Alien Funko Pop List – Game Over Man! Game Over!

The Alien franchise is the pinnacle of sci-fi horror and has been going strong for over four decades now.

To celebrate, Funko have updated the Alien Funko Pop list with some gorgeous 40th anniversary Alien Pop figures.

Below our Funko Blog covers everything Alien Funko Pop related, including Pops from Camerons Aliens, Ridley’s Original and Covenant and more. It’s ordered by earliest movie for convenience. 

Hopefully they will release some more Marines at some point!

Until then, stay frosty people!

Xenomorph Funko Pop Alien

These 40th Anniversary Alien Funko Pops are simply gorgeous.

They are by far the most detailed Alien Pop (#731) ever released (the Covenant ones are a close second).

The bodywork from the moulds is sublime. The Giger corrugated ridges within the skin are sharp, the biomechanical lining and piping are all there, intricately presented over the entire body and rib cage.

The outstretched talons, winding barbed tail and snarling silver teeth complete add to the metallic, wet look of the beast.

The real treat here though is the skull. Giger’s original Alien design was much more translucent than what was decided upon in the final movie. Here in these Pops, it replicates this horrific artwork with a dark perspex finish with the an almost humanlike skull protruding underneath.

The variation to this is a metallic blue body with a darker ‘visor’, however this is tricky to get hold of.

One of the best Pop’s I’ve seen and the best Alien Funko Pop available on this Funko Blog list.

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Ripley In Spacesuit Funko Pop Alien

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

The second Alien Funko Pop celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original Alien movie is the Ripley in Spacesuit Pop (#732).

This figure is based on the final scene of Alien, where Ripley uses the escape shuttle Narcisuss, trying to escape the Xenomorph. Unfortunately for her, the creature had hid away onboard before she arrived. Donning a spacesuit, her only hope is to vent it out into space.

Funko have done a superb job of crafting this gorgeous Pop. From top to bottom, this figure is perfect.

Whilst Ripley’s volumised hair is spot on, it’s obviously the suit that receives the biggest round of applause for the designers. The complexity of the suit is astounding for a Pop – all the intricate lacing, weaves, buckles, padding and plating has been painstakingly included, with a subtle paint job with edge highlights.

Simply a must have for fans of Alien and another favourite for this Funko Blog.

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Ripley Holding Jonesy Funko Pop Alien

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

So glad they got Jonesy in a Pop!

The Ripley Holding Jonesy Pop (#733) is a great tribute to the survivors of the Nostromo.

This figure is based on Ripley in her Weyland Yutani flight suit, holding Jonesy the space-faring cat.

A Funko store exclusive, this Alien Funko Pop is pretty hard to come by so grab it if you can!

Alien Funko Pop 

These are the original Alien Funko Pop figures (#030) which were released, so the moulding is nowhere near as good as the latest ones above – which lets face it is to be expected. It provides a good contrast to how far these Alien Pops have come in terms of the effort in detail and likeness.

You can still pick these up relatively cheap (not the variant, it’s rare as hell) – they are probably the cutest Alien toy you’ll find.

Kind of adorable.

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Ellen Ripley Funko Pop Aliens

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Ripley really came out of her shell in the Aliens movie and became one of the first lead female action heroes in cinema. In the movie she goes to the depths of hell to rescue Newt and faces off against the Alien Queen. Total Bad Ass.

This Aliens Funko Pop (#345) is one of my favourites in this Funko Blog as the attention to detail here is nuts.

Ripley’s head sculpt has her short hair cut this time, with a few scrapes and bruises. Her outfit is exactly like the one from the movie – the cool space boots, blue cargo pants and dirty grey top are all present, however it’s the legendary Pulse Rifle that catches the eyes here. It’s intricately designed and is simply beautiful.

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Alien Queen Funko Pop Aliens

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

This is an absolute beast of an Aliens Funko Pop, towering at 6″ tall.

The Alien Queen Pop (#346) is an absolute must-have if you’re collecting Alien Pops as it makes a marvellous centrepiece.

The moulding all over this monster is great, especially on the gigantic head crest and snarling teeth. She has her 4 arms and barbed tail (which stabilises the figure), all of which are grooved with that mechanical tubing-meets oily flesh. Yummy.

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David Funko Pop Alien Covenant

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

I’m a bit confused about this Alien Funko Pop of David (#428) – as it’s technically a Walter Pop, which is a shame as to why they didn’t make two.

Despite this, the detail is great. You have the Weyland crest on his hat, which it meticulously detailed on the peak. The body cam is a nice touch and the overall design on his outfit (love the flannel pants!) is well done.

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Daniels Funko Pop Alien Covenant

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

I must admit, I didn’t find Daniels that great a character – she was just trying to be a Ripley clone somewhat.

Ironically, her Pop Vinyl (#429) is very Ripley – short haircut, gun in hand, grey vest.

If you’re collecting the Alien Funko Pops, then you’re going to get this. However there are better options if it’s a one off Pop purchase. Shame they didn’t make a Danny McBride character. There would have been a cowboy hat and everything.

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Xenomorph Funko Pop Alien Covenant

These Covenant Xenomorphs (#430) are really, really good.

Though not as detailed as the 40th anniversary, these Alien Pops have a distinct look about them. What they lack in the biomechanical features and detailing, they make up for in their ferocious and animalistic form – which is essentially what Ridley Scott was going for in Convenant, so Funko got it spot on.

The body is much smoother, however it is wonderfully highlighted by the lightning blue veins flowing over the arms and legs. The barbed tail is still there which supports the figure and stops it from toppling over.

Also here is hints of the original Alien from the first movie, with the translucent head covering the skull. The teeth look nice too. In a terrifying kind of way.

The Aliens Funko Pop variant exclusive to GameStop has acid green blood splatters across it – good luck finding this though.

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Neomorph with Toddler Funko Pop Alien Covenant

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Probably the most interesting (and most disturbing) thing about Alien Covenant are David’s creations, and these Alien Funko Pops do not disappoint.

You get two figures in this Neomorph with Toddler Pop Vinyl (#431) set – both are hideous, perhaps the smaller one more so.

The moulding and colouration on both these Pops is amazing. The Neomorph looks grotesque, lacking the elegance of the final Xenomorph form with it’s albino skin. It’s teeth are both horrifying and comedic, like a giant set of dentures in a Chef’s hat. The Toddler just looks creepy and vacant…

The lack of eyes on the pair of these things is more apparent when they are white in colour. Gives me the shivers and possibly the most unnerving Aliens Funko Pops in this Funko Blog list.

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Oram Funko Pop Alien Covenant

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Despite having been a complete idiot throughout the whole film, which inevitably lead him to staring into a giant alien egg – you have to feel sorry for him, as it’s a terrible fate!

This Oram Pop (#432) is superbly detailed – however you don’t want the Pop for him, it’s the Facehugger you’re after!

The creature is fantastically designed (David would say so himself). All the boney ridges and fleshy sacks are there, with the spindly fingers wrapped around the poor suckers head. The tail coiled around his arm is a nice touch too.

This is a Hot Topic exclusive so the price for this Alien Funko Pop is a little more than the others here.

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Xenomorph 8-Bit Funko Pop Alien

If you’re looking for something more retro then these 8-Bit Alien Funko Pop figures are awesome.

There are 3 variants here. The original and the red/blue version is readily available, however the Alien with Slime is an exclusive so it’s harder to get hold of.

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Rick Facehugger Funko Pop Rick and Morty

Alien Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

I had to include this Rick and Morty Pop Vinyl in the Alien Funko Blog!

Though technically a Rick and Morty Pop, the show pays homage to Aliens in numerous ways and this Pop is fantastic for both Aliens and Rick & Morty fans alike. Considering it’s Rick getting impregnated by the creature, knowing him he probably instigated it.

The facehugger isn’t as detailed as the one smothering Oram, however it’s the cartoon version so it’s all good. The figure is great quality with the level of detail you’d expect from all of the Rick and Morty range.

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