The Amazing Spider-Man Funko Pop Complete List

Spider-Man has received much love from Funko over the years – there are dozens of Spider-Man Funko Pops, with the list growing exponentially with the new releases of the MCU movies and the animated Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse franchise.

In this list I’ve also included other characters and villains that appear in the Spider-Man movies and comic books, from Doc Oc and The Lizard, to Gwen Stacey and Tony Stark.

Also it’s worth knowing that one of the Spider-Man Pops below made it to the most expensive Funko Pop list, so check it out!

Our Favourite Spider-Man Funko Pop

Spider-man Funko Pop

If you are after just the one-off Spider-Man Funko Pop as a gift or to complete your collection of Avengers, I recommend this one.

Yes, it technically isn’t from the MCU (it’s from the excellent animated movie Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse), but I picked this one as my favourite as it is the classic Spider suit in a dynamic pose. Plus the only slight variation of this suit compared to the MCU version is really just the chest emblem.

The sculpt is excellent, with nice web detailing on the red areas, with the Pop posed mid leap on an acrylic stand.

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Mysterio Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Mysterio Funko Pop

First up on our main list is the latest Spider-Man Funko Pop, starting with the Spider-Man Far From Home movie.

This Pop (#477) is a Hot Topic exclusive, which shows Mysterio unmasked.

I go into more detail on the standard Mysterio below, as the picture is far better than this one – and honestly, I think the masked version is the best choice. Check it out.

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Spider-Man (Stealth Suit Goggles Up) Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Stealth Suit Funko Pop

Sorry about the picture – this was the best one I could find online!

This Pop (#476) is a variation of the Stealth Suit (#469) with the slight change of the googles lifted up – hence the title.

I go into more detail below on this design as they are pretty much identical – plus the photo is way clearer and you can appreciate the insane detail on it! Plus the other version is tons better…

Hydro-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home


Like all of the new Spider-Man Far From Home Pops, Hydro-Man (#475) is excellent.

The sculpt used for this is beautiful, with the fluid-like swirls that wrap the body from the the torso down used to great effect, with water globules hanging from his arms and the base looks like a giant splash.

The head is subtly uneven, with some added ripples in his face. To finish it off, the pain job has different tones of blue, with white to highlight edges.

There is a glow in the dark version of this also available.

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Molten Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Molten Man Funko Pop

Continuing the monster theme in the latest Spider-Man movie, here is the epic Molten Man Pop (#474).

Similar to Hydro-Man, this fiery beast has received much love with great attention to detail from head to toe. The head and body has a two-texture premise, with smooth orange molten metal contrasting to the black, rough hardened rock ‘skin’, which emphasise the features of the face, hands and feet.

The teeth look great with the orange highlights, with the liquid metal drooling from the mouth with some nice puddles on the base (which provide support for the Pop as it is rather top-heavy). I love the iron girders sticking out of his back and arms, with the metal closer to his body is heating up with the orange fade.

Similar to Hydro-Man, Molten Man has a glow in the dark option too.

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Mysterio Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

This Mysterio Pop (#473) is gorgeous, with so much detail I don’t know where to start (honestly Funko are seriously upping the quality of their moulds now!). From first glance, it looks like a combination or Iron Man, Thor and Dr Strange, with armoured suit, gold paint job and magical cloak.

The head (or helmet) is your standard see-through acrylic tinted blue. Inside is the green gas cloud instead of a head, which makes this Pop very striking (looks like cauliflower to me).

For the body, the gold and bronze armour is panelled, with a green chainmail suit underneath. Inside the flowing red cape are small golden and blue diamonds, with the feet in a floating stance on a gas cloud. The hands are posed similar to him in the film, where he fires his green energy blasts.

Everything is sculpted here – no quick paint-jobs or outlines – it’s a really impressive Pop.

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Happy Hogan Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

It only took over a decade but Happy finally has his Pop (#472)!

Compared to the other Far From Home Pops, this one is the least exciting, with Happy holding the cheque made out to the Forest Hills Public Hall.

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MJ Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

Again, not the most exciting, but it’s good that MJ got her Pop (#471).

Here she is wielding a mace ready to swing – I’m not going to spoil the movie as to why she has it, but if you’ve seen the trailers, it’s a great likeness to the actor, with hair swept over to one side of the face.

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Spider-Man (Upgraded Suit) Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

An excellent Pop with a real Spider-Man pose, this upgraded suit version has the hero ready to fire his web-slinger and swing away.

Particular detailing on the eyes is really impressive – the whites are textured the same as in the movie (that lattice effect).

Just to let you know, the Pop is well balanced, with the weight in the ‘stand’ balancing the head weight well, so this doesn’t topple over easily.

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Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

This is by far the best Spider-Man Far From Home Pop and easily one of the best in this entire list.

It’s insanely detailed everywhere!

The body has a full-on tactical suit that would make Sam Fisher jealous. Painted in different tones of black, the armour panels, boots and belt are all sculpted and raised individually, with fantastic care on all of the lines and detailing.

The suit, despite looking awesome, is not the star of the show here – it’s the head.

I’m not sure how Funko did it, but the balaclava texture for the mask looks spot on – in fact, I’ve never seen fabric emulated so well on a Pop before. Contrast this with the high tech Spider-goggles which has fab line work on the sculpt and the lense texture, this Pop looks dope.

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Spider-Man (Hero Suit) Funko Pop – Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-man Funko Pop

The final Far From Home Funko Pop (#468) in this list is another great one with a classic ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Spider’Man’ pose.

Doing the Japanese tourist selfie peace-sign pose, this Pop is a nice change to the more dynamic and action poses we see Spidey in.

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Gold Chrome Spider-Man Funko Pop

Spider-man Funko Pop

Similar to other Marvel 10th anniversary Pops, here is the Iron Spider Pop (#440). This is one of the Fan’s Choice winners and it truly deserves the gold chrome treatment.

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Spider-Ham Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

One of the funniest looking characters in the Marvel Comic World, Spider-Ham (#410) is the first in the list from the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse movie. I’m not going to do back stories for any of the characters from this movie, but if you’re interested in learning more about Peter Porker, here is the wiki link. It’s very funny.

The detailing on the suit is similar to the Spider-Man Pops, with the lining in the webbed suit areas – but you aren’t buying it for that, its the cheeky stance and the fact it is a pig in a costume that makes this so special.

This Pop is great for fans of the movie and, errrr….. pigs?

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Spider-Man Noir Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

There are two Noir Pops, this one (#409) without the hat and undone jacket and the one below. Personally, I think this one is the worse out of the two – despite it being an exclusive.

I go into more detail on the better one a few Pops down the page.

Green Goblin Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

The Green Goblin (#408) in the Miles Morales Spiderverse is quite literal (no creepy Willam Defoe on a hoverboard here). In the animated movie, this guy is huge – which gave Funko the opportunity of creating two versions, the standard size shown here and a 6″ super-sized version, which is more representative of his actual size.

Whichever version you go for, they both look great. Particular detailing of note is the shoulder scales, spiky wrist bracelets and the face itself – it looks menacing; with razor sharp teeth and a tongue that even the Licker from Resident Evil would be jealous of.

The paint job is great too, with nice blends of goblin green (see what I did there?) faded with the beige around the inside leg, chest and mouth. The wings look dope too.

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Prowler Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

The second and finale villain from the Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse to have his own Pop is Prowler.

Hired by Kingpin to do his dirty work, Prowler uses his swift reflexes and high-tech combat gloves to take down his foes. His Pop (#407) is posed ready for action and great detail has been given to his gadgets, with his gloves and boots looking superb with the glossy black paint with purple highlights.

The rest of this Pop is mediocre if I’m honest – the purple suit lacks any real detail, as does the face – which is a bit of a missed opportunity. However, for fans of the movie, he is the only other bad guy character next to Green Goblin. Hopefully a Kingpin Pop is in the works.

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Spider-Man Noir Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

The better of the two Spider-Man Noir Pops, this one (#406) retains the classic look from the movie with the hat and stance.

Due to the simplistic colour design, this two tone hero has more of a minimalist look compared with all the other Pops in the Spiderverse movie. Detailing on the Pop is really only found on the hat and jacket, which still works well for the sombre noir character.

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Spider-Gwen Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

The Spider-Gwen Pop (#405) is a neat version of the hero (the first female in this list). The Pop wears her ballet shoes and skin-tight onesie, posed mid routine.

For some strange reason Funko have only made an unmasked version of Spider-Gwen, which I assume is because you see her more without the mask – but I think they missed out here as her movie design was so cool and could have been a really nice Pop, with a much better pose.

For a ‘proper’ Spider-Gwen, there is one below that is fully masked which for me is the best version of the character. And Gwenom, which looks totally badass.

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Peter Parker Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

As mentioned above, this is the Peter Parker Pop (#404) from the animated movie – which is my favorite Spider-Man Pop in the list.

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Miles Morales Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

I love this Miles Morales Pop (#403) as it totally displays his character type (and flaws…) from the start of the movie. Though he is trying to be a hero and dresses as to what he thinks a hero should wear, he looks ridiculous and is totally unprepared for what lies ahead.

Posed with fists on hips, wearing his mask on his head, a cape, cargo shorts and trainers, Miles is still in wannabe mode.

Overall, the detailing is fab, with some nice detailing on the mask in it’s relaxed state, web ‘scales’ on the chest piece and sweet trainers.

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Miles Morales Funko Pop – Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spider-man Funko Pop

The final Pop in the animated movie (but the first in that particular list, just to be awkward) here is the Miles Morales Pop (#402) all suited and ready to go.

The sculpt is pretty much the same as the Peter Parker Pop above, with some minor differences on the torso webbing, the pose and of course the paint job. It’s still a wicked Spider-Man Funko Pop and looks great if you’re collecting one of each ‘type’ of Spider Suit.

The Morales and Parker Spider-Man Pops look wicked side by side.

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Christmas Spider-Man Funko Pop

Spider-man Funko Pop

Next is the Christmas Spider-man Funko Pop (#397), which is part of the Christmas Marvel Pops line.

Wearing a cute blue Christmas sweater with knitted spider emblem, this Pop is a Christmas treat for every Spider-man fan.

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Spider-Woman Funko Pop Exclusive to NYCC

Spider-man Funko Pop

Spider-woman is one of the Marvel Comics characters that has been given the Funko treatment.

Her real name is Jessica Drew and she gained her powers before birth when a laser laced with spider DNA hit her mother’s womb. She first appeared in the Marvel Spotlight #32 which was released in February 1977.

This Spider-woman Funko Pop (#392) is a Fall Convention Exclusive that released in New York Comic Con 2018. She wears her classic outfit with vibrant tones of red and yellow.

I love the overall sculpt of this Pop and ahow they gave a dynamic, wind effect in her hair. This Spider-woman Pop is in her iconic pose and it’s nice how Funko presented her wings, making it translucent with all the little intricate details.

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Spider-Hulk Funko Pop Exclusive to Walgreens

Spider-man Funko Pop

This is the Spider-Hulk Funko Pop (#374), based on when the Hulk transferred in Peter Parker’s body and became the Spider-Hulk.

The sculpt is excellent, showing off the Hulk’s muscular physique by tearing through the suit, with the fists and toes fully exposed. The Spiderman logo on his chest is raised, not just painted on. I love how the colours pop! The red, blue, and green work tremendously well together.

This Spider-Hulk Funko Pop is a great addition for every Spiderman and Hulk Funko Pop enthusiast.

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The Lizard Funko Pop Exclusive to Walgreens

Spider-man Funko Pop

The Lizard is one of Spider-man’s main enemies. His real name is Dr Curt Connors, an army suregeon who lost his arm in war. Whilst trying to create a serum to regrow his limb, things went terribly, terribly wrong and turned into the beast seen here. He’s first seen in the Amazing Spiderman #6 comics, released in November 1963.

The Lizard Funko Pop (#334) is a Walgreens Exclusive. This Pop looks amazing – the intricate details on the head sculpt with the textured scales and razor sharp teeth look and feel great.

The body is more simple, with the white laboratory coat, black shirt and purple ripped pants.

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Silk Funko Pop Exclusive to Walgreens

Cindy Moon is a Korean-American character created by Marvel in 2014 and first appeared in the Amazing Spiderman #1, released in April 2014. In an alternate universe, it said to be that after the spider bit Peter Parker, it also bit another young student named Cindy Moon. She also has the same abilities as Spiderman.

This Silk Funko Pop (#333) is another Walgreens exclusive. This Funko Pop has a very simple design, with a black skin-tight spider suit with a white and red spider logo on her chest. Her red face mask gives her that cool ninja look. The moulding in her hair give a flowy, windy effect.

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6 Arm Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to Walgreens

Spider-man Funko Pop

This Peter Parker is from an alternate universe from Earth-92100. In an effort to eliminate his Spider powers, Peter Parker concocted a potion but instead, it caused him to grow four extra arms.

The mutated Spider-man Pop (#313) is a great addition to the series. I love the attention to detail on the extra arms with them reaching out in different directions. Other than that, the design is classic Spidey.

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Unmasked Iron Spider Funko Pop – Avengers Infinity War

Spider-man Funko Pop

This Unmasked Iron Spider Pop (#305) is the first of 4 Avengers Infinity War Funko Pops and has some fantastic sculpt work all over and Funko nailed the hairstyle of Parker from the movie.

The line work on the suit has so much attention to detail, with the armour plating in the suit all indented where needed, and the gold highlighting for the spider-symbol is raised along the linings of the suit.

It looks amazing, with nice a glossy paint job. This one however is a little more tricky to get hold of and if I’m honest, you’ll want the masked version for a proper Avengers set.

Gwenom Funko Pop

Gwen got infected with the Symbiote in the Spider-Gwen comic Volume 2 #25-29 and this addition to the Venom collection gives us a great figure.

The striking thing about this Pop is the colours – it’s not often you see pink and black together, at least definitely not in the Marvel Pop Vinyl range.

From top to bottom, this is an excellent Pop Vinyl. The dynamic sharp contours of the hood are highlighted wonderfully by the white, pink and black contrasts. The black body is your standard Venom torso and legs with an added pink zig zag stripe (resembling the tongue I guess – there are teeth next to it!). The long tentacle breaks up the black colour of the body nicely alongside the pink shoes.

This is priced quite low on Amazon, which makes it one of the cheapest Pop Vinyl figures I’ve come across. Also this is nearly impossible to buy in stores, yet there are loads of them online.

That being said there are reports that this Pop is sometimes hard to balance even with the stand. The tentacle can cause the model to tip slightly, however this may vary from unit to unit.

Despite this, a great Pop and as Venom is an essential part of the Spider-Man universe – a good way to link his very own page of Venom Funko Pops!

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Iron Spider Funko Pop – Avengers Infinity War

Spider-man Funko Pop

This Iron Spider has the same body as the first, but the Infinity War Pop (#300) has one obvious difference – the extra legs!

The additional limbs are fixed from the back of the Pop and outstretch to the front – they have some nice detailing on the joints, with gold highlights breaking up the red. This Pop is only available at Target, but possibly the best Iron Spider Pop made.

Iron Spider Funko Pop – Avengers Infinity War

Spiderman Pop

This is my preferred Iron Spider Pop (#287) as it has the full masked outfit – it’s gorgeous.

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Chrome Red Iron Spider Funko Pop – Avengers Infinity War

Same as the Spider Pop above, but in sexy Red Chrome 🙂

Spider-Girl Funko Pop 

Spider-man Funko Pop

The Spider Girl Pop (#271), AKA Anya Corazon, is from the Marvel Classics range and also a Walgreens exclusive, so it is tricky to find.

The Pop doesn’t have the intricate details as the MCU Pops, however the minimalist bodysuit of the character has been captured well from the comics, with the sleek, glossy black seamless material and a giant white spider emblem looking fab. The hair and mask look awesome too.

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Big Time Spider-Man Funko Pop

Another Walgreens exclusive is the Big Time Spider-Man Pop (#270).

The story behind this particular suit is that after Spider-man’s battle with the new Hobglobin in Earth-616, Peter develops a new suit using new tech from his job at Horizon Labs. He begins wearing this suit at The Amazing Spider-man #650 comics which fans dubbed as the Big Time story arc. This suit was created to fight the Hobgoblin’s sonic screams.

The Pop itself is very basic in terms of sculpt work – you really only go for this if you like the red and black color scheme.

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Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Funko Pop

Starting the Spider-Man Homecoming Funko Pops is this delight (#265).

This is one of my favourite Spider-Man Pops. It’s unique and one of the more fun depictions of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, with the titular character wearing his yellow jacket and headphones over the spider-suit.

The head sculpt is fantastic and the most interesting out of the whole list, with the one eye squinting slightly with the optic rim panels expanding. It’s neat little details like this which make Pops special. His headphones have some nice line work on the earpieces too.

Body-wise it’s all about the jacket – the yellow contrasts wonderfully with the red and blue underneath, with much attention to detail being spent on the lapels and buttons and the Spider sSuit itself looks sharp with the line work on the chest and legs.

One of the best and a must have for any Spider-Man fan.

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Upside-Down Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Another unique Spider-Man Funko Pop (#259), I’m surprised this hadn’t been done before.

Hanging upside down whilst reading a book, the Pop is great – they’ve got the feet perfect, with the casual demeanour of the hero looking like he has just been interrupted during his downtime.

What’s more is that it is very stable, despite being an upside down bobble head (the first of its kind?), with the base of the Pop being wider than the dimensions of the head sculpt.

Superior Spider-Man Funko Pop 

In between the Homecoming releases was a Spider-Man classic, which was the Super Spider-Man Pop (#233). Similar to the Iron Spider seen in Infinity War, this suit first made it’s appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man #700.

The Pop itself looks powerful – fists clenched, blacked out eyes and a red and black color scheme,  this Spider-Man looks tough and ready for battle – perhaps more so than the one in the MCU.

One of the best classic options available.

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Vulture Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

The main baddie of Homecoming, the Vulture in Pop form (#227) is breathtaking in terms of detail.

His wings are the main draw here and rightly so – each metallic feather is sculpted individually, with line work in the darker feathers and rotor fans behind the Pops’ back. They are painted with 3 different shades of metal paint, and a green edging at the top. Just look at the photo – the work done to this Pop is excellent.

The rest of the Pop is just as detailed, with the metal claws on the feet, the gold buckles, zipper and harness gear all contrasting nicely against the green and brown flight suit. The helmet looks dope, with a see-through visor and oxygen mask sculpted wonderfully.

The entire thing is epic – what’s more is that you can get this as a glow in the dark option, with the light silver parts replaced by glowing green.

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Tony Stark Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

Tony is a cool guy and this Funko Pop embodies the playboy-billionaire perfectly.

The first pop in the list from the Spider-Man Homecoming series, this Tony Stark Funko Pop (#226) captures the Iron Man in his relaxed charm.

Though the Pop is quite simple when compared to all the others on here, it does have some nice subtle detailing.

His sunglasses are neatly painted with metallic gold and silver, with orange tint lenses. His kitten t-shirt and blazer combo work well and raise a smile, with the figures relaxed pose demonstrating the care-free nature of the hero.

It’s a very chilled version of Stark, however I do prefer the one below it.

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Tony Stark Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

I love this Tony Stark Pop (#225).

Though the pose is similar to the above, the difference in clothing and accessory makes a hell of a difference, making this in my opinion the best Tony Stark Funko Pop ever made.

The suit looks really good – taken from the end of Spider-Man Homecoming. The detailing is immaculate, the folds in the lapel of the jacket, the creases in the arm, the lines in suit, the purple patterned tie – it’s just savvy.

Holding the Iron Man Helmet in his free hand whilst the other is in his pocket, emphasises his relaxed attitude to being Iron Man. I’m not sure though that helmet would fit on his head!

This Pop is a Funko Summer Convention Exclusive, so you’ll be hunting on eBay for this one.

Iron Man & Spiderman Funko Pop Twin Pack – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Funko Pop

This Spider-Man twin-pack is awesome, as it has two excellent Marvel Funko Pops which you can’t get separately.

I really like the Iron Man Pop suit in Spider-Man far from home and Funko have done a great job here, particularly the design work across the torso and arms. The detailing is great, and the aqua-blue glowing highlights break up the silver well. The stance however is a bit boring, considering how cool Spidey looks.

Spider-Man looks great – the stance is dynamic, looking like he has ‘landed it’ and poised ready with his signature web shooter hand gesture. Overall, the Pop is well built, with his web-pattern grooves all over his suit.

Peter Parker Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

This Peter Parker Pop (#224) is really for the die-hard fans of wanting to complete the set – if you want him in causal school gear with his science jumper, Funko made you one.

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Spider-Man Unmasked Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

You have here the first Spider-Man suit that Peter created from scratch. The Pop (#223) has some great mould work on the clothing, with nice little details captures such as the red socks and bike gloves.

However, the one below is in my opinion the superior rendition of this Spider-Man Pop.

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Homemade Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Funko Pop

This masked version (#222) is so much better than the one above – the ad-hoc built hood and goggles combo is what makes this Spider-Man suit unique.

The little details on the stitching and where the nose is poking at the fabric is a nice touch, but the main thing here is the home-made lenses – they look very neat, looking like they were built from Peter’s old cameras.

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Unmasked Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Funko Pop

Another unmasked Spider-Man Pop (#221), it is truly amazing that Spider-Man manages to keep his identity a secret considering he takes his mask off so many times.

Whilst the head sculpt is the same as the other Peter Pops, the suit looks fab. The ‘Web’ lining in the suit is intricately detailed all over, with panels on the legs and arms, with nice details of black on the web-slingers and torso and boots.

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Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Funko Pop

I’m more of a fan of the masked versions of Pops, so I’m much more in favour of this standard Spider-Man Pop (#220).

Similar as the other masked version above, the body is exactly the same, only masked. Obviously. Still – an awesome Spider-Man Pop!

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Spider-Man Funko Pop – Spider-Man Homecoming

From the scene when Peter is still learning about his new suit and unlocking the extra features, this Pop (#220) has the glide mode engaged, with the retractable webbing under his arms opened up.

This Spider-Man Pop is from the Collectors Corp boxset, where you get a ton of other gear alongside the Pop for around $50, including the Pop, a comic-book, t-shirt, shirt patches and some small figures.

You could buy this separately on eBay, but expect to pay around $30 or so.

Spider-Man and Hawkeye Twin Pack Funko Pops – Captain America Civil War

Spider-man Funko Pop

Another awesome Twin Pack, this one features Hawkeye and Spider-Man, with possibly the best Pops in the Captain America Civil War Pop list.

Spiderman is poised holding Cap’s shield, taken from the scene when he arrives in the airport from a signal from Stark. The Pop looks excellent, and one of the best Spider-Man Pops I’ve seen.

Same goes for Hawkeye – he looks great and it is probably the best Pop of him (not counting Ronin), with him in one of his dynamic poses ready to fire against team Iron Man.

Also the set comes with two little keychains of Iron Man and Cap!

Stealth Suit Spider-Man Funko Pop

Breaking from the MCU Spider-Man Funko Pops completely now, we dive into some hardcore Comic entries.

This Spider-Man Pop (#195) is based on the stealth suit Parker wears from the Big Time era – it’s basically the same as the Big Time suit, but with neon green on black (or stealth mode if you’ve read the comics).

It glows in the dark too.

Scarlet Spider Funko Pop

Another classic Spider-man in the list is the Scarlet Spider Funko Pop (#187).

This Pop got its inspiration from the Web of Spider-Man #118 comic released in November 1994. When Professor Miles Warren, also known as the Jackal, created a clone of Peter Parker aka Spider-man the Scarlet Spider was born.

This Spider-Man Funko Pop wears the classic Scarlet-Spider suit, with a blue sweater and black Spider logo. Various silver straps are found on the wrists and ankles. One for the true Spider-Comic fan.

Hobgoblin Funko Pop

Hobgoblin was first introduced in the Spectacular Spider-man #43, which was released in June 1980. The character Roderick Kingsley uncovered Green Goblin’s suits and weaponry and decided to dominate New York’s criminal underworld as Hobgoblin.

With a different color scheme and a cape, this Pop (#165) is pretty much exactly the same as the Green Goblin Pop below. This is a Marvel Collectors Corp version, so the price is pretty high for these ($100).

Action Posed Spider-Man Funko Pop

Another Collector Corp Pop and probably the best posed Spider-Man Pop (#160) that Funko ever produced. It was a close second to my favourite.

The only problem is that it’s a total pain the ass to find – it’s not even valued that highly on PPG, but it goes for over $50 and more when available. For me, it’s not worth the cost.

Spider-Gwen Unhooded Funko Pop

The first of three classic Spider-Gwen’s in the list, this Pop (#153) is a Hot Topic Exclusive.

Very similar to the Spider-Man animated movie above, the outfit for Gwen is the typical sleek and stylish black and white with hints of pink, with her blue ballet slippers. The blonde hair is well sculpted, complete with black hairband.

Personally, I think the one below is better (the standard version) and then the fully masked variant is superior.

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Spider-Gwen Unmasked Funko Pop

Same as the above, though this Gwen Pop (#152) has her hood up.

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Doctor Octopus Funko Pop

Another Marvel classic movie villain, this Doctor Octopus Pop (#150) is an essential to any Spider-Man Pop collection.

Based on the comic book version (check out that basin hairdo…), Doc Oc looks great. The main features of this Pop are of course the robotic arms that stem from his back, which have a nice ribbed effect and glossy silver paint job.

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Spider-Gwen Funko Pop

In my opinion, the best Spider-Gwen Pop (#146) there has ever been.

The body is the same as the two above, however this is the only masked version of Spider-Gwen and it looks great. The head is mostly white, with the pink inseam of the webbed hood – and the faded pink edges around the eyes looks gorgeous. Get this one if you can!

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Glow In The Dark Green Goblin Pop Vinyl Exclusive to SDCC

Spider-Man’s arch nemesis, this Green Goblin Pop (#110) is glow in the dark and glittered. It’s an SDCC exclusive and is extremely rare, but the value for this one is only $30 or so.

Green Goblin Funko Pop

There are three versions of the Green Goblin Pop (#109). The body and head are identical to the one above, with the only difference being that there is no hoverboard and he is holding one of his goblin grenades.

Main differences between the three are that the second glows in the dark and the third version is a gorgeous metallic chase. The GITD version is priced at $260…

Iron Spider Funko Pop

The original Iron Spider Funko Pop (#107), this has more gadgets than the latest Infinity War version above – check out the repulser weapon on his hand!

Exclusive to Walgreens, this Pop is another tough one to get hold of – eBay is your best bet.

Secret Wars Miles Morales Spider-Man Funko Pop

This was the first Miles Morales Pop (#098) created by Funko, with the suit design very similar to the recent animated movie Pop looked at above.

Spider-Man 2099 Funko Pop

The Spider-Man 2099 Pop (#081) though basic in design has a neat inverted colour scheme. This one is exclusive to Walgreens, though it is a tough one to find.

Black Suit Spider-Man Funko Pop

The Black Suit Spider-Man Pop (#079) was based on the time when Peter got transported to another planet and his suit was damaged. Little did he know that this suit had a mind of its own and was actually a symbiote similar to Venom.

There are two versions of this, the standard and the GITD version.

Electro Funko Pop – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re getting into old Pop territory now, where designs are starting to look dated and sculpting techniques a tad primitive.

The Electro Pop (#046) has two versions, one of which glows in the dark.

Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to Japan – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first full metallic painted Spider-Man on this list, this is a nice little piece (#45) that was a Japan exclusive.

Spider-Man Funko Pop – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The standard Spider-Man Pop (#045), this (and most of the list from here onwards) is one for the collectors.

Peter Parker Funko Pop

The first unmasked Spider-Man and Peter Parker Pop (#034) in existence, this has a neat shiny paint job on the red parts of the suit.

Metallic Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to SDCC

An SDCC exclusive Pop for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie. Despite the exclusivity, this Pop (#015) is not the most expensive on the list (that is a few Pops below!).

This is valued at a wallet breaking $700 and only 480 were made for the event.

Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to Japan

Another exclusive, this GITD version is valued at around $300 due to there only being 1000 of these released.

Spider-Man Funko Pop – The Amazing Spider-Man

If you’ve scrolled down this far, you must be a collector – or just curious!

This is possibly the ugliest Spider-Man Pop (#015) in existence, so unless you are determined to collect all Spider Pops, I would give this one a hard pass.

Metallic Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to SDCC

The most expensive Spider-Man Funko Pop in the list (#03), this is a San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusive, with only 480 pieces and is priced at $870 (as per

Spider-Man just made it into our Most Expensive Funko Pop Top 50 list, so if you want to know what the others are, check it out!

Red/Black Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to Hot Topic

Another rare Spider-Man Pop (#03), this is the suit in black and red.

Black & White Spider-Man Funko Pop Exclusive to Fugitive Toys

This Marvel Spider-man Funko Pop (#03) is a Fugitive Toys exclusive which was released in 2011.

This is the black and white variant of the standard Spider-man Pop. This Pop is valued at $125.

Spider-Man Funko Pop

The very first Spider-Man Pop (#03) made, this is a classic and a must have for collectors. It’s still reasonably priced too.

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