The Mighty Thor Funko Pop Guide – Featuring Loki Funko Pops and More!

Thor has featured in 7 Marvel movies – three of which are his own, the other 4 are the Avenger films. That means there are a lot of Thor Funko Pops.

Rather than cover only the Thor Pops, I’ve created this mighty list to include all the characters from his own trilogy – this includes not only Odin, Heimdall and Loki, but also the many characters from Thor Ragnarok such as Hulk, Valkryie and Hela to name just a few!

To give you an idea of the number of every Thor Funko Pop and character Pops that have featured in his movies, this list has a total of 50 Pops!

Thor Funko Pop Avengers End Game

Thor Avengers End Game Funko Pop

Despite his ‘transformation’ over the 5 years since killing Thanos too little too late, Thor is still worthy enough to wield both Mjolner and Stormbreaker simultaneously at the final battle in End Game, shown here in this Thor Funko Pop (#482).

Great care an attention has been given to Thor’s longer hair and beard, with various platting across the top and down the centre of his facial fluff. The suit itself has various line work with individual seams, knee pads and his traditional chainmail armor with chest plating. His red cape blows slightly to the right, with him dual wielding two of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, both having sufficient detail, particularly Stormbreaker.

It’s an interesting Pop and a great moment in the movie, however this isn’t the best Thor Pop available – I think that goes to the Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War Pops – then again, this is a changed Thor, so that does make this Pop special.

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Thor Funko Pop Avengers End Game

Thor Avengers End Game Funko Pop

Poor Thor. Succumbing to PTSD and various side-affects that come with depression, Thor blamed himself for the Thanos snap and became a recluse for the following 5 years.

This Thor Pop (#479) is based on his ‘Big Lebowski’ outfit when he returns to the Avengers base to travel back in time. The unkept hair and beard, hangover sunglasses and baggy clothing are nicelly molded, with some tye-dye highlights of white on the red and blue garments.

It doesn’t scream God of Thunder, but then this was a Pop of Thor in his worst state. They could have given him a beer in his hand to make the Endgame Pop a tad more interesting though.

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Thor Funko Pop Avengers End Game

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

From the first wave of Avengers: End Game Funko Pops is this rendition of Thor in his Quantum Realm suit (#452).

Compared to the others in this long list, it is probably one of the weakest Thor Pops, despite the nice detailing on his suit and Stormbreaker. It’s just a tad boring for a Norse God.

However those who are wanting to complete the set, this Pop is readily available.

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Thor Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

If it’s classic Thor you’re after then look no further – this Thor Pop (#438) captures the Norse God in his traditional and vivid comic book appearance perfectly.

Whilst the Thor Funko Pop is perhaps not as intricately detailed as the latest MCU counterparts, the sculpt is flawless in design and colour. The metallic winged helmet is beautiful, his blonde locks are windswept and his outfit rivals the primary colours of Superman.

This Pop is an exclusive, so don’t expect to be paying your regular Pop price tag – it’s around $30 where you can find it.

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Thanos Vs Thor Funko Pop Movie Moments

Thanos Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Depicting the moment after Thor hurls his Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest in Avengers Infinity War, this Pop is a fantastic set piece with two beautiful Pop designs.

The Thor Pop looks great, with lightening crackling around him and his awesome suit, flowing red cape and fashionable beard.

The Thanos Funko Pop is the same detailed design as the standalone version of him (the first in this list), however the noticeable differences are that he isn’t smiling, he’s knelt down and he has a giant axe embedded in his chest. The Stormbreaker axe has nice work done all over, with grooves in the blade, grips on the handle and lightening still licking the weapon.

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Korg with Miek Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“Oh, Miek’s dead. I accidentally stomped on him on the bridge and I’ve felt so guilty, I’ve been carrying him around all day. Oh, Miek, you’re alive! He’s alive, guys. What was the question again, bruv?”

Korg was one of the best comedy characters in Thor Ragnarok, so it’s no surprise he has his own Pop (actually he has two!).

This Korg Pop (#391) is based on the scene at the end of the movie, where Korg holds his supposedly dead friend Miek. The Pop is teeming with detail and thanks to an impressive sculpt, the rocky texture of the Kronan is fully realised here. His outfit is wonderfully detailed, with his brass buckles and studs all individually raised on his leather outfit.

Little Miek is as detailed as he can be, with his many eyes and pincers all there.

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Gold Chrome Thor Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

As with many of the Marvel Funko Pop main characters, Thor gets the gold chrome treatment in this Pop (#381) which was taken from the Thor Dark World version of him below.

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Gold Chrome Loki Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

If Thor gets the Gold, Loki does too. Obviously.

Loki’s gold chrome Pop (#376) is based on his Pop from Ragnarok.

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Venomised Loki Funko Pop

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

A Loki and Venom Funko Pop all in one? What could possibly go wrong?

This Venomised Loki Pop Vinyl (#368) is gorgeous. From the head to feet there is incredible detail on this Symbiote Asgardian and worth every penny of its price, which is only $20. An absolute bargain for such a fantastic Pop.

Loki’s glorious golden headpiece is sculpted in marvellous fashion, with his hair is swept back behind the gruesome Venom face. His green leather jacket is tinted black at the bottom, with his chest armour emblazoned with the Symbiote symbol.

To add the cherry on the cake, his gold staff has also mutated at the hilt, now with it’s own set of dentures and wicked tongue (if Loki didn’t need another one of those!).

A beautiful design with great colour contrasts, black and gold has never looked so good.

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Hulk Smashing Loki Funko Pop Vinyl Movie Moments

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

“Puny god.”

The moment when Hulk grabs Loki by the legs and smashes him into the ground over and over again is one of the funniest moments in Avengers Assemble. So it’s only natural that Funko would make a great Pop to celebrate it.

This Hulk Smashing Loki Pop (#362) is my favourite Marvel Movie Moments out of all of our Funko Blog posts. Loki is in mid-impact on the ground, imbedded in the crumbled floor with cape swooshing down, with a surprised look on his face. Hulk is in typical smash mode, clutching the Asgardian’s leg. It’s dynamic, it’s funny and it captures the moment perfectly in typical Funko fashion.

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Valkyrie Funko Pop

The best female character in the Thor series by far, Valkyrie is the alcoholic Asgardian with attitude.

Dressed in her Valkyrie armour which is seen in the final battle in Thor Ragnarok, her Pop (#336) is a joint SDCC/Hot Topic exclusive and is difficult to get hold of, but valued at a kind $39.

Her grey armour is complemented by golden plating all over, with blue highlights along the torso with a virbant blue cape. She wields two daggers and is posed ready for a fight. Or a drink.

If you can’t get hold of this version, there is another Valkyrie Pop further down the list.

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Thor Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

This Thor Funko Pop (#335) is from when the God of Thunder realises his powers come from within, and not his beloved Mjolnir hammer.

His outfit is great, with particular attention to detail given on his armour – but that is obviously not the main attraction of this Thor Pop! Wrapped around his fists and arms are electric blue jagged bolts of lightening, which also glow in the dark, as does his eyes.

This is SDCC/Amazon exclusive, with a price tag of around $26.

Thor Funko Pop (Avengers Infinity War)

The only Avengers Infinity War Thor Pop (#286) in the list, this figure has two variants – one standard and one glow in the dark.

This is the first Thor Pop available with Stormbreaker, Thors new weapon. Detailing is noticeable on the weapon and the chest plate, particularly on the Glow in the dark version, which highlights the chest panels and axe head in an electric blue. Similar to the Pop above, Thor’s eyes glow too.

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Korg Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“Hey man, I’m Korg, this is my friend Miek. We’re about to jump on that spaceship and get out of here. Wanna come?”

This Korg Pop (#269) is essentially the same as the first in the list, except he’s brandishing a gladiator weapon.

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Valkyrie Funko Pop Exclusive to Walgreens

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Similar to the classic Thor Pop above, this is the Classic Valkyrie Funko Pop (#268) which is exclusive to Walgreens.

First off, it’s a beautiful Pop and well sculpted throughout. The typical blonde norse braided hair contrasts well agains the blue cloak, with the female body armour detailing on the breast plates and boots looking fabulous.

Wielding a well detailed spear and sword, this Pop is one of the best in the Thor Funko Pop line. It’s valued at around $15 so well worth it.

Grand Master Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“Hey Sparkles, here’s the deal: you want to get back to ass-place, ass-berg…?”

The Grandmaster was almost a side-villain in Thor Ragnarok, but honestly how could you hate such a wonderful host of barbaric entertainment and space ship orgies? Plus he was played by Jeff Goldblum.

His Pop (#254) is an exclusive to NYCC and price-wise you’re looking at paying $35 for him, if you can find it – it’s super rare.

The Pop itself is gorgeous, mainly for the decadent metallic gold outfit he wears, with has red lining and blue silk sleeves.

Casual Hulk Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Thor Ragnarok was a great movie because it included the Hulk as a secondary character (both Thor and Hulk were missing from Civil War). Seeing both of these god-like characters on screen together paved teh way for great action, comedy and some fabulous set pieces.

I go into more detail on the full Hulk Funko Pop range, but I had to include the green monster’s Pops in this thor list as he was such an integral part to the Ragnarok.

This ‘Casual’ Hulk Funko Pop (#253) is when Hulk is in his bedchamber after fighting with Thor. Detailing on this is notably his beads and loin cloth (there isn’t much else!).

For those of you who are curious, no, there is nothing underneath…

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Sutur Funko Pop Exclusive to GameStop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“It’s a crown!”

Seen right at the start start of Thor Ragnarok and at the end (spoilers, sorry), Sutur looks magnificent in Pop form (#252).

The entire Pop is made from translucent fiery orange plastic, which looks stunning when light is shined through it. Whilst the skeleton is a decal printed on the surface, the head sculpt is glorious, with excellent sculpting of the skull face and notches in the crown (or tiara :)).

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Hela Funko Pop Exclusive to Target (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“I’m the goddess of death.”

Hela is the sister of Thor and Loki and is the main villain in Thor Ragnarok – she has two pops, this version (#251) and one below. This Target exclusive variant has her without her crown.

Overall, the Pop is great however I do prefer the crowned version – it looks tons better and is easily available. That being said, the black suit with the dark emerald green highlights along the seams and chest area look fantastic.

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Bruce Banner Funko Pop Exclusive to Toys R Us (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

“Tony wears his pant super tight.”

The coolest Bruce Banner Pop (#250) ever made! Though likely because he is wearing Stark’s clothes…

This is a really great design and perfect for fans of Banner or Mark Ruffalo. The detail is fantastic – dishevelled hair, 5 o’clock shadow, sharp suit and t-shirt with some sick trainers.

His defensive pose is straight out of the movie too – Funko really do nail it sometimes.

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Hulk Funko Pop Exclusive to Walmart (Ragnarok)

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

A great Hulk Funko Pop (the variant below is our favourite), the Gladiator Hulk Pop (#249) is freakin’ amazing.

The level of detail on this is superb; the white battle paint is wonderfully printed, the body armour is ridiculously intricate from top to bottom – lines, panels, straps and shoulder plate are just fantastic and the weapon has indents along the blade too.

There is a staggering amount of detail here for a Pop figure and it shows just by looking at the first Hulk Pops how far they’ve come in terms of design.

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Loki Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

The first Loki Pop (#248) in the list where he isn’t golden, Venomised or being beaten by the Hulk, is the Marvel Collector Corps edition.

Taken from the end of Thor Ragnarok when he joins his brother in battle, this design shows Loki in all his might.

His golden horned helmet looks great, with superb detailing on the chest armour and twin daggers.

Thor Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Another Marvel Collector Corps edition, this Thor Funko Pop (#247) is based on the design from the gladiator ring, with him holding his shield and baton, ready to battle the Hulk. But don’t worry, he’s a friend from work!

Amazingly, this is the only gladiator version of Thor with his iconic helmet available, so it is a very popular and therefore difficult to find Pop. The sculpt itself has some wonderful detail on the helmet, with great line-work particularly on the top of the head and wings. Whilst the body is similar to the other Ragnarok Thor Pops on this list, notice the random patches of battle paint on his body and shield!

Thor Funko Pop Exclusive to Hot Topic (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Probably one of my favourites due to the unique design of Thor – it’s the last Thor Funko Pop (#246) where he has long hair!

This iteration of Thor is from the start of the Ragnarok movie where he pinches Sutur’s ‘tiara’ to take back to the Asgard vault. Whilst the body is the same as the other Ragnarok Thor Pops in this list (he doesn’t change his outfit much in the entire film), its the excellent head sculpt and accessory that does it for me.

His beard rocks, with great mould work on the face-warmer and golden locks. The crown of Sutur looks great too.

Heimdall Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Out of the two Heimdall’s available, this version is my favourite (#245) as it is one of the most detailed and dynamic Thor Pops in this list.

The texture work on the entire Pop is unmatched. His cloak has a woven effect that is continued on all sides, with a silver metal pin near his shoulder. It’s an insane amount of detail for a Pop and this effort is continued in the texture of his hair, the leathery boots and the various assortment of cloth on his chest and legs.

The sword looks gorgeous in its own right, with a silver and gold sheen on the blade and hilt respectively.

One of the best in this list by far.

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Valkyrie Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

As mentioned above, this is the second Valkyrie Pop (#244) and the one that is readily available.

Dressed in her black leather suit, the detail really shines on the various buckles and buttons on her gloves, waste and feet. Her pose is typical Valkyrie – causal yet ready for a fight, clutching her two daggers leaning on one leg.

Her hair and makeup complete the look.

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Hela Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

In my opinion, this is the Hela Pop (#243) you want.

The body is the same as the first Hela further up the list, but it’s the thorny crown that makes this character really stand out. The crown actually starts at the top of her head – you can see some nice ridge lines at the top that follow around to the back.

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Loki Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Another vibrant and colourful Thor Ragnarok Pop, this Loki Funko (#242) is totally unique in design.

Loki’s gorgeous outfit is from when he is stranded on Sakaar, which you could probably tell from its decadence – similar to Grandmaster’s.

The colours compliment one another perfectly, with the royal blue and purple suit outlined by his shiny golden cape contrasting well to silhouette the figure. The attention to detail on the lines in the torso and belt look great with the golden belt separating the top and bottom.

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Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

This Gladiator Hulk Pop (#241) is the best out of the Ragnarok Hulks in my opinion. The body and armour is the same as the one mentioned further up the list, but this one completes the look mainly due to his helmet and hammer (which Thor pinches to smack him with).

Like the armour, the helmet is intricately designed with fantastic moulding and the Roman Centurion plume is exceptional – also it’s something you won’t see on any Pop ever. The over-wieldy engine hammer (thing) has been given the same care and attention to detail too.

One of the best Marvel Funko Pop figures made.

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Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop 10″ (Ragnarok)

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Same as the above, only bigger. Much bigger.

This Large Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop (#241) stands at 10″ tall!

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Metallic Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Based on the model above, this Metallic Gladiator Hulk Pop (#241) is gorgeous.

Vibrant Greens and shiny metallic blues make this Pop stand out amongst others.

This is a Target exclusive Pop Vinyl.

Thor Funko Pop (Ragnarok)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

This Thor Ragnarok Pop (#240) is based on the moment when Thor and Loki are casually wiping out the Grandmaster’s henchmen with some very cool and colourful laser weaponry.

The outfit of the Pop is the same as the Ragnarok Pops seen above, with the difference that Thor is clutching his gun, which has some nice silver detailing broken up by the red decals.

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Thor (Secret Wars) Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

I do love a twist on Marvel characters and the storylines of Secret Wars, a Marvel comic series devoted to alternate universes combining into various battlefields, allows for some unique alternate versions of beloved characters.

In this instance, this is the female version of Thor in Pop form (#097). Clutching her hammer, this Thor has excellent detail on the body with her metallic chest plate, studded belt and glorious flowing red cape. Her silver helmet has the same engravings and the wings as it does in the comic.

Unique and interesting, this is a must have for Marvel and Thor fans wanting something different!

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Thor Funko Pop (Avengers Age of Ultron)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Despite this being a slightly older rendition of the Thor Pops, the Avengers Age of Ultron version of Thor (#069) is actually really good.

Thor’s beard and hair looks great, but it is his body armour that really steals the show. The chainmail on his arms and legs has tons of detail, not to mention his classic chest armour with the circular plates interlocked with the armour panels on the torso.

The red cape is gorgeous (and actually supports the Pop) and his hammer has a nice silver sheen to it.

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Lady Sif Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Poor Lady Sif – in love with Thor but never sealed the deal and became friendzoned, she deserves her own Pop (#056) for such a hardship.

The texture detail on this Pop is interesting and varied. On her shoulders you have fur, the dark red cape is deep matte and the armour is metallic. Of particular note is the engraving work on the waist, shins and shield – it looks beautiful.

This Pop is vaulted, so be prepared to look hard for it. Pricing for this is just under $30.

Heimdall Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

This Heimdall Pop (#055) is just great, capturing the beautiful body armour and classic pose of the Guardian of the Bifrost.

The sculpt for the helmet has great contours and line work, which is continued in the shoulder plates in the body armour. Detailed wrist guards, engraved chest plates and the hilt of the sword and the blade itself look spot on. Oh, and the yellow eyes complete the Heimdall look.

Like Sif, this is vaulted but can be picked up for around $25 – if you can find it!

Odin Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Like Lady Sif and Heimdall, Odin is also a vaulted Pop, but if you want to complete the Norse God family, then this is what you’re after. Also it is the only Odin Pop design done by Funko, so you don’t have much choice!

Funko have done a terrific job on ‘dear old dad’, getting the iconic golden eye patch and beard just right.

Holding his golden sceptre with authority, Odin stands tall and proud, dressed in gold armour and a red robe fit for a king.

Again, like the other two Pops above, you can pick this up for under $30 second hand.

Thor With Helmet Funko Pop Exclusive to Hot Topic (The Dark World)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Compared to the Avengers 2 Thor and this Pop (#038) – you can see the difference when Funko shifted their Pop designs for the God of Thunder.

There is some great detail and paint job on the Norse God’s helmet and chainmail, however I am not particularly fond of the overall design – mainly because it looks dated when comparing it. If you’re a collector, then sure fill you boots and grab this one – it is $85 and very hard to come by.

Dark Elf Funko Pop (The Dark World)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

For some reason Funko decided that a Dark Elf Pop (#037) was needed and not the main villain from the second Thor movie. Thinking about it, I honestly can’t remember his name as he was that forgettable. Ok Funko, I see your point.

This vaulted Pop is a bit lacklustre – he has some detailing on his torso and claw weapons, but that is pretty much it. You can pick him for $24 if you want him to complete a collection.

Loki Funko Pop Assorted

It’s pretty incredible that there are 6 variants for this Loki Pop (#036). Based on the Dark World versions of his outfit, all of these Loki Pops have the same body, but two come without his grand helmet.

The 3 helmeted versions come in the standard, black & white and the Frost Giant (there is a GITD version of this too), with the un-helmeted in black & white and standard. The most expensive and rarest is the b&w un-helmeted, which is valued at $95.

Thor Funko Pop (The Dark World)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

This Thor Funko Pop (#035) is the same as #038 however he is not wearing his helmet.

Gold Helmet Loki Funko Pop Exclusive to SDCC (Avengers)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

This Loki Pop (#016) is the most expensive Marvel Funko Pop ever made.

The difference between this and the standard Loki is his metallic Gold crown. It was produced for San Diego Comic-Con in 2012 with 480 pieces made.

The value of this Loki Funko Pop is a massive $1600…

Check out our Most Expensive Funko Pop list for the Top 50 most valuable Pops!

Thor Funko Pop (Avengers)

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Thor’s Avengers Funko Pop (#012) is a vaulted Pop and is priced at around $65 for the collectors who are after it.

As you can see, there is a difference in quality between this one and the Thor The Dark World range. This is to be expected however, as this Pop and the two below were made in 2011.

Loki Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

The second Marvel Funko Pop to be released is the first Loki Pop (#02).

The SDCC version mentioned above was based on this sculpt, with this standard version being silver on the armour and helmet.

This vaulted Pop doesn’t come cheap – you’re looking at over $100 for this Pop.

Thor Funko Pop

Thor Funko Pop Marvel

Not only the first Thor Pop (#01), but the very first Marvel Funko Pop made.

Similar to Loki, this too has been vaulted and is priced very high – you’ll be parting with over $300 to add this to your collection.

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This Pop! Vinyl Figure features the mighty Thor, capturing the God of Thunder in a golden chrome finish and ready to battle against Malekith and his army of Dark Elves. Add him to your collection today!


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