? Well here you go!

For Marvel Funko Pop collectors, this bad boy is a must have.

Towering above any Marvel collection, this is the centrepiece for your Avengers Pops. The bronzed armor is to die for, with a beautiful sculpt from head to toe. The helmet curves are perfect, with nice use of the the black and bronze shades to break up the individual lines going over his head. The body has much more detail, with various grooves and indentations making the plating and straps look intricate.

Thanos’s twin-blade weapon at this size really makes you appreciate how formidable it looks. Coupled with him also wielding the Infinity Gauntlet with an unimpressed look on his face, a Marvel Funko Pop has never looked so daunting.

One of the best Thanos Funko Pops around – it’s superb.

Captain Marvel Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Captain Marvel only came out this year, so we’ve already had a ton of Funko Pops from her line – so what’s one more to the list?

Similar to her other Captain Marvel Pops, this one (#459) has her wearing her red and blue outfit, with fantastic detailing all over, particularly the gold lines on the trousers and boots and various grooves on the suit.

Her hair flows in the wind (obviously this one is set before the 5 year time jump), with her double punching.

War Machine Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

This version of War Machine (#458) is the best Funko Pop ever made for this character.

Though the sculpt is the same as the Quantum Realm paint job above, this one is in the traditional silver and black colours, with some nice touches of red and decals on the legs and shoulder.

The paint job really makes the details and ridges along the armor Pop. If you’re after a War Machine Pop for an Avengers collection, get this one. It’s the best.

Hawkeye Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Another awesome Pop and similar to the latest War Machine Pop above, this is quite simply the best Hawkeye Pop. Ever.

The Endgame Pop (#457) sports the same outfit as the Ronin Pop above, but this is unhooded with the same head sculpt as the other Hawkeye.

The combination of these two Pops have created the best Hawkeye Pop in existence in my opinion. He’s never looked better.

Nebula Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

I love this Nebula Endgame Pop (#456) due to the nice detail in her Quantum Realm suit – her arm. As it’s totally robotic, they’ve even colour co-ordinated it with her outfit! Even when you’re saving the world, fashion seems important!

Her head sculpt is great, with some vibrant colours breaking away from the grey suit. The added yellow looks fantastic (as it is a pretty crucial plot device, it has to be noticeable!).

Not the best Nebula released, that goes to her Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Pop.

Ant-Man Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Without Ant-Man none of this time-travelling babble would have been possible, so he is indirectly the most important character in the movie. Think about that for a second.

This Ant-Man Pop (#455) is great with nice detailing on the suit and the mask visor looks awesome, however it isn’t that different to all of his others.

Yes his mask is slightly altered and he’s wearing the Quantum Realm suit, but apart from that, I think there are much better options available.

Black Widow Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Despite her wearing the same suit as everyone else, this is one of the best Quantum Realm suited Endgame Pops (#454).

The Black Widow Pop looks awesome – dynamically posed in combat mode, her arms outstretched wielding her batons and her ponytail in mid-flick, like she has just turned to beat up another Thanos minion (though again, similar to Thor below, this isn’t quite how event played out).

Nice attention to detail on the hair, particularly the blonde tip on the ponytail.

Thanos Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Essentially the same sculpt as the giant Thanos Funko Pop above, this Endgame Pop (#453) is regular sized and still retains all of the bronzed armor detail and the unimpressed look of a mad Titan.

Thor Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Naughty Funko!

With the initial trailer of Avengers End Game, we saw a ‘normal’ Thor walking alongside the other Avengers wearing their Quantum Realm suits, only to find out that this trailer was a misdirect and a bunch of bollocks!

Well either Funko were in on it or they took the same bait we all did, thus creating this Thor Pop (#452) with his Infinity War hairdo and proportions. Still, it’s a cool Pop with the Asgardian wearing his own Quantum Realm suit, clutching a very nicely sculpted Stormbreaker.

Hulk Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

This Hulk Pop (#451) is essentially the same as the other Hulks in this list regarding the head – it’s an identical sculpt. The only difference is of course is that he’s wearing his Quantum Realm suit, which is the same as everyone else’s!

Captain America Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

Again, similar situation as the Hulk above, this Captain America Pop (#450) has the same head sculpt wearing his version of the Quantum Realm Suit in a slightly different ‘fists at the ready’ pose.

Tony Stark Funko Pop

Endgame Funko Pop

And finally, the last Avengers Endgame Funko Pop in the list, is none other than Tony Stark (#449).

Similar to all the above, the Iron Man himself has him standing hands on the hips in full Quantum Realm gear, with signature wavy haircut and goatee.

Just thought I’d throw in this image I found of where the exclusives are at for the first wave of Endgame Pops – kudos to whoever made this.

Avengers Endgame Funko Pop

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Francisco Diaz
July 11, 2019 7:51 pm

The list is missing the Marvel collector corps exclusives Valkyrie and Cap America with Mjolnir . Also missing is the SDCC wong


You for got Captain America with Hammer and Valkerie . Also there is a Wong Pop now ☺️


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