Captain America Civil War Funko Pop Collection – Who’s Side Are You On?

Civil War Funko Pop

As mentioned in the Captain America Funko Pop Guide, I wanted to create Civil War’s own list as it felt like an Avengers 2.5 with the sheer amount of characters involved.

Below is the complete list of Civil War Funko Pops – though be warned, many of these are hard to get hold of as there are a lot of store exclusives, so you will likely be going on eBay to find them.

Captain America Vs Iron Man Twin Pack Funko Pops

Captain America Funko Pop

To start our list, is the on/off bromance between Ironman VS Captain America Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Funko Pop.

This is from the MCC-Captain America: Civil War box and its twin pack. The inspiration for this Marvel Pop came from the iconic Ironman-Captain America fight scene in Captain America: Civil War movie. 

This Captain America Pop is great, with his shield raised ready to take a repulser beam from Iron Man. The Iron Man suit is dope too.

For more information on this duo set and more Tony Stark love, check out our Iron Man Funko Pop list.

Spider-Man and Hawkeye Twin Pack Funko Pops

Funko Pop Civil War

Another awesome Twin Pack, this one features Hawkeye and Spider-Man, with possibly the best Pops in the list (apart from the above set of course!).

Spiderman is poised holding Cap’s shield, taken from the scene when he arrives in the airport from a signal from Stark. The Pop looks excellent, and one of the best Spider-Man Pops I’ve seen.

Same goes for Hawkeye – he looks great and it is probably the best Pop of him (not counting Ronin), with him in one of his dynamic poses ready to fire against team Iron Man.

Also the set comes with two little keychains of Iron Man and Cap!

Crossbones With Battle Damage Funko Pop Target Exclusive

Crossbones Funko Pop

For some bizarre reason, Crossbones has received 3 Pop variants despite being in the movie for only 5 minutes at the start.

This Crossbones Pop (#140) is the battle damaged version. Funko has nailed the outfit. His full army tactical gear comprising of all sorts of straps, body armour panels and his signature emblem on his chest. The pneumatic fists are looking splendid and detailed with silver pistons and various nuts and bolts.

The head sculpt is great, with the skull mask cracked open to reveal a severely burnt face, which has been moulded well.

Crossbones Unmasked Funko Pop B&N Exclusive

Crossbones Funko Pop

Same as above, but with a full face reveal. This Crossbones Pop (#139) has his signature spikey crew cut, with poc marks and deformations of the face in full – his ear is all melted just like the movie, so good attention to detail on Funko’s part.

Black Panther Unmasked Funko Pop Walgreens Exclusive

Black Panther Funko Pop

Like Crossbones, Black Panther has a few variants in the Civil War collection.

This Pop has him de-masked from the scene where he is chasing Bucky and Cap through the tunnels along the freeway.

If you’re after this version then go for it, however there are far better unmasked Black Panther Funko Pops available.

Action Pose Captain America Funko Pop Gamestop Exclusive

Captain America Funko Pop

This GameStop Exclusive Captain America (#137) is one of the many variants in the Captain America Funko Pop collection. What’s nice with this Pop is that it’s in action pose.

He’s wearing his new Avengers uniform (which is also the one he used in the Avengers: Infinity War movie) and the paint finish on this Funko is super vibrant and lively. His helmet is nicely sculpted with all the fine details including the straps under his chin.

What I love with his helmet/mask is that the eyes are not painted on the mask like the first renditions. Funko got all the details in his suit, with the blue knee pads, the red stripes his arms and shoulder pads that have the engraved letter “A”.

Iron Man Unmasked Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

Iron Man Funko Pop

A unique Pop here – this Iron Man Unmasked Pop (#136) is the only one of its kind.

Most of the unmasked Pops in this list have just Stark’s head, whereas this one has the helmet open. It’s refreshing a change, as this Pop adds a new dynamic to the Iron Man Pop series.

Overall, the Iron Man Funko Pop is one of the best in this list. The design is excellent across the board, with the face reveal open helmet and the complex body armour of the suit, there are details galore which are brought out by a fantastic paint job.

Giant Man Funko Pop

Ant Man Funko Pop Marvel

The Giant-Man Pop is of course the same as the Ant Man Funko Pop but, much, much bigger!

This Pop is great alongside the Civil War collection, with you being able to recreate the airport scene where he is, well, giant!

Crossbones Funko Pop

Crossbones Funko Pop

Similar to the Crossbones Pop #140, this is the Hydra Serviceman with a full mask.

Scarlett Witch Funko Pop

Scarlet Witch Funko Pop

The most recent Scarlet Witch Pop (#133) to be released (there are only 2) this is in my opinion a pretty weak attempt at making a Pop.

Yes her outfit looks on-point to the movie, with her pose looking like she is casting her mind spell energy thing, but Funko could have gone to the effort of having some swirling red energy around her to jazz it up. It’s a bit bland for a character that is so powerful when she is on screen.

Black Widow Funko Pop

Black Widow Funko POp

This Black Widow Funko Pop (#132) is one of her best – posed ready to fight, the Pop looks fantastic all over, with great attention to detail on her skin tight suit with a nice sheen to the black.

Straps, buckles, zipper are all here, with gloriously sculpted red hair.

Agent 13 Funko Pop

Agent 13 Funko Pop

Possibly the most uninteresting character in the Marvel franchise, I am really surprised that she got a Civil War Pop and Vision or Hawkeye didn’t.

The Agent 13 Pop (#131) is holding to relay race batons. Sorry, this Pop is crap.

Black Panther Funko Pop

Black Panther Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This was the first Black Panther to be released as a Funko Pop, which comes from the Captain America Civil War Funko Pop line.

As you would expect, the Black Panther Pop (#130) is by no means as good as the latest options shown above, however it still retains the detail in the contouring of the suit.

Black Panther Glitter Funko Pop Walmart Exclusive

Black Panther Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Here’s a Walmart exclusive Captain America: Civil War – Black Panther Funko Pop (#130) (whew, that’s a long intro).

This Pop is part of the Captain America: Civil War Funko Pop line. It’s glittered or known as “Onyx Glitter”. Again, the details on this Pop are not as intricate as the Black Panther Funko Pop line, but it’s still beautiful because it’s shiny and shimmery.

Winter Soldier Funko Pop

Winter Soldier funko pop

Bucky hasn’t had a great life – falling from a train in the 1940’s, losing an arm, experimented on, kept on ice and defrosted when he was needed, brainwashed and mind controlled and blamed for all sorts of crimes – he’s probably had the worst of it for any Marvel character (actually, maybe Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy might have something to say).

This Winter Soldier Funko Pop (#129) has Bucky in full tactical gear armed with some crazy looking weapon.

War Machine Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This War Machine Funko Pop (#128) is based on the Mark 3 version of the armoured suit Brody wears whilst taking on ‘Team Cap’, which then got wrecked by a distracted Vision energy beam.

Similar in quality to the excellent Civil War Iron Man Pops above and below, this War Machine figure is great (though now outclassed by the End Game version).

Great effort has gone into making this Pop distinctly different from Iron Man, and not just the difference in colour scheme. The sculpt is completely different, with a new head and body. And guns – lots of guns!

Also this Brody is wielding his War Hammer baton, which is a nice touch and a nod to the airport fight.

Falcon Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

Falcon Pop Funko Pop

The only Falcon Funko Pop (#127) made, which is fair enough since his costume hasn’t changed at all.

Falcon has plenty of great detail, his flight goggles have some great sculpt work, with a great silver and gold paint job and the red tints in the visor looks fab. His suit has nice line work all over, with the grey suit being broken up by the red banding.

The wings and the flight pose are the main attraction here, with the Pop looking like he is coming into land or launching off.

Iron Man Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This Iron Man Pop (#126) is the same design as the one just up the list, though obviously fully suited up.

One of the best ‘classic’ Iron Man suits in the list. Great figure!

Captain America Funko Pop

Captain America Funko Pop

The first Civil War Pop and the final one in the list, is none other than Captain America himself.

This Captain America Funko Pop is in a traditional Pop pose. If you’re wondering where his shield is, it’s on his back. This is one of the first Captain America Pop that didn’t attach his shield at his arm, which pretty cool.

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