Iron Man Funko Pop Vinyl List – Let’s Suit Up!

Funko Pop Iron Man

Iron Man was the movie that kick started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without Tony Stark, played perfectly by Robert Downey Jr, the MCU may not have existed.

Due to the success of the character and the franchise, a Marvel Funko Pop line was an inevitability. Though Iron Man wasn’t the first Marvel Pop (that honour goes to Thor), there was never going to be a shortage of ideas for Iron Man Funko Pops.

So how many Iron Man Pops are there?

As you would expect, there are loads of Iron Man Funko Pops – over 35, counting the additional characters we have in this list who appeared in the Iron Man movies or wear Stark built armour.

Similar to the other posts in my Funko Blog, I’ve listed the Iron Man Pops from the most recent first.

There aren’t many videos on Iron Man Funko Pops, however I found this one for the latest End Game Stark Pop:

Iron Man Funko Pop – Avengers Infinity War – TOP PICK!

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This mid-flight Iron Man Pop (#304) is a great addition to the list and our favourite Iron Man Pop.

Using the Mark 50 design, this Pop is the only one to have the flight stabilisers on his back.

The real attraction here is obviously the dynamic airborne pose, with feet pointed towards the ground, fist clenched and gun aimed. Clearly based on the battle on planet Titan against Thanos.

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Iron Man Funko Pop – Avengers End Game

Avengers Endgame Pop

Perhaps the last Iron Man Pop? Unlikely, but it is from the last moment featuring him in the MCU.

Wearing the nano-gauntlet with all 6 stones, Tony is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Earth and the rest of the universe.

It’s a nice Pop, however it would have been a bit better if they had some multi-colored Infinity Stone energy veins flowing over his right side like the movie.

This is an NYCC exclusive, so good luck getting your hands on this!

Iron Man Patina Funko Pop 

Iron Man Funko Pop

For those who are after a bit of old vintage Funko Pop, the 80th anniversary Marvel Patina Iron Man Pop (that’s a mouthful) is a great choice.

Based on the original Iron Man Pop, this has the patina rustic metal look covering it from head to toe.

Iron Man Funko Pop – Avengers End Game

Iron Man Avengers End Game Funko Pop

First up on our Marvel Funko Pop list is the latest Iron Man Pop from the first wave of Avengers Infinity War figures (don’t worry – no spoilers here).

The Iron Man Pop (#467) is a nice break from the generic grey suits that most of the Pops in this new wave wear.

The suit itself is however quite similar to the Mark 50 Stark wears in Infinity War, so there isn’t much difference in design apart from the additional silver areas on the torso. The overall paint job is great though and very shiny (though not glossy metallic.

The stance though is totally unique to any of the Iron Man Pops that came before it, which is surprising considering it is his classic pose. Check the list – it’s never been done before!

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Rescue Funko Pop – Avengers End Game

Adding some much needed girl-power to the movie, Rescue is Pepper’s own personally ‘tailored’ Iron (Woman) suit which is seen at in the final battle.

This Rescue Pop (#480) looks great, with it being the first female styled suit Stark has made. It’s sleek style and blue and gold paint job stands out well next to the traditional Iron Man suit.

Overall the sculpting is just as good as Iron Man Funko Pop below, with great detailing on the arms and torso. The casual stance of the Endgame Pop with one fist clenched looks as though Pepper is waiting for the battle to begin.

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War Machine Funko Pop – Avengers End Game

War MAchine Avengers End Game Funko

Without a doubt, this is the best War Machine Funko Pop (#458) ever made. Well done Funko!

The work done on this Pop is superb from head to toe. The helmet sculpt is excellent, with sharp line work all over, particularly accentuating the silver face plate.

This effort continues into the bodywork of the suit – it looks amazing. The armour over the torso is perhaps the most detailed in any Iron Man Pop there has ever been. Everything has been individually moulded, chest plates, abs, shoulder pads, arm guards, legs the works, plus the paint job is fantastic considering the two-tone colours. Oh and the gun is freaking cool too!

By far one of the best Funko pops in this list.

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Tony Stark Funko Pop – Avengers End Game

Avengers End Game Funko Pop

This latest Tony Stark Funko Pop (#449) has him wearing the flight suit that is seen at the start of Avengers End Game.

The Pop is different from the rest of the Iron Man range, but honestly it’s pretty ‘Meh’. I’m not a fan of the grey suit Pops – in fact it’s disappointing that so many of the End Game Pops are looking the same in the first wave release.

Despite this, the Pop is well designed, with the moulding on the suit looking great – with nice detailing across the chest and legs and a neat paint job.

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Light Up Iron Man Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

The only Marvel Funko Pop (or any Pop for that matter) that lights up!

This was the final Iron Man Pop (#380) from the Avengers Infinity War series and it’s probably one of the best in the list.

First lets talk about the obvious – the lighting. As you can see, the eyes, arc reactor and weapon illuminates. It’s not overly bright as it is just three LED’s, however it works well. There is a little button on the side of his arm that when pressed, the Pop lights up for around 10 seconds – which is good, as you would never have this on for a long time. The base of the Pop contains the battery and looks pretty cool too – it’s good to see a Pop with an actual moulded stand.

The figure itself is of excellent quality, with great line work particularly on the torso. You can instantly tell this is the Mark 50 nano-suit from the movie.

A great addition to the Iron Man Funko Pop range and is a must have.

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Gold Chrome Iron Man Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Like most of the Marvel characters, Iron Man of course has had the gold treatment in this Pop based on the suit from Civil War.

Similar to the other gold chrome figures in the Marvel Pop Vinyl series, this is a great piece.

Pretty bling too.

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Venomised Iron Man Funko Pop

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

There is no record of Iron Man ever coming into direct contact with Venom and being taken over, so this is where the Funko Pop designers have been able to create something new and exciting.

The overall design for the Venomised Iron Man Pop Vinyl (#365) is fantastic – one of the best Venom Funko Pops.

What was a flashy gold and red Iron Man helmet now looks like a medieval knight and gothic monster got together. You still have the general shape of metal, however it has morphed organic spikes that protrude like a punk outfit, along with jagged teeth widening out of the mask to form a mouth piece.

The body mould is basically the same as the standard Iron Man Pop Vinyl, with the exception of the paint job, the Venom symbol emanating from the Arc Reactor and the spikes and claws.

The base for this Pop is excellent. What could have been just a standing Pop like the others, the designers went with a dynamic take-off/hover look. The clear red plastic stand is well moulded and is very stable.

Overall, pretty damn awesome.

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Whiplash vs Iron Man Funko Pop Movie Moments

This Whiplash vs Iron Man Funko Pop Movie Moments is a great option if you’re a fan of the second movie.

Taken from the scene in Iron Man 2 where Whiplash attacks Stark during the Monaco Grand Prix, this epic replica of their first fight is one of the most detailed Movie Moments released by Funko. Also this is the only Pop of Stark’s Russian foe.

Starting with Whiplash, the sculpt looks great. The hair is spot on, as is the mean look on his face. The body is highly detailed, more so than Iron Man. The buckles, wires and belts strapping the arc reactor are painstakingly realised here, but what really steals the show is the whips, with the electricity firing across them into Iron Man.

The Iron Man Pop looks fab, resembling the suitcase-suit excellently, particularly the torso with the individual ribbed silver plating. The whip coil wrapped around his arm looks dope too – right out of the scene where Iron Man pulls Whiplash closer for the take-down.

The base has had much love, with the crash barrier at the back and bits of rubble and Iron Man suit on the floor.

Hulk Busting out of Hulkbuster Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This is an interesting Pop as Hulk doesn’t erupt from the Hulkbuster in Avengers Infinity War (sorry for spoilers if you haven’t seen the film!). At the time of writing, End Game hasn’t been released, so maybe it will happen in the new film?

Regardless, the Hulk Busting Out of Hulkbuster Pop Vinyl is awesome, combining both the gorgeous Hulkbuster and Hulk Pops together. It’s one of the most interesting Hulk Funko Pops too.

Detailing of particular note is the ruined suit; the torn metal chassis opens up across the model and behind Hulk’s back, with torn straps hanging over his shoulders and twisted metal flaying outwards – it’s big too, standing at 6″ tall.

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Iron Man Mark 1 Funko Pop

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

The suit that began it all.

This Mark 1 Iron Man Funko Pop (#338) looks like it was built in a cave – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The Pop is a great rendition of the first suit that Tony Stark built to escape his kidnappers.

The helmet has dents and dings, the ‘welding’ edges are uneven and the paint job has a dirty metal sheen to it. Body-wise the old rustic detail continues, with beaten scrap metal armour, hinges and pistons. The flame tank on the right arms is a nice touch, though it could have had a rocket on the other one.

This one is exclusive to Gamestop, so you can look at paying around $18 one eBay due to it being pretty hard to find.

Iron Man Unmasked Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Infinity War Funko Pop

Same as our Top Pick above, though with no helmet.

This is an FYE exclusive, so you may have to go on eBay or Facebook Groups to find this guy.

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Hulkbuster Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This thing is a beast and rightly so, considering it was built to take on the Hulk in case of emergencies, such as out of control rage monsters.

This supersized Hulkbuster Pop (#294) towers at 6″ tall and is solid – the thing is damn heavy. Also it is packed with detail.

Hulkbuster looks monstrous. The pose of the figure looks like it’s a hench robotic, ‘roided up bodybuilder, leaning forward ready to take on anything. The moulding on the Pop is brilliant – with the contouring all over the body looking sublime, with prominent edges blending nicely into the smooth body panelled armour.

The paint work on this Pop is great too – the red is glossy, the gold is shiny and the metal is, metally? Anyway, it looks awesome, with the colours contrasting nicely.

I know I’m sounding like I’m reviewing a painting, but this thing really is a work of art for an Iron Man Funko Pop.

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Gold Chrome Iron Man Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Another Gold Chrome Iron Man (#285), this is a version of the Infinity War suit above.

It looks great though doesn’t it? Reminds me of a hood ornament for a Rolls.

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Red Chrome Iron Man Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Same as above, but in red chrome (#285)

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Iron Man Funko Pop – Tales of Suspense

Tales of Suspense was the original comic book where Iron Man made his first appearance in 1963, so Funko paid homage to the initial rendition of Iron Man in Funko Pop (#258) form!

The old-school 60’s scifi elements have been captured here perfectly. The suit is very similar to the classic movie When The Earth Stood Still, with sleek curves along the helmet, cylindrical torso, arms and legs.

The gold sheen is the real attraction to this Iron Man Funko Pop, making a simple design stand out from all the other suits on here.

Tony Stark Funko Pop (Spiderman Homecoming)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Tony is a cool guy and this Funko Pop embodies the playboy-billionaire perfectly.

The first pop in the list from the Spider-Man Homecoming series, this Tony Stark Funko Pop (#226) captures the Iron Man in his relaxed charm.

Though the Pop is quite simple when compared to all the others on here, it does have some nice subtle detailing.

His sunglasses are neatly painted with metallic gold and silver, with orange tint lenses. His kitten t-shirt and blazer combo work well and raise a smile, with the figures relaxed pose demonstrating the care-free nature of the hero.

It’s a very chilled version of Stark, however I do prefer the one below it.

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Tony Stark Funko Pop (Spiderman Homecoming)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

I love this Tony Stark Pop (#225).

Though the pose is similar to the above, the difference in clothing and accessory makes a hell of a difference, making this in my opinion the best Tony Stark Funko Pop ever made.

The suit looks really good – taken from the end of Spider-Man Homecoming. The detailing is immaculate, the folds in the lapel of the jacket, the creases in the arm, the lines in suit, the purple patterned tie – it’s just savvy.

Holding the Iron Man Helmet in his free hand whilst the other is in his pocket, emphasises his relaxed attitude to being Iron Man. I’m not sure though that helmet would fit on his head!

This Pop is a Funko Summer Convention Exclusive, so you’ll be hunting on eBay for this one.

Iron Man & Spiderman Funko Pop Twin Pack (Spiderman Homecoming)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This Spider-Man twin-pack is awesome, as it has two excellent Marvel Funko Pops which you can’t get separately.

I really like the Iron Man suit in Spider-Man far from home and Funko have done a great job here, particularly the design work across the torso and arms. The detailing is great, and the aqua-blue glowing highlights break up the silver well. The stance however is a bit boring, considering how cool Spidey looks.

Spider-Man looks great – the stance is dynamic, looking like he has ‘landed it’ and poised ready with his signature web shooter hand gesture. Overall, the Pop is well built, with his web-pattern grooves all over his suit.

OUR FAVOURITE: Captain America & Iron Man Funko Pop Twin Pack Collector Corps (Civil War) 

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Facing off against Captain America in the second twin pack of the list and possibly the best Marvel Twin Pack ever released.

Included in the pack is probably the best Iron Man Funko Pop made – it’s stunning. Why? 

The line work and moulding is itself on a different level to many of the Pops on here. The gloves have individual indents on each joint, the torso rivets and panels are cut really well. This is finished in a fantastic coat of metallic paint, which just makes the Iron Man Pop sublime. Honestly, it’s that good – by far my favourite on this list. The stance is really dynamic, with Iron Man aiming his repulser and readies his fist.

Captain America is well done too, with his shield raised ready to take on Stark, with nice details on the chest armour. Honestly though, Iron Man steals the show by far. For the full list of Captain America Funko Pop figures, check out our post!

Iron Man Unmasked Funko Pop (Civil War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

A unique Pop here – this Iron Man Unmasked Pop (#136) is the only one of its kind.

Most of the unmasked Pops in this list have just Stark’s head, whereas this one has the helmet open. It’s refreshing a change, as this Pop adds a new dynamic to the Iron Man Pop series.

Overall, the Iron Man Funko Pop is one of the best in this list. The design is excellent across the board, with the face reveal open helmet and the complex body armour of the suit, there are details galore which are brought out by a fantastic paint job.

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War Machine Funko Pop (Civil War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This War Machine Funko Pop (#128) is based on the Mark 3 version of the armoured suit Brody wears whilst taking on ‘Team Cap’, which then got wrecked by a distracted Vision energy beam.

Similar in quality to the excellent Civil War Iron Man Pops above and below, this War Machine figure is great (though now outclassed by the End Game version).

Great effort has gone into making this Pop distinctly different from Iron Man, and not just the difference in colour scheme. The sculpt is completely different, with a new head and body. And guns – lots of guns!

Also this Brody is wielding his War Hammer baton, which is a nice touch and a nod to the airport fight.

Iron Man Funko Pop (Civil War)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This Iron Man Pop (#126) is the same design as the one just up the list, though obviously fully suited up.

One of the best ‘classic’ Iron Man suits in the list. Great figure!

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Iron Man Umasked Funko Pop (Avengers Age of Ultron)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

One of the most interesting in the collection, this Iron Man Funko Pop (#094) from Avengers Age of Ultron has one of the most exciting bases here (ignoring the recent Venomised version shown earlier).

The blast-off effect is simply excellent (we need more awesome bases Funko!). The clear blue plastic works really well, propping the Pop up on the thrusters, with the energy blast hitting the ground like a something out of Dragon Ball Z.

Replicating the spiky nature of the base, the suit itself has jagged edges and is not as sleek or bulky looking as the other Iron Man Pops. It’s a nice change, the sharp edges and contours make this suit really exciting and is a must have if you’re an Iron Man fan.

This one is exclusive to Amazon.

Hulkbuster Funko Pop (Avengers Age of Ultron)

This is the first Hulkbuster Funko Pop (#073) that was released by Funko to coincide with Avengers Age of Ultron. Though it’s not as sleek as the latest Pop version from Infinity War, the 6″ figure has its own distinct look.

The bulkiness of the figure is more similar to the early Iron Man suits when they looked more mechanical – the metal panels and joints are separate and robotic looking, similar to a Transformer, with the overall figure posed the same as regular Pops with a bend at the knees.

The design is good with a neat paint job, but honestly it feels dated and this Pop has been improved upon by the Infinity War Hulkbuster Pop in so many ways.

Iron Man Mark 43 Funko Pop (Avengers Age of Ultron)

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

This Iron Man Funko Pop (#066) is exactly the same as the #94 above, but helmeted.

If I’m honest, I prefer this one to the Stark version – it looks more intense!

This Pop is now vaulted, but the price is around $10-15 from sellers. It’s priced a bit higher on Amazon.

Check Here for the Best Price on Amazon

James Rhodes Funko Pop

The only James Rhodes Funko Pop (#033) available and a pain in the ass to get a hold of. This is a Comic-Con exclusive, so good luck getting your hands on this.

Moving into the older Funko Pops line, the detailing on this Pop obviously isn’t as good as everything above, but as it’s one of a kind, who cares.

Whilst the head is as basic as they came, the suit is actually pretty good, with some nice glossy blue and red paint and some decent detailing on the chest armour.

The asking price for this is around $110.

Tony Stark Funko Pop

Similar to Brody above, this Iron Man Funko Pop (#032) from the third movie was a SDCC exclusive too – but prepare yourself for a dent in your bank balance if you want this. It’s valued at $400!

This is a great Funko – the hair sculpt is very ‘cartoony’ compared with what we have now, with the body armour looking very cool.

If you’re really desperate for the same suit, the cheap alternative to this is the helmeted version below.

Deep Space Suit Iron Man Funko Pop

The Deep Space Suit (#026), or the Mark 39 for you Iron Man fans was an interesting choice for the designers.

I’m not overly sure why they chose this considering there were better options available – perhaps it’s because it’s the colour scheme that drew their attention, with the white, black and gold contrasting from the usual red designs.

Either way, this is difficult to grab as it is vaulted and you’re looking at around $80 to own it.

Iron Patriot Funko Pop

As mentioned above, this is the only Iron Patriot Funko Pop (#025) you will be able to get hold of. It’s still priced at around $15 and readily available.

The colour scheme is a nice break from the red and gold for the majority of the Iron Man Pops on this list.

The glossy blue and red is a nice touch, with the red rimming on the helmet to break up the blue and silver.

War Machine Funko Pop

This War Machine Funko Pop (#024) was released in 2013 and is now vaulted, but it is valued at $30 so collectors won’t have to hurt their wallet too much.

It’s a good first imagining of the suit, with a cool little gun on his left shoulder and square arc reactor window.

If you’re just after a War Machine Pop, I would obviously go for the one at the top of the list from End Game or Civil War – this is really for collectors and quite frankly, the later ones are far superior in terms of design and build.

Iron Man Funko Pop (Iron Man 3)

The cheaper equivalent to the SDCC Iron Man Pop above, this is vaulted but the value of this Pop is around $35, so not too expensive if you’re really after an Iron Man 3 option.

As far as old Iron Man (#023) figures go, this is where the Pops started to improve in overall design, moulding and paint jobs.

The torso and head are particularly well done in this Pop, with some nice detailing on the inner arm and back leg joints.

Iron Man Funko Pop Avengers

Another Vaulted Iron Man Funko Pop (#011), I would advise not to bother looking, unless you are really dedicated to collecting all of the Iron Man or Avengers series.

Despite this looking like one of the ugliest Iron Man Pops in the list, this one goes for the asking price of around $85.

Blue Stealth Iron Man Funko Pop

This Blue Stealth Iron Man Funko Pop (#04) is a variation of the classic below.

Exclusive to Rhode Island Comic Con, it’s not too expensive but you’re looking at $42 dollars or so and you won’t find a new one in the shops.

Iron Man Funko Pop

The first Iron Man Funko Pop (#04) to be released back in 2011, this is still really cheap.

One for the collectors only because, let’s face it, if you are buying an Iron Man Pop there are plenty of better options available.

It is kind of cute though.

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