The Cheapest Way to Get a Full Marvel Funko Pop Avenger Collection

So you want to have a complete set of Marvel Funko Pop hero characters from Avengers Infinity War and Endgame for the best price? Then this is the guide for you.

What I wanted to do was get one Marvel Pop for each hero, just so I can have a Marvel shelf of all the amazing characters that have been in the films.

I went hunting around online for the best options for the most reasonable cost. All in all, I managed to find all 35 heroes who appeared in Infinity War and Endgame. 

How much did I spend? $550.

Before you gasp, this works out at only $15 a Pop on average.

A few are a little more expensive than others (Gamora, Vision etc), but overall I completed my collection of heroes spending the standard $11.99 for each Pop using Entertainment Earth’s website which you can check out here. The more expensive ones I found on eBay.

Below are the best selection of individual Marvel Pop Heroes for the best prices – this guide will help you complete your collection for those of you who are missing a character or too, or an idea for a great gift for a Marvel fan. Enjoy!

Iron Man Funko Pop $11.99

Iron Man Funko Pop

Starting off the list is of course Iron Man.

This Marvel Pop like most on this list is easy to get hold of and looks awesome with plenty of detail on the body, true to the movie.

The dynamic flight pose is original, having a perspex stand elevating it off the ground, with his fist clenched, repulser cannon aimed and some neat flight stabilisers on his back.

There are some other options you can check out in our Iron Man Pop guide here, though personally this is the best one.

Hulk Funko Pop $11.99

Hulk Funko Pop

I know what you’re thinking – some of the other Hulk Pops are ‘better’, like the one with Hulk and the Nano Gauntlet or the one with him in gladiator gear.

I chose this one because it’s a) easy to get hold of but more importantly b) because it has the classic Hulk look – disheveled hair, furrowed brow and rage stance – with his typical purple pants.

Despite being from the Avengers Age of Ultron line, it still holds up as one of the best Hulk Pops around.

If you want to see the rest of the Hulk Pops, check out our article on all the green rage monster releases from Funko here.

Thor Funko Pop $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

The first Endgame Pop in the list and it’s no surprise which one.

Thor dual wielding both of his weapons is awesome and I’ve heard that this Pop is up for the 2019 awards for best figure that Funko have produced.

The level of detail on the beard and hair is staggering.

For more Thor Funko Pops, check out our full list which features all the major characters in all three Thor movies.

Captain America Funko Pop $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

Another Pop from the Endgame line, this Captain America is perhaps the best one released of the First Avenger ever.

The sculpt is incredibly detailed, with a nice combat pose ready for a fight. After all, he can do this all day.

There are other Caps available, just check out our full list here for Captain America Funko Pops.

Spider-Man Funko Pop $11.99

Spiderman Pop

The Iron Spider is the easiest to get out of the others and still priced regularly. With great line work, gorgeous coloring (especially the gold) and the classic Spidey hand gesture, this is a must.

However, there are more dynamic options which aren’t typically the MCU versions – one is from the animated Spider-Man into the Spiderverse which is wicked. You can check it out here in our full list of everything Spider-Man Pop related.

Captain Marvel Funko Pop

Captain Marvel

The ultra powerful Avenger (technically the first… not Cap) has had many Pops recently due to her movie being squeezed between Infinity War and Endgame (sneaky Marvel/Disney!).

This being the newest Captain Marvel Pop is the easiest to get hold of, with her pose being ready to power a beam of energy enough to make Goku take notice.

Nice detailing all around. There are other options for a low cost Captain Marvel which you can find here.

Doctor Strange Funko Pop $11.99

Doctor Strange Funko Pop

You will be hard-pressed to get the other Doctor Strange Pops for the retail price except for this one.

Whilst is doesn’t have his mystic weapons, this Marvel Pop doesn’t scrimp on detail – it’s amazing how much effort has been put into this.

The flowing cape has excellent embroidery on the inside, and the detail on the clothing, belt buckles and hair is immense.

If you’re wanting to pay a little more, check out the rest of the Doctor Strange Pops in our list.

War Machine Funko Pop $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

The other War Machine Pops released are difficult to get hold of and expensive, however that’s not a problem as this one is easily the best version of Rhodes in his War Machine suit.

This is also the most detailed Iron suit in this list and in the Iron Man line as a whole! All over the armor panels, ridge lines and mounted weapon look fantastic, with some nice military decals on the legs and shoulder.

One of the best Marvel Pops ever. If you want to read more about the rest of the War Machine Pops, check out our Iron Man Guide here.

Black Widow Funko Pop $11.99

Black Widow Funko Pop

Despite the blonde hair colour change, this is one of the most detailed of the Black Widow Pops around.

The detailed sculpt work on the body is insanely good, with her tactical suit rife with texture from the various panels in her green jacket, zippers and buckles.

The arms and legs have many intricate armour pieces and straps, all individually moulded and her baton has ridges from top to bottom, with a white painted indentation of where the material is looped around.

There are other options, but you’ll be paying $30 or more for them while this is priced at $12.

Bucky Funko Pop $11.99

Bucky Funko Pop

Besides the masked Bucky Pop, or Winter Soldier as he was known, this is the best version of him in Pop form.

The Pop has great detail in the body, with some neat looking armour details on the chest, but what makes this Infinity War Funko Pop truly stand out is his robotic arm.

Upgraded by Wakandan engineering, the arm boasts some excellent highlight detailing on the ridges of the armour, with Black Panther-esque gold edging on each plating.

Hawkeye Funko Pop $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

Easily the best Hawkeye Pop ever produced and it is readily available.

Detailing on this Pop is immaculate.

The gold highlights over the hood, mask and body are well sculpted (they are all raised, not just painted on), with some nice intricate detailing on the suit overall. his hair looks dope too.

Ant-Man Funko Pop $11.99

Ant-Man Funko Pop

I really wanted to put in the Giant Man, but you would be looking at $40 or so. You can still get it of course, but obviously it will be more than the standard version.

The paint job on this Ant Man Pop is spot on. His helmet has this glossy finish with the two red stripes on each side and translucent lens. You can notice, there are blue tones in his suit, this is the light indicator that was integrated into his new suit; the indicator lights change depending on the Pym Particles; red for shrinking and blue for expansion. The overall design and form factor of this Ant-Man and the Wasp Funko Pop is incredibly refined.

Star-Lord Funko Pop $11.99

Star Lord Funko Pop

Star-Lord is next and this is a great Pop of the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The shiny red leather jacket has little details such as the zipper, pockets and badges on the lapel. The blue t-shirt has a neat decal, with different colour pendants hanging in front of it. For the legs, the darker red leather trousers and boots have exquisite line work for the creases in the clothing and the gun has even rivets and gold highlights toward the barrel.

Now whether you get the Chase version of this or the standard, both look great – however, we’d have to go for the Chase. The mask here is better than any of the others on the list, with the detailing particularly on the mouth-piece being perhaps the most detailed on any Pop. The two-tone silver paint job really brings out the metal ridges and individual pieces.

To see all of the Guardians of the Galaxy Pops check out our article here.

Groot Funko Pop $11.99

Groot Funko Pop

This teenager Groot Pop is another adorable Funko Pop in our list. The inspiration on this Pop is where Groot tries to help Thor with the handle for the Stormbreaker.

The Stormbreaker has this glowing, smouldering effect and looks really epic. The wood details all over are good, but I wish they added a little more of a dark brown detail so that it would have given more depth to the wood effect.

Rocket Funko Pop $11.99

Rocket Funko Pop

Easily the best Rocket Funko Pop, and it’s all down to the blast-off base!

The pop is essentially the same as the standard GOTG 2 Rockets, with a variation in the feet which are hanging down due to the jet pack launching the trash-panda into the air.

For the base Funko have used transparent plastic with some awesome orange tones to create a flame/smoke effect, which is probably the best base I’ve seen yet in a Funko Pop.

Check out the other Rocket Pops here.

Nebula Funko Pop $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

This is the cheapest Nebula, but I don’t think it’s the best, however it is one of the more finely sculpted versions of her. And she is a goodie in these films after all!

The colour on her head has a slight difference from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Nebula Pop because of the orange part (the old switcheroo in Endgame!). The robotic piece at the side of her head has some nice mechanical detail to it.

Valkyrie Funko Pop $11.99

Valkyrie Funko Pop

This Valkyrie Funko Pop is the only one that is easily available but it looks stunning.

Dressed in her black leather suit, the detail really shines on the various buckles and buttons on her gloves, waste and feet. Her pose is typical Valkyrie – causal yet ready for a fight, clutching her two daggers leaning on one leg.

Her hair and makeup complete the look.

Mantis Funko Pop $11.99

Mantis Pop

There is literally only one Mantis Pop! However it’s not surprising since she doesn’t change her outfit in the movies she has been in.

Despite this, she looks great. Her cute little antenna and black hair sculpt make her instantly recognisable. Her outfit is fairly straightforward and not as elaborate as the others in this list, however the emerald green tunic is gorgeous.

Rescue Funko Pop (Pepper) $11.99

Endgame Funko Pop

Not much choice here as this is the only ‘Pepper’ Funko Pop produced, however it is one of the best Marvel Pops to date.

Similar to the Iron Man Pop, this figure has tons of beautiful detail all over and the blue and gold makes this hero stand out from the rest in this list.

Particular attention to detail is the ridges in the torso armor and the flight stabilisers on the back.

The Wasp Funko Pop $11.99

Wasp Funko Pop

Whilst only making a brief appearance in the EndGame movie, the Wasp needs to be in this list.

Funko managed to get all the details right like the design on her outfit, it’s perfect, it looks great and Funko captured it in Pop form. But also, I like the surface texture of this Pop, with the rib patterns on her suit.

The action pose of this Pop is pretty cool with the clenched wrist. The paint job is also great, the separation of red, blue and gold in her chest armour. The wings look good too, good looking body and head. I love the details and texture of her helmet, the transparent yellow protective is also good, you can still see her eyes. Overall, this Wasp Funko Pop is almost perfect.

Wong Funko Pop $11.99

Wong Funko POp

Wong finally has a Marvel Pop at long last!

Appearing in the Avenger Infinity War movie, it was weird that he didn’t have a Pop, but now you can complete the Doctor Strange duo.

His Pop is fairly simple, with his draping clothing, energy shield fists (thingys – I don’t know what the right name is for them, I’m sure someone does), Wong is ready for battle.

Shuri Funko Pop $11.99

Shuri Pop

Apparently Shuri is the smartest person in the MCU according to Disney – just a quick fact for you.

Appearing at the end of Endgame, she like the other Black Panther characters don’t have an Infinity War or Endgame Pop.

You can check out all of the other Black Panther Pops here.

Loki Funko Pop $11.99

Though only having a bit part in the Infinity War and Endgame, I felt it was necessary to include Loki in this list. Plus, he is a good guy. Sort of.

There aren’t any Pops for him in the last 2 Avenger movies, so I chose this one.

Loki’s gorgeous outfit is from when he is stranded on Sakaar in Thor 3, which you could probably tell from its decadence – similar to Grandmaster’s.

The colours compliment one another perfectly, with the royal blue and purple suit outlined by his shiny golden cape contrasting well to silhouette the figure. The attention to detail on the lines in the torso and belt look great with the golden belt separating the top and bottom.

Heimdall Funko Pop $11.99

Heimdall Funko Pop

Heimdall barely features in the Avengers movies at all (for obvious reasons) but I feel he is essential to a Marvel Hero Pop collection. Plus he is one of the best Marvel Pops ever created.

The texture work on the entire Pop is unmatched. His cloak has a woven effect that is continued on all sides, with a silver metal pin near his shoulder. It’s an insane amount of detail for a Pop and this effort is continued in the texture of his hair, the leathery boots and the various assortment of cloth on his chest and legs.

The sword looks gorgeous in its own right, with a silver and gold sheen on the blade and hilt respectively.

M’Baku Funko Pop $11.99

mbaku pop

Only appearing toward the end of Endgame, M’Baku is definitely a hero in my book.

This Funko Pop looks like a complete badass with his chest tattoos and obviously, Funko got every detail of that tattoo. They also didn’t miss the texture and colour of his grass skirt and the furry cape, arm, and leg wrap.

Korg Funko Pop $11.99

Korg Funko Pop

Korg was one of the best comedy characters in Thor Ragnarok, so it’s no surprise he has his own Pop (actually he has two!).

This Korg Pop (#391) is based on the scene at the end of the movie, where Korg holds his supposedly dead friend Miek. The Pop is teeming with detail and thanks to an impressive sculpt, the rocky texture of the Kronan is fully realised here. His outfit is wonderfully detailed, with his brass buckles and studs all individually raised on his leather outfit.

Hulkbuster Funko Pop $19.99

Iron Man Funko Pop Marvel

I know it’s technically not a character, but this thing is awesome and stands at 6″ above the other Marvel Pops. It looks great as a background piece for your Marvel heroes.

Hulkbuster looks monstrous. The pose of the figure looks like it’s a hench robotic, ‘roided up bodybuilder, leaning forward ready to take on anything. The moulding on the Pop is brilliant – with the contouring all over the body looking sublime, with prominent edges blending nicely into the smooth body panelled armour.

The paint work on this Pop is great too – the red is glossy, the gold is shiny and the metal is, metally? Anyway, it looks awesome, with the colours contrasting nicely.

Here’s a link to the full list of all Iron Man Pops released in an article I wrote if you’re interested in seeing what else is out there.

Black Panther Funko Pop $20 approx

Black Panther Pop

Yes – I know it’s a Chase. However, it isn’t that hard to get hold of.

Surprisingly, there is no Black Panther Pop fully masked for less than $20. For some annoying reason, Funko decided to have the standard Black Panther with his mask off, meaning for the masked version you would need to go Chase hunting.

This Pop is worth the extra money. The level of detail on the helmet and suit is nuts. Amazon and eBay both have it.

Check out the other Balck Panther Pops in our list here.

Scarlet Witch Funko Pop $20 approx

Scarlet Witch

Perhaps not the most exciting Pop in this list, however Scarlet Witch is essential to complete the Avengers Heroes collection.

You will however be spending more on this one as it is a pain to get hold of – so your best bet is eBay for this one.

Drax Funko Pop $20 approx

Drax Funko Pop

Drax is another Pop which is not the easiest to get hold of, however the price isn’t too bad considering.

His tribal scars are well detailed, covering his face and chest, with intricate detailing from the waist down with belt buckles, knee pads and boots.

Vision Funko Pop $30 approx

Vision Funko Pop

This is easily the best version of Vision ever made, however this is one of the Pops you’ll be spending around $30 on as it is rare. The others released go for around the same price too.

It’s beautiful, with a metallic paint job all over, bringing out the blue and purple colours with the nicely detailed gold highlights. The body suit has a fabulous mesh texture all over, with the cape boasting some nice ‘high tech’ line work whilst supporting the Infinity War Pop in its floating stance.

Okoye Funko Pop $30 approx

Okoye Funko Pop

One of the coolest characters, Okoye goes for around $30 due to her popular demand.

Sporting a vibranium spear and an awesome warrior outfit, this is one of the best looking Pops in the list.

Falcon Funko Pop $40 approx

Falcon Funko Pop

The only Falcon Funko Pop made, which is fair enough since his costume hasn’t changed much at all. However, this is one of the expensive ones if you want to complete your collection.

Falcon has plenty of great detail, his flight goggles have some great sculpt work, with a great silver and gold paint job and the red tints in the visor looks fab. His suit has nice line work all over, with the grey suit being broken up by the red banding.

The wings and the flight pose are the main attraction here, with the Pop looking like he is coming into land or launching off.

Gamora Funko Pop $70 approx

Gamora Funko Pop

Ugh. This is where collecting all the figures can get problematic.

Gamora is a rare Pop. I have no idea why, but that’s life. This retails around $70… if you can get it. eBay is your best bet. You could swap it out for a Gaming version of Gamora, though it just isnt the same.

The paint job on this Pop is excellent, with the bright green skin complementing the radiant purple/pink highlights in the hair. The sculpt is intricately detailed, particularly the leather trousers, body armour and gun – which has a really nice faded bronze hue.

Good luck.

This list totals approx $550 for all 35 of these Pops, which works out at roughly $15 a Pop, which is actually pretty great when you think about it! Plus this would look amazing on a shelf!

For the majority of Pops you can get them at the standard $11.99 and I would recommend Entertainment Earth as the best place to get them. They box them really well to avoid damage too, which is a bonus.

For Entertainment Earth, click here to go their Marvel Funko Pop list.

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