Thanos Funko Pop Marvel Complete Guide – But At What Cost?

I don’t need to tell you how Thanos is by far the best villain in the MCU and despite his intentions, he’s one of the most interesting characters. As he has a fair few Thanos Funko Pops now, he gets his own page.

Just to let you know, the Thanos Funko Pop figures below are not in price order – instead what I’ve listed what I thought are the best first.

Also, as a tribute to the titan, I made a video showing his perspective of events in Avengers Infinity War, to the song My Way by Frank Sinatra. Check it out below – it really fits!

Check out our Funko Blog below for the best Thanos Funko Pop Vinyls for the mad titan!

Thanos Funko Pop – Avengers Endgame – Our Top Pick!

Thanos Avengers End Game Funko

Fancy a 10″ Thanos Endgame Funko Pop (#460) which looks freaking amazing? Well here you go!

For Marvel Funko Pop collectors, this bad boy is a must have.

Towering above any Marvel collection, this is the centrepiece for your Avengers Pops. The bronzed armor is to die for, with a beautiful sculpt from head to toe. The helmet curves are perfect, with nice use of the the black and bronze shades to break up the individual lines going over his head. The body has much more detail, with various grooves and indentations making the plating and straps look intricate.

Thanos’s twin-blade weapon at this size really makes you appreciate how formidable it looks. Coupled with him also wielding the Infinity Gauntlet with an unimpressed look on his face, a Marvel Funko Pop has never looked so daunting.

One of the best Marvel Pops around – it’s superb.

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Thanos Funko Pop – Avengers Endgame

Thanos Avengers End Game Funko Pop

Essentially the same sculpt as the giant Thanos Funko Pop above, this Endgame Pop (#453) is regular sized and still retains all of the bronzed armor detail and the unimpressed look of a mad Titan.

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Thanos Funko Pop Avengers Infinity War

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

One of the most readily available Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl (#289).

An excellent Pop with great presence, this grinning Thanos is essential addition to any Marvel Funko Pop collection. The likeness is spot on, with his ‘nut sack of a chin’ and strong brow all present. His suit is detailed like the movie, with the grooves on the armour and gold highlights.

Special attention has been given of course to his golden Infinity Gauntlet, which is complete with all 6 infinity stones which are coloured individually.

This very popular Thanos Pop is only $10 and is the one of the best detailed options available.

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Thanos On Throne Deluxe Marvel Funko Pop 

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Next up on the Funko Blog list is this big boy. This Thanos Funko Pop (#331) is one of the extra large Pops you can buy, measuring at 8″ in total. It makes a great centrepiece for any Marvel Pop Vinyl collection.

A bigger pop means more detail and this Thanos does not disappoint. Taken from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, this version of the Titan is wearing a full suit of armour from head to toe. His helmet looks gorgeous with the contrast between the gold lining against the flat blue, as does his armour which has intricate sculpting all over.

His throne has received the same amount of attention. The stonework effect looks brilliant, with uneven edges and cracks all over. The little blue jet propulsion flames are clear blue plastic and catch the light well. The Pop comes with a nice wide perspex stand and is very stable, so no danger of this beast toppling over.

This is a Hot Topic exclusive, however it’s still readily available.

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Captain America Vs Thanos Funko Pop Movie Moments

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

This is the first of two amazing Marvel Funko Pop Movie Moments (#698) on this Funko Blog, both of which happen towards the end of the Avengers Infinity War movie. This is by far my favourite because it reminds me of the trailer I watched over and over again before the film came out.

Depicting the struggle between Steve Rogers and Thanos in Wakanda, this Pop captures some great details from the movie.

The Thanos Funko Pop is the same design as the first in this list, however his Infinity Gauntlet is still missing the Mind Stone, which is a nice touch as it follows the continuity of the film. Captain America is holding the Titan’s two fingers with both hands, which is really cool! His figure is also based on his solo Infinity War Pop , so plenty of detail there. Check out the full Captain America Funko Pop list for more Steve Rogers.

The base of the scene is detailed with stone and dirt from the Wakanda battle zone.

This is a really cool Pop Scene, though it is not as readily available as the one below.

Thor Vs Thanos Funko Pop Movie Moments

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

The second Marvel Funko Pop Movie Moments (#707) in the list, this is a corker.

Depicting the moment after Thor hurls his Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest, this Pop is a fantastic set piece with two beautiful Pop designs.

The Thanos Funko Pop is the same detailed design as the standalone version of him (the first in this list), however the noticeable differences are that he isn’t smiling, he’s knelt down and he has a giant axe embedded in his chest. The Stormbreaker axe has nice work done all over, with grooves in the blade, grips on the handle and lightening still licking the weapon.

The Thor Funko Pop looks great too, with lightening crackling around him and his awesome suit, flowing red cape and fashionable beard. Check out the full Thor Funko Pop list here

The base of the scene is the same as the Steve Rogers V Thanos Funko Pop.

This is a great Pop Movie Moments set and is easy to get hold of than the one above on this Funko Blog list.

Check Here for the best Price on Amazon

Chrome Thanos Funko Pop Exclusives

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

I’ve put these Thanos Chrome Funko Pops (#289) together as they are all the same design, just different colours. They all were released as a Walmart Pop Exclusives and are around $30 each, though some pricing can vary.

There is another Chrome version (#415), a more ‘Thanos purple’ that is pretty rare. It goes for over $150, but honestly it is pretty much the same apart from the slight colour variation. One for the collectors, considering the price.

Check Here for the best Price on Amazon

Super-Sized Thanos Funko Pop Exclusive

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

This thing (#308) is enormous as Thanos Funko Pops go and is one of the biggest we’ve seen on our Funko Blog. 10″ of pure Titan. Giggity.

The design is the same as the #289, the only difference is its over 3 times the size and the paint job has had more care and attention. There is more subtle blending that enhance the features for this Pop. The detailing is the same, with edges perhaps more sharper and well cut compared to the smaller (normal) version.

A Thanos Funko Pop of this size is more of a standalone piece as obviously it doesn’t fit well with other Pops – especially if you have designed your shelves a certain size. One perhaps for the Thanos Pop fan/collector. It’s around $50 too, so not cheap – you could get 4 or 5 regular Pops for that!

Metallic Thanos Funko Pop Exclusive (Target)

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

If you can get your hands on this Metallic Thanos Funko Pop (#289), then you’re lucky. They are limited to the USA store Target, so getting one of these will be an import only job or eBay, where pricing varies from $40 to $60.

As the title suggest, this one has a metallic purple finish for Thanos’ skin, though the design is the same as the first on this Funko Blog list.

Thanos With Sanctuary 2 Funko Pop Exclusive Marvel Collector Corps

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

The Sanctuary 2 is Thano’s enormous warship which was shown at the end of Thor Ragnarok and at the beginning of Avengers Infinity War (if you’re wondering where the original Sanctuary is, it’s his cosmic hideout where his throne sits in the asteroid belt in Chitauri space).

In this Marvel Pop Vinyl Exclusive Collector Corps figure (#303), Thanos is riding a significantly cut down version.

The ship is awesome. The front of the ship looks like the grill of a vintage muscle car painted gold. The moulding of the wings, decals and exhaust ports are great, with a ‘seat’ (it’s a hole) for the Thanos Funko Pop to stand in.

The Thanos Pop is an original to the ship with his fist clenched and holding an unimpressed look on his face. The detailing and paint job is on par with the latest Infinity War releases.

It’s a tough piece to get hold of – on eBay I’ve seen it go for about $35.

Glow in the Dark Thanos Funko Pop Exclusive (Entertainment Earth)

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

This is another big version of Thanos (6″) and was the first Thanos Pop of the Titan to be released. It’s based on the version from Guardians of the Galaxy, so his skin tone is slightly different (they changed it for Infinity War).

Thanos is wearing his full armour, similar to the throne version, though perhaps not as detailed – it’s an older model after all. Definitely more gold on his suit than the others though.

The main feature of this Thanos Funko Pop of course is that it’s a Glow in the Dark figure.

You can grab this for only $20ish on Amazon, which is pretty amazing for a big Marvel Pop Vinyl.

Thanos Funko Pop Exclusive (Walmart)

To finish this Funko Blog list, this is another Walmart exclusive Thanos Funko Pop featuring him in an attack pose, with his Infinity Gauntlet radiating energy.

I’m not so sure about this one to be honest. It’s not as exciting as the others, and the glow that is emanating from his fist is yellow, which is the Mind Stone – which he doesn’t use by itself in the movie. Plus his facial expression is just typical Thanos.

Personally, I think it’s the most boring (and inaccurate), but if it’s your cup of tea, you can grab this Thanos Funko Pop (#296) for $35.

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