Deadpool Funko Pop Marvel List – Maximum Effort!

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Having trouble deciding which Deadpool Funko Pop to get? I don’t blame you. There’s a lot to choose from.

My honest advice, don’t go for your classic Deadpool. Why?

There are dozens of Deadpool Funko Pops to choose from, most of which are in different costumes or interesting poses. Some are cool, others are absurd.

Once you have gone through our list, you are bound to find a great one for you or a loved one, which reflects the personality of the owner.

Before you check out our Funko Blog below for the complete collection of all 56 Deadpool Pops, take a look at the Youtube video by Original Funko as it gives you an in-depth look at some of the Deadpool collection.

Deadpool Bob Ross Funko Pop

From the Deadpool 2 marketing campaign comes the Funko Pop Deadpool Bob Ross. Anyone who has seen this trailer called “Wet on Wet” will immediately appreciate the design, as Funko has nailed it.

The infamous Bob Ross afro, shirt and trousers with brush and pallet is captured perfectly here.

However, the paint colours on the figure don’t have the ones in the trailer, which were Clockwork Orange, Girls of Indigo, Soylent Green, Mennen Black, Box Office Gold, Doc Brown, Pretty n Pink, Silverlicious, Yellow Snow, Red Dit and Betty White. Maybe a missed opportunity, but it’s knit picking – it’s still one of the best Funko Pop Deadpool figures around.

Deadpool Chicken Suit Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

It’s Deadpool, wearing a chicken suit, eating chicken.

This Deadpool Funko Pop is one of our favourites. It’s a great design and as per usual with Funkos the colours and moulding is great. I know the blank stare is typical of these toys, however it works so well here – it’s like he’s caught you staring at what he’s eating.

This particular Deadpool Funko Pop is only available through Amazon, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Deadpool on Unicorn Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

What is not to love about this?

Deadpool is riding a unicorn. I’m sure there is some sort of innuendo here as it is Deadpool, but as far as this figure goes, it is a wonderful Pop.

The moulding and paint work is stunning for both figures and for any Deadpool horse enthusiast, this is an excellent gift idea.

However, it is a limited edition Funko Pop Deadpool, which means it’s one of the pricier figures in the range. You’ll find it on eBay from £80.

Deadpool Robe Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Feeling a bit sleepy? Or just got out of bed? Complete with dressing gown, panda cuddly toy and unicorn slippers, this Funko Pop Deadpool Robe figure is a great addition to any Deadpool fan’s bedside table.

Deadpool Wizard Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

I’m pretty sure this was designed based on the quote “Say the magic words fat Gandalf” from the movie.

Either way, it’s a great option for a Lord of the Rings and Deadpool Fan.

The Funko Pop Deadpool Wizard comes with wizard hat, beard robe and a cool staff with the Deadpool logo at the top.

Deadpool The Duck Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

No idea where they got the idea for this Funko Pop Deadpool the Duck, but it is great! This was originally hard to get hold of, but Funko has produced a load more which has made the price much more reasonable. It’s one of the cheapest out there for how unique it looks.

The design of this is very funny. Holding his signature swords, the pot-bellied shape of the torso works perfectly with the duck shaped feet.

The bill is the main attraction on this Deadpool Funko Pop, with the black eye-areas being shaped to give it a more menacing look. If they went with the typical ‘round’ design, it would look more friendly, which would detract from its awesomeness.

Definitely one of the best in this line up.

King Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

One of our favourite figures.

King Deadpool looks brilliant. The tilted crown makes him look hip, his lowered eyes display a calm royal status. His robe is well detailed with the Deadpool emblem as the pin, covering his tunic. Also the themed sword is much more preferable to his standard katana swords in this instance.

And he is holding a cheeseburger.

A great design and currently well priced at the moment.

Deadpool Pandapool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Taking pandas to the next level is this unique take on the endangered species.

The Funko Pop Pandapool is ironically Limited Edition so for avid collectors of Deadpool (or pandas) this is an original that will only go up in value.

The figure itself is both cute and mean looking. You have the traditional Deadpool colour scheme, though with some furry attitude, sharp teeth and claws. Would make mincemeat of Care Bears.

Deadpool Pandapool Funko Pop Flocked

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Exactly like the Pop Vinyl Pandapool, but this is flocked. You don’t see this in hardly any Funko Pops.

This again is a rare Funko Pop as it was exclusive to Hot Topic – pricing is around £80 on eBay.

Deadpool Shower Cap & Ducky Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

There seems to be a Funko Pop Deadpool figure for every room in the house. Now you have one for your bathroom!

This figure uses the same ‘thumbs up’ pose as a few of the others, however it comes with a blue shower cap and a cute rubber duck.

Again this an exclusive version so the price is around £40 for this one, but I would shop around to see if you can get it cheaper.

Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Classic Deadpool suit. Classic Deadpool pose. Maximum Effort.

Personally this is the only standard suit Deadpool Funko Pop I would buy as I find the other ones a bit boring. Chilled and laid back, right before he guts you like a fish.

Also this figure is low in price at around £12. Definitely worth it. Plus it looks good everywhere you put it.

Deadpool Clown Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is excellent in so many ways. I’ll start from top to bottom as to why I think this is one of the best designs for a Deadpool Pop Vinyl figure.

The hat is made up of two colours, red and grey with your Deadpool logo as buttons. For the head, you have a rough painted white face over the mask (which makes no sense, only to Deadpool!), clown nose and wild mad red hair out the sides.

The suit again has the red and grey colours on alternate sides to the hat, with more Deadpool buttons and your essential clown feet.

To top it off, the sword and gun are made from balloons.

This is perhaps one of the most creative figures of an alternative Deadpool there is.

Deadpool Cheerleader Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another one of our favourites and at a great price, the Deadpool Cheerleader figure.

This thing is adorable. If you’re winning at life and want to give this to yourself, or you know a Deadpool fan needing some encouragement, this is a great gift idea.

Armed with a red and a black pompom, white skirt and top sporting the Deadpool logo, this is an awesome design and the best thing about it is the price. It’s only £12.99 on Amazon.

Deadpool Cheerleader Pink Glitter Funko Pop (Extremely Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Now there is a Deadpool Glitter Pink version of the Cheerleader, but it is super rare – they only made 1000 exclusive for San Diego Comic Con.

It is priced at a minimum of £200. You’ll only be able to find this on eBay if you are really determined to have one.

Deadpool Samurai Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

One of the more unique options available, the Samurai Deadpool is a great choice for fans of the martial arts and ancient Japan. But of course, this has the unique Deadpool twist.

His sword has 3 tacos pierced on to the blade, kebab style. Not sure why, but hey, killing bad guys is hungry work.

The Deadpool figure itself has been reviewed by owners as great, though the armour colouring on the body and head is a lighter grey than in the picture, so be wary of this when purchasing.

Pirate Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“Captain Deadpool! No, just Deadpool.”

Well, this is what Captain Deadpool would look like according to Pop Vinyl designs.

If you like pirates and want Deadpool to be one, or if you are just looking to complete your Deadpool Pop Vinyl collection, then this is for you.

But honestly it’s a lazy design compared to the others – they’ve just slapped a pirate hat on him. You would have thought they’d swap his swords out for traditional pirate swords or make him look a bit more like a swashbuckling hero. The effort they put into King Deadpool could have been repeated on this figure easily.

Deadpool Cowboy Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Cowboy fans rejoice! If you’re a fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Westworld, then this is the Deadpoo for you!

This is the standard thumbs up pose that is common in a lot of Deadpool Pop Vinyl figures, though with the theme this comes with cowboy hat and horse. Sorry, hobby horse. A real horse would be far to normal for Deadpool.

He prefers unicorns anyway.

Deadpool Chef Funko Pop (Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

One for the Deadpool fans who like their cooking. This unique design comes with the chef hat and spatula, performing his thumbs up pose.

This special guy was a New York Comic Con Limited Edition, so there are not many of these around. However, they are not too expensive and again are only going to up in price due to the limited stock.

Great present for Chefs!

Deadpool with Rubber Chicken Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another US event exclusive, these are as rare as the Chef and Cowboy figures.

Despite this, I’m not too impressed by this one and for the price I would give it a miss. Obviously collectors will take it to add to their Funk Pop Deadpool shelf, however for the casual purchaser, there are better options available for less, or more exciting figures for the same price.

It’s your standard Deadpool pose, though he is holding a rubber chicken. A bit disappointing.

Deadpool Mermaid Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another favourite, this Vinyl Pop just smashes Deadpool into another absurd costume which he would likely be very comfortable in.

The mermaid tail is well moulded, the starfish bra is very funny and the flower on his head is very cute. Of course, he has to have a weapon and a harpoon gun seems apt. Kind of. Wait why has a fish got a harpoon gun?

To top this off, his stance is great. Deadpool looking all sexy. You got to love it.

Deadpool Mermaid Metallic Funko Pop (Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

There is another version of the Deadpool Mermaid, this time with a very sexy metallic paint job, but you will only get this on eBay from the United States. It was a Target Store exclusive and these retail for around $50 dollars plus postage.

Deadpool on Scooter Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

From Deadpool 2 comes the inspiration for the Deadpool on a scooter action figure.

This is a great sculpt and for both the figure and vehicle. The paint job on the scooter is great, with a DP logo on the front of the scooter, a radiation sign and an I love Chimichangas sticker.

It’s worth noting that the back wheel has a hole for the clear plastic stand that comes with it, which is necessary for it to stand upright.

Also, this is really cheap and an absolute bargain. A must have.

Deadpool Venompool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

A fantastic Deadpool/Venom crossover, this is one of my favourites because it works so well and it is such a good price at only £13!

The main attraction of this Deadpool Pop is the head. The build quality is excellent and perhaps one of the most detailed on the list. Nothing is just painted on, it is all raised and contoured. From the eyes, the staples in the head, the sharp teeth and that menacing tongue!

The body itself has received the same love and attention and is amazingly detailed. Venompool’s body is super ripped, with bulging muscles everywhere and mean-looking claws for hands.

One of the best in the list by far.

Deadpool Venom Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is a wicked looking Funko Pop Deadpool.

Half Deadpool, half Venom, this figure has excellent detail all over.

The Venom black creeping over Deadpool goes from top to bottom and is subtly raised moulding, so it isn’t just a quick paint job. This gives it a great aesthetic as far as the build quality goes, making it look like Deadpool is being taken over.

Venom’s claw hand is well moulded (not too sharp either) and contrasts brilliantly against the Deadpool katana blade.

Deadpool Holiday Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“You’re on my naught list.”

This is a fantastic stocking filler for Christmas time!

The Pop figure itself is in an original pose, holding two candy canes as batons. A Santa hat would have been a nice touch, but it still holds up as being a fun festive Deadpool.

Deadpool vs. Cable Funko Pop Set

Now for something a bit different!

This cool setup is from Pop Vinyl’s Movie Moments range and has Deadpool face off against Cable on a battle zone.

Both characters are well designed and well painted, with the scenery looking very destroyed already. The good thing about this Deadpool Funko Pop is that it is not too big or too small.

You’ll notice though that this Cable design is the one from the original comics and not from Deadpool 2. This was probably due to movie rights or legal stuff.

Despite this, it’s still a cool looking Deadpool Vinyl Pop and is priced at around £20, so it is a bargain.

Deadpool Two Sword Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

If you’re looking for the standard Deadpool figure, then this is it.

Though it is a basic design, the detailing is as good as any Pop Vinyl.

This is the cheapest one I’ve seen (you’re looking at around £8) so it makes a cute gift, but honestly there are far better options for a few quid more.

Deadpool Dressed to Kill Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

If you need a more formal Deadpool in your life then Deadpool Dressed to Kill is for you.

Sporting a black suit and shirt, complemented by a red tie and handkerchief, this is the smartest dressed we’ve ever seen the foulmouthed superhero. A katana would have been a nice touch, as this model doesn’t come with any weapons.

Watch out for pricing on this one – it is a limited edition however it should only be about £30. Some scalpers are selling it for double this. Hopefully you won’t get ripped off.

Deadpool Venompool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another cool Venompool Pop, this guy is battle-ready.

Going for the traditional Venom look of all black and white, what makes this one stand out it the extra appendages and weaponry.

Not only is it sporting a submachine gun and two very neat glowing pink katana blades, but it also has extra arms and tentacles sprouting from his body.

This is a Funko Pop exclusives to the USA, so you’re only option to get this one is on eBay. They are priced around $15 dollars though, so not expensive.

Deadpool Leaping Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Leaping through the air with maximum effort holding his twin katana blades, it is one of the most original and dynamic poses in this Funko Pop Deadpool list.

As you woud expect, this one comes with a clear Perspex stand to hold him place. The stand itself is very rigid so he won’t topple over.

This is in the Marvel Pop Vinyl Exclusive range and is priced at around £75 as they have been discontinued.

Deadpool Maskless Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado…not gently.”

If you want a Wade Wilson Pop Vinyl, then here you go.

The body design is from the standard line, but obviously it’s his ugly head that is the main ‘attraction’ here.

The head is done really well – the patches and lines are moulded in and not just painted, giving him the uneven lumpy texture that was sported in the movie.

Ugly. Perhaps one for the collectors – I can’t see many people going for this as a one off purchase. You’re looking at £25 on Amazon.

Deadpool Maskless X-Force Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is just a colour change for the Maskless option as per his X-Force range. Can’t really describe it more than that.

It’s £15 on Amazon.

Deadpool 2 Swords X-Force

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Like the standard two swords version, but in grey with menacing red eyes.

Deadpool Stingray Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Bit of an odd one, but the bright orange colour makes it special.

This was a Hot Topic exclusive but its only at the £20 mark.

Deadpool is sporting what looks like some wingsuit/cape. One for extreme sports fanatics?

Deadpool Slapstick Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

A cute variant of the standard pose in a brilliant yellow colour.

Instead of his katana, Deadpool has a sledgehammer.

A cheapy, this is around £15.

Deadpool With Chimichanga

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Deadpool eating a Chimichanga in his grey X Force suit.

Not one of my favourites if I’m honest, looks a little boring.

This retails for around £30.

Deadpool Thumbs Up Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another classic pose Deadpool Pop, with the thumbs up and holding his gun.

This can be picked up for under a tenner.

Deadpool X-Men Thumbs Up Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This Funko Pop Deadpool Thumbs Up pose is in colours similar to the suit Cyclops wore in the comic books.

You can grab this for £11.

Deadpool White Suit Thumbs Up Figure (Very Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is a San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusive, so it will be tough getting your hands on this.

You’re looking at about £100 for this if you can find it.

Deadpool Yellow and Blue Suit Thumbs Up Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

An alternative on the X-Men suit colours, this is a nice bright version for those that prefer the colour yellow.

Bit more than the standard thumbs up pose, coming in at £20 ish.

Classic Deadpool Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is the base version of the Funko Pop Deadpool collection.

If you are after the classic Deadpool then this is for you, but as I’ve mentioned before, there are loads of other options available for a little more money.

Deadpool Metallic Figure (Extremely Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Very, Very Rare.

Only 480 of these were made for San Diego Comic Con in 2013.

A beautiful metallic finish, this is like a trophy for Deadpool Funko Pop collectors.

$500 on eBay from the States.

Deadpool Inverse Figure (Very Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another rare Funko Pop Deadpool, this design as its title suggests sees the colours of his suit inverted.

As it was one of the Funko Pop Exclusives, this was only available for customers of Fugitive Toys and again these are out of stock.

Price-wise, you’re looking at $200 on eBay minimum.

Deadpool X-Men Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This sports the same paint scheme as mentioned above with the X-Men, though it is a little darker in colour.

Price-wise it is about £18.

Deadpool Glow in the Dark Figure (Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

So we have two glow in the dark Funko Pop Exclusives Deadpool figures on this list.

This one in the traditional red is a Dark Harrisons from the US, priced at about $175.

Deadpool Black and White Glow in the Dark Figure (Very Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

The other glow in the dark Pop is a Matts Exclusive and again from the US.

Priced at a whopping $300 on eBay.

Deadpool X-Force Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another one of Hot Topic Funko Pop Exclusives is the X-Force Deadpool.

Again, pretty standard and not much to shout about.

I think the rest of the list is going to be very quick and easy to describe!

Deadpool Black and White Figure (Super Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is super rare, so much so that I cannot find it anywhere for sale online.

To be honest though, if you just want a white Deadpool Funko Pop, just get the glow in the dark one.

Deadpool Solo Rainbow Squad Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is what Deadpool would look like in green.

Deadpool Terror Rainbow Squad Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

And in Purple.

Deadpool Foolkiller Rainbow Squad Figure

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

And in Blue.

Deadpool Orange Figure (Very Rare)

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

And in Orange. This is only on eBay as it was an event exclusive. $130 dollars minimum.

Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Red

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Deadpool has his own Chimichangas truck!

This is pretty cool, though maybe a bit expensive for some. It is a limited edtion New York Comic Con exclusive, only 1500 were made in the red colour.

The truck is very detailed and quite big considering the Pop figure size. The Pop figure fits in the top. Just note, nothing opens or moves on the truck model itself – it is just pure plastic, so no rotating wheels etc.

The Deadpool Funko Pop is the same as the Chimichanga Deadpool mentioned above, only in classic red.

This priced close to £200 on Amazon.

Deadpool Chimichanga Truck X-Force

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another Comic Con exclusive, this time from San Diego is the X-Force truck.

Not as expensive as the red one!

Deadpool Chimichanga Truck

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

And this is the standard one in bright yellow.

Related Questions

Why are there so many Deadpool Pop Vinyls?

The great thing about Deadpool is that he is so versatile. He can do literally anything in his movies based on the fact he can break the fourth wall.

Throughout the two films he is talking to the audience, making comments and remarks about other movies, franchises, people and even Ryan Reynolds himself. These unique one liners give access to more design ideas and this is why there are so many different options for Funko Pop Deadpool figures.

Are all of them available to buy?

The majority of the Pop Vinyl Deadpool range is available as you would expect, however there are some exclusives to Comic Con events and Limited Editions. These rare ones are usually available on EBay, though there will be some Funko Pop Exclusives you will never get…. Ever.

How much should I pay for a Deadpool Pop Vinyl?

This is a tricky one. Most are priced reasonably on Amazon and other websites. You’re looking between at paying under £20 for one that is readily available. The thing is, they tend to fluctuate due to demand and can go up to double or even triple the price if retailers run out of stock.

How much are Limited Edition Pop Vinyl Deadpool Figures?

You’ll notice that some of these rare Funko Pop Deadpool figures are very expensive. We’re talking up to £500. This is mainly due to the small amount that was produced for certain events such as big name Comic-Cons, or a promotion for a particular chain of stores which are exclusive to customers.

It’s up to you how much you should pay for one of these, but make sure you shop around to get the best deal. Some are sold on eBay at stupidly high prices – known as scalpers, so don’t get caught out.

To help you out, we’ll given price estimates above.

Which one should I start with?

As usual, it’s up to you, but we would advise to go with what makes you chuckle more. The classic Deadpool with swords is an option, however it’s a boring one. The whole point of these Deadpool figures is that they offer so much unique variety that one will catch your attention more than the other. Go for the one that makes you smile the most. It’s what Wade Wilson would want.

Should I leave my Pop Vinyl Figures in the box?

This depends on whether you want to display them or sell them later on. Avid collectors leave them in the box, or at least keep the box in a protected and safe environment and display the figures. People I know who are not collectors, bin the box and put their Pop Vinyls wherever. I personally want to enjoy them, and hate boxes.

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