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Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

We Are Venom Funko Pops.

Venom is an absolute gift to toy designers with creativity. Why?

If you’re not familiar with the ‘anti-villain’, Venom is an alien Symbiote which attaches itself to a host and can take over entirely. When this happens, Venom displays traits and abilities of the host. In a Marvel Universe filled with superheroes and villains, that also leads to powers too.

This means that Venom Funko Pops have amazing flexibility when it comes to design choices. Due to the Symbiote’s powers to take over characters, Funko have free-range to adapt any Marvel hero or villain to their choosing and let their imagination run wild.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. The recent releases of the Venom versions of Iron Man, Hulk, Loki, Black Panther, Captain America and Ghost Rider have shown how much fun Funko is having with the monster. The quality is getting better and better and they’re selling like hotcakes. It’s highly likely we’ll be treated to some new Venom Pop designs soon, as there are still so many options available to the designers.

In the meantime, there are some great choices right now.

Before you Check out our Funko Blog below with the full Marvel Pop Vinyl list of Venom, there is a video that gives a nice overview of some of the Pops. You can really see how good the quality is in these figures (warning – the music is a tad annoying!).

Gwenom Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Starting off the Funko Blog list is the fantastic Gwenom Pop (#302).

Gwen got infected with the Symbiote in the Spider-Gwen comic Volume 2 #25-29 and this addition to the Venom collection gives us a great figure.

The striking thing about this Pop is the colours – it’s not often you see pink and black together, at least definitely not in the Marvel Pop Vinyl range.

From top to bottom, this is an excellent Pop Vinyl. The dynamic sharp contours of the hood are highlighted wonderfully by the white, pink and black contrasts. The black body is your standard Venom torso and legs with an added pink zig zag stripe (resembling the tongue I guess – there are teeth next to it!). The long tentacle breaks up the black colour of the body nicely alongside the pink shoes.

This is priced quite low on Amazon, which makes it one of the cheapest Pop Vinyl figures I’ve come across. Also this is nearly impossible to buy in stores, yet there are loads of them online.

That being said there are reports that this Pop is sometimes hard to balance even with the stand. The tentacle can cause the model to tip slightly, however this may vary from unit to unit.

Despite this, a great start to the list and very original Pop design.

Venomised Captain America Funko Pop

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

The first of Earth’s mightiest heroes in this Funko Blog list to fall to the Symbiote is the Venomised Captain America Vinyl Pop (#364).

There was only one brief instance (a blink and you’ll miss it moment) in the comic books where Cap was subjected to Venom. In an alternate reality, where Age of Apocalypse occurred, there is a single image of Steve Rogers with the Symbiotes head. No other information is given as to why this happened, nor was it ever referred to again.

Perhaps this may be fleshed out more in a later comic book, however for now the Pop Vinyl Venom Captain America is a great interpretation of the two characters brought together.

The head of this Marvel Pop Vinyl is the main attraction. A nightmarish American hero with razor sharp teeth, wicked tongue and demented eyes are all accounted for.

The body has been beefed up slightly, the chest bares scales with a Venomised Cap logo, there are claws for hands and some Venom lashes wrapped around the shield.

This Venom Funko Pop is not in short supply either, coming in at just under $10.

Venomised Iron Man Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

There is no record of Iron Man ever coming into direct contact with Venom and being taken over, so this is where the Funko Pop designers have been able to create something new and exciting.

The overall design for the Venomised Iron Man Pop Vinyl (#365) is one of the best on this Funko Blog list.

What was a flashy gold and red Iron Man helmet now looks like a medieval knight and gothic monster got together. You still have the general shape of metal, however it has morphed organic spikes that protrude like a punk outfit, along with jagged teeth widening out of the mask to form a mouth piece.

The body mould is basically the same as the standard Iron Man Pop Vinyl, with the exception of the paint job, the Venom symbol emanating from the Arc Reactor and the spikes and claws.

The base for this Pop is excellent. What could have been just a standing Pop like the others, the designers went with a dynamic take-off/hover look. The clear red plastic stand is well moulded and is very stable.

This ‘Punked Up’ Venom Pop Vinyl as a whole is excellent, from head to base. Great thing too is that it’s one of the cheap Funko Pops at only $13 on Amazon.

Carnage Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

So stepping away from Venom, but keeping in line with the comic arc, here is the arch-nemesis of our favourite Symbiote, the Carnage Pop Vinyl (#367).

This version of Carnage (there are more below) shows the monster taking over the well-renowned owner of the suit, the serial killer Cletus Kasady.

The host of this figure doesn’t appear to be fighting the Symbiote – and nor would he, both he and Carnage share the same appetite for destruction – which makes for a rather creepy looking Pop. The relaxed look of Kasady’s eyes suggest that the black and red tendrils oozing slowly over Kasady’s face are more than welcome…

The moulding of this Venom Pop Vinyl is great – the head is well detailed as is the body. The contours of the ‘suit’ is excellent, every black tendril is raised above the red, giving it an alien texture familiar with the suit of Carnage from the comic series.

A good option for the collectors, this is priced around $13.

Venom Eddie Brock Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Though Venom has latched onto many hosts, the most famous of them all is Eddie Brock.

The Venom Eddie Brock Pop Vinyl (#363) is the one of the best ‘regular’ Venom Pop designs in the Funko Blog list. If merging with Hulk or one of the other heroes is not really your thing, this take on the original ‘partnership’ is a solid choice.

This shows the original Venom taking control of Eddie, who is poised waiting to take on whatever threat wants to be the Symbiote’s dinner.

Its suit has a nice gloss sheen to it baring the Venom symbol, though it’s the head sculpt which makes the Pop stand out. Similar to the Carnage Pop Vinyl above, Venom is comfortably taking over Eddie without resistance, slowly enveloping his face with teeth already smiling.

Another great design and good value Pop Vinyl – this is only around the $15 mark.

Venompool Funko Vinyl Pop

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is the first of 4 Venom Pop Vinyls on this Funko Blog list (#300) which took control of the Merc with a mouth.

A fantastic Deadpool/Venom Funko Pop crossover, this is one works so well and it is such a good price at only $13!

The main attraction of this Pop is the head. The build quality is excellent and perhaps one of the most detailed Pop Vinyls for the Deadpool collection. Nothing is just painted on, it is all raised and contoured. From the eyes, the staples in the head, the sharp teeth and that menacing tongue!

The body itself has received the same love and attention and is amazingly detailed. Venompool’s body is super ripped, with bulging muscles everywhere and mean-looking claws for hands.

If you want more Deadpool, we have a full Deadpool Pop Vinyl List you can check out.

Venomised Hulk Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

One of my favourites. It’s just awesome.

Possibly the best Venom Vinyl Pop combo in the Funko Blog list (next to the Loki and Ghost Rider below), the Venomised Hulk (#366) is so exciting to look at, well moulded and well painted, it deserves a round of applause to its design team.

What makes this Pop differ from the other recent crossovers is that it hasn’t fully consumed Hulk, with the stance of the figure looking like it is in the throws of Venom fighting with the green beast for dominance (or Hulk is just too big for Venom to consume).

This allows for a truly dynamic Pop figure. Spikey tentacles and black tendrils wrap around Hulks’ arms and legs. The black claws are there, yet the feet remain green. The torso is nearly covered with the black Symbiote, enough to display it’s insignia. The head is only partly covered, yet the mouth has been mutated to bare the sharp teeth and vicious tongue. At least his hair is in good order still too.

Beautiful in its own way, this is an absolute treat for fans of Hulk and Venom Funko Pops and is priced at a just under $15.

Carnage Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Our Next Carnage Pop Vinyl (#372) on the Funko Blog list is a fully formed.

Similar to the previous one up the list, the textures of the suit have been repeated with a great mould to add some depth and definition to it.

The differences here of course are that the head is fully formed, and the massive scythes for hands.

This very cool Carnage Pop Vinyl creeps the price to around $21.

Anti-Venom Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

The first Anti-Venom Pop Vinyl on the Funko Blog list (#100) is one from the older sets that were released a few years back.

Now, some people (particularly collectors) are going to hate me, but I’m just going to power through it: I’m not fond of it.

The level of detail has been far surpassed by the newer pops and for this amount of money if you are looking to start a collection of Venom Pop Vinyls, then don’t pick this. There are so many better options for a similar price or less.

The only reason I can think of someone buying this is if they’re a fan of Anti-Venom or need to complete the collection.

Anyway, pricing for this one is around $25, so still low when you consider it is an older Pop.

Venomised Loki Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Loki and Venom in one Pop? What could possibly go wrong?

This Venomised Loki Pop Vinyl (#368) is gorgeous. From the head to feet there is incredible detail on this Symbiote Asgardian and worth every penny of its price, which is only $20. An absolute bargain for such a fantastic Pop.

Loki’s glorious golden headpiece is sculpted in marvellous fashion, with his hair is swept back behind the gruesome Venom face. His green leather jacket is tinted black at the bottom, with his chest armour emblazoned with the Symbiote symbol.

To add the cherry on the cake, his gold staff has also mutated at the hilt, now with it’s own set of dentures and wicked tongue (if Loki didn’t need another one of those!).

A beautiful design with great colour contrasts, black and gold has never looked so good.

Venomised Ghost Rider Funko Pop Vinyl Exclusive (Walmart)

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Personally I’ve never been a big fan of Ghost Rider, however this Venom Funko Pop has changed my mind.

The Venomised Ghost Rider Pop Vinyl (#369) is stunning and easily one of the best in this Funko Blog list. Everything about it has been modified from the original Ghost Rider Pop, from head to toe.

Starting with the head, just… wow. The clear orange flames surround the skull, flicking around the sides, into his mouth to form the Venom tongue – this is such a well executed idea! The skull itself has been ‘Venomised’ where the eyes should be (it is a skull after all – there aren’t any). Perfect.

The black leather biker body has been beefed up in typical Symbiote style, with claws clutching a mutated chain, a Venom emblem that stretches down the legs to match the biker aesthetic and biker boots with claws and creeping tendrils.

The only problem with this Venom Vinyl Pop is that it’s a US exclusive to Walmart, so buying one of these will likely take you to eBay or an international supplier. Though if you can get it, it’s totally worth the effort. You can pick these up at a starting price of around $25.

Venomised Black Panther Funko Pop Vinyl Exclusive (Gamestop)

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded


Continuing our Venom hybrids brings us to another recent release, the Venomised Black Panther Vinyl Pop (#370).

Due to the character design, this one is more ‘subtle’ than the Hulk or Ghost Rider, and is not as fancy in terms of extra features. Its feline form has been maintained, only this time the Black Panther looks like it’s from hell.

Whilst the body is pretty uninspiring (not even a Venom symbol on the chest?), the head does make up for it with the white eyes, razor teeth and flicking tongue.

Again, similar to the Venomised Ghost Rider Pop, this is limited to the US (the Gamestop Chain this time), so eBay or international sellers are your best bet. Prices range on eBay between $35 to $45.

Venompool Funko Pop Vinyl

Deadpool Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another cool Venompool Pop, this guy is battle-ready.

Going for the traditional Venom look of all black and white, what makes this one stand out it the extra appendages and weaponry.

Not only is it sporting a submachine gun and two very neat glowing pink katana blades, but it also has extra arms and tentacles sprouting from his body.

This is a Venom Funko Pop is around $30 from Amazon.

Venompool With Phone Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This Venompool Pop Vinyl is identical to the one first on the Funko Blog list, however the only difference is that he’s holding a phone. Yup.

This is priced just over $30 on Amazon.

Anti-Venom Glow In The Dark Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This Venom Pop Vinyl is exactly the same as the Anti-Venom Pop above in terms of design, only it’s entire body (the white bits) glow in the dark.

It’s pretty cool if you like this version and goes around the $40 mark as there aren’t too many about. You may be able to get it cheaper on eBay though if you shop around.

Toxin Funko Pop Vinyl Exclusive (Walgreens)

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Toxin is an interesting character in the Marvel Universe. He is the only Symbiote that Spiderman considers an ally, however he has teamed up with Venom on occasions, however most of the time they are enemies.

This Toxin Pop Vinyl (#354) is an interesting one on this Funko Blog. It doesn’t have the finesse of the recent Carnage characters design and moulds, however the detail on the head and torso are great. You have the contoured face, ferocious teeth and bright green tongue, though it’s the dripping tendrils make this edition to the Venom Pop Vinyl list almost diseased looking, which is obviously the point. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve checked the price on this one on both eBay and Amazon and the ballpark is about $40-45.

Carnage Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Another Carnage Pop Vinyl, though if I’m honest, I hate it.

It’s an old design and compared to the newer ones available which are highly detailed, I’d avoid this unless you’re an avid collector.

It retails for around $40 if you need it for your collection, however if you’re buying a one-off Carnage Pop for a gift, go for one of the others.

Venom Blue Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl (Hot Topic)

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is what Venom would look like if he was blue.

Again, another one for the collectors looking to complete their set, this Blue Venom Pop Vinyl (#234) is priced around $45 due to it being a Funko Pop Exclusive for Hot Topic.

Leaping Venom Funko Pop Exclusive Collector Corps

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

One of the most recent and one of the best Venom Pop Vinyls in this Funko Blog list is the Leaping Venom (#373).

In my opinion, the best ‘classic’ Venom on the list. The effort that has gone into the mould is similar to the Venomised series (Hulk, Loki etc) and it looks fab.

The head is similar to others typical Venom faces, but the contouring is amazing, especially the green slime on the tongue. The body stance of it leaping (plastic clear perspex stand included) brings Venom to life, with the muscular body with blue veins pumping looking like he’s just warmed up. And hungry.

This is from an exclusive Marvel Pop Vinyl Collector Corps boxset, whereby you get not only the Pop itself, but also a t-shirt, sticker and another smaller Pop. Honestly though, the Venom Pop is the main attraction here, but they are really hard to get hold of anywhere but eBay, where the price can be from $40 to $75, so be careful where you buy it from and get yourself a good deal.

Carnage With Tendrils Funko Pop

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is another high quality Carnage Vinyl Pop (#371) in this Funko Blog list, though it is the highest price at just under $50.

Similar to the others, the head and body are excellently moulded, with the variation of this one being the tendrils extending from his arms.

Venom Funko Pop Vinyl Exclusive

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

The first Venom Pop Vinyl (#82) released, this has a special place for collectors due to its increasing rarity. Hold onto it if you’ve got it, as it will only increase in value.

The Pop itself is fairly standard when compared to the newer ones, though it is the classic Venom Pop Vinyl figure that makes it one of a kind. the moulding around the face is great, with the signature flicked tongue and sinister smile.

Deadpool Venom Funko Pop Vinyl

Venom Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Half Venom, half Deadpool, this split figure has excellent detail all over.

The Venom black creeping over Deadpool goes from top to bottom and is subtly raised moulding, so it isn’t just a quick paint job. This gives it a great aesthetic as far as the build quality goes, making it look like Deadpool is being taken over slowly.

Venom’s claw hand is well moulded (not too sharp either) and contrasts brilliantly against the Deadpool katana blade.

Anti-Venom Funko Pop Vinyl Exclusive (Boxlunch, US Only – Very Rare)

To finish this Venom Funko Blog list, this Anti-Venom Pop Vinyl is a flip on the Eddie Brock Venom, with your black colours where your whites should be. Also, it glows in the dark!

This Anti-Venom figure is hard to get, but if you search on eBay you might find him for $80 minimum on eBay (plus shipping and customs costs) as he is the rarest Funko Pops for this collection. Good luck!

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