The Best Back To The Future Toys, Collectibles and Pop Vinyls Available Online

Wait a minute Doc! Are you telling me, you built a list of the best Back To The Future toys and collectibles online?

That’s right Marty!

Whether you’re a fan of the trilogy or shopping around for Back to the Future gift ideas, then we’ve got you covered.

Below is the ultimate list of the best Back To The Future toys, collectibles, Pop Vinyls and other merchandise we could find online so you don’t have to waste your time looking around.

The pricing for the items we’ve found ranges from $10 to $300, with the exception of one that is $1500 (Great Scott!), so there is something here for all types of budget.

Hot Toys Marty McFly Back to The Future 2 Figure

To start this list off, here is the incredible Hot Toys Marty McFly figure from Back to the Future 2.

If you haven’t heard of the Hot Toys brand, they are the most intricately realised action figure producer on the planet. Head sculpts are at times lifelike, clothing is made from real materials – not plastic moulds – and accessories are incredibly detailed. They are expensive, but you are buying the best.

This Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly figure is a perfect imitation of the quality Hot Toys creates.

Starting with the head sculpt, you could easily mistake this for a photo or at the very least, CGI. It’s a fantastic representation of Michael J Fox. The facial features, the skin tones, the hair parted to the side are all spot on.

Moving on to the body, the jacket is made from different fabrics to match the onscreen version – though just to be clear the sleeves do not extend like they did in the movie (it would be a nightmare to do this on such a small piece). The denim jeans come complete with inside out pockets and the Nike trainers are just beautiful….

The figure comes equipped with a stand to allow you to pose the figure in a variety of different ways, the main exciting one being Marty riding his Hoverboard off the ground. It looks great!

The accessories given with this Hot Toys McFly are abundant. You have the metallic Rainbow Cap, the highly detailed Nike trainers with the ‘box’ they come in, the awesome Hoverboard, a futuristic Pepsi, the Sports Almanac and its bag, a USA Today newspaper and 7 hands in various positions.

As for the price, you can purchase this amazing figure for just under $300.

Hot Toys Dr Emmett Brown Back to the Future 2 Figure

Continuing the excellent Hot Toy’s quality is the Doc Brown figure.

Again, like Marty, Doc is a work of art.

His head sculpt likeness with Christopher Lloyd is bang on, capturing the surprised “Great Scott!” expression perfectly with this highly detailed face mould.

His clothing from the future (remember, it is from 2015…) is a bright yellow trench coat, a red oriental patterned shirt with a transparent tie, yellow fishnet pleated  trousers and punk doc martins. All of which are carefully stitched and made – even the jacket has its own lining.

The accessories he comes with again are beautifully realised in minute details. He comes with his silver sunglasses, a spectrometer, knock out gadget, see-through tie, 2 watches, a USA Today Newspaper, a case of alternate currencies based on the year he’s traveling to, 2 sets of hands and a figure stand.

Similar to Marty, you’ll be paying out $300 for this Hot Toys Doc Brown, so it’s quite an investment for both. Though for the ultimate Back to the Future fan, it is the best money can buy.

Hot Toys Marty McFly Back to the Future Figure 

This Hot Toys version of Marty McFly is from the first movie, when Marty is transported back to 1955 and meets his parents when they were his age.

His head sculpt differs from the Back to the Future 2 counterpart in a variety of different ways (honestly I think it looks better). The hair is a different style, with the mouth open slightly. Still, it’s jaw-dropping on how lifelike Hot Toys managed to get this.

His clothing is all from the 1985 era. The puffa jacket with a denim jacket underneath both have buttons an excellent stitching all over. The shirt and t-shirt underneath that is all accounted for (how many layers of clothing was he wearing in the movie!?). His jeans are similarly detailed and his old Nike trainers even have laces.

Marty’s accessories are his cool sunglasses, cassette player with headphones, the Doc’s video camera, his skateboard, a ‘Save the Clocktower’ flyer, his backpack and 4 pairs of hands.

If the original Back to the Future is more your style, then this for you. Again, this is priced just under the $300 mark.

Hot Toys Back to the Future DeLorean 

You want a DeLorean 1/6th scale with ultra detail like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Then this is it. And it’s just over $1500. Yup. If you’re feeling brave you can go check out the price.

This Hot Toys DeLorean is for the ultra enthusiasts who have the Hot Toys Marty and Doc figures and want to complete the collection. It is a lot of money to pay, though it’s the best DeLorean available.

Starting with the exterior of the car, the level of detail for this stylish time machine is insane. From the grill and DMC logo, to the alloys and tread of the tyres, the ad-hoc experimental wiring that wraps itself along the sides to the engine. The engine gets a special mention, because never has the DeLorean been as astutely realised in so much detail on a model before.

The rear vents have weathering on them, tiny wires criss cross one another, the ribbed tubing from the nuclear engine and electrical components are not just randomly placed together – they are exactly how they looked int he film. And the ‘Outtatime’ number plate is spot on.

The interior is equally as impressive, perhaps more so. The doors open upwards and can lock into place when shut. The inside is exactly how you remember it from the movie. You have the Time circuits, alarm clock, CBS radio and other various electrical interfaces and gizmos on the dashboard and the fuel valve system sat in the passenger seat. Above the driver seat are more buttons and behind him amongst more technical doodads is the legendary Flux Capacitor, which has received a lot of love in the detailing of its design.

To top all of this off, LEDS’ light the headlights and tail lights of the car, the interior circuitry and the dash.

I could go on all day about this Hot Toys DeLorean, but all you need to do is just stare at the photos and see how much work has been put into this. And then cry when you see the price and realise you will never be able to have a valid reason to purchase one.

Back to the Future DeLorean Trilogy Set By Welly

So the £1500 Delorean might be out of your budget. Mine too! And I imagine for most people!

This Delorean Time Machine Triple Pack is an essential must have for any fan of the Back To The Future trilogy and a great value gift idea. The amount of detail on these 5-6 inch die-cast models is astounding and each one has been carefully built to represent every car from the three movies.

On the exterior of each vehicle there has been a real effort to produce a highly detailed scale model of the stylish time machine. The rear has the large exhaust ports, piping and electrical circuits in the engine (and coming out too). Along the sides is more electrical wiring, with rotating wheels and doors that open.

Inside is highly detailed, with the time circuits display on the dash and of course, the Flux Capcitor in the back.

Fans can tell the difference immediately between the three variants. The first car is the original, which has the conducting rod sticking out in the rear. The second has Mr Fusion near the engine and the third has the old red wheels, electronics bolted to the bonnet and a tow bar under the front bumper.

This gorgeous set goes for just over $70 on Amazon and is in my opinion the best DeLorean versions for the price.

There are plenty of other options for DeLoreans. If you’re after a smaller one you can grab the Hot Wheels version for $40 or the Sunstar brand for $80 (both of these prices are for 1 car mind). But honestly, the cars you get with the Weller version are larger, just as detailed (or more so) and you get 3 of them!

Back to the Future Vanity Plates

Something for the wall!

This twin set of vehicle plates for the DeLorean is from the first two movie, on plate set from 1985 (the original) and the ‘barcode’ plate from 2015.

They are both metal, the original is raised print like a standard US license plate and the Back to the Future 2 plate is made with reflective aluminium.

They make an excellent feature to a door or wall, or if you are lucky enough to have an actual DeLorean, then it’s the finishing touch to your time machine.

You can buy these separately for $15 each or together for around $25 on Amazon.

Back to the Future Hoverboard

This is the closest prop we could find to an official full-sized hoverboard from Back to the Future. Though this doesn’t ‘hover’ (you didn’t think it did, did you?), it is a great option for collectors or a costume party.

The pink hoverboard itself is make from plastic, so it’s light to carry with one hand or under arm. On the upside of the board, you have strap for your foot, but realistically you’re never going to use it, unless you’re taking photos of yourself hovering. The hover ‘units’ are attached on the bottom. Across both sides is a vinyl print of the grooved material.

This Hoverboard is priced at just over $50 and is a great novelty item for fans of the sequels.

Edit: we’ve read reports that this board can have some minor defects such as poor glue on the vinyl, so if you purchase this, just watch out for it.

Back to the Future Marty McFly Rainbow Metallic Cap

If you’re going to a costume party as Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2, then complete the look alongside the Hoverboard with this replica metallic rainbow cap.

A great imitation of the one Michael J Fox wears in the movie, the cap reflects multiple colours from different angles.

You can pick this up for under $20 on Amazon.

Back to the Future Grays Sports Almanac 1950-2000

This is very cool and I’m so glad that this was made.

Grays Sports Almanac 1950-2000 is the book that started all the trouble in Back to the Future. Marty wanted to place some bets in the past, though Doc Brown was against it. The book was thrown away, however Biff gets his hands on it to give to himself in the past.

The book itself contains 155 pages of sports statistics spanning 50 years and is a great gift for anyone who loves a bit of Back to the Future nostalgia.

The only gripe is that it doesn’t come with a dust jacket, which was a big deal in the movie.

You can grab this for only $10

Back To The Future Marty Pop Vinyl

If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, Back to the Future Pop Vinyls are a great choice.

This Marty Pop is based on the original movie, with him wearing his jacket (life preserver!), headphones and Nikes. It’s a great little figure and an absolute bargain.

This Marty McFly Pop Vinyl is available for under $10.

Back to the Future Dr Emmet Brown Pop Vinyl

“1.21 Gigawatts!!!”

A great Doc Brown Pop Vinyl, this has more detail than the Marty one and is the same price, so for the pair you’re looking at a great deal.

Doc comes with his goggles, lab overalls and a remote control for the DeLorean. Everything is fantastically moulded and painted.

Again, prices for this Pop are around $10.

Back to the Future Delorean Pop Vinyl Ride

Something a bit more excessive for the Pop Vinyls is the Pop Ride Time Machine, complete with Marty McFly.

The vehicle is well moulded, with some great little details along the side of the car and in the engine and exhausts.

The McFly Pop is the same as the one above, so you are getting two Pops in this bundle.

It is priced considerably more though as these are hard to come by, so be prepared to spend $70 or so on this cute ride.

Back to the Future Marty McFly with Guitar Pop Vinyl (Rare)

This is a Pop Vinyl Exclusive so the price for this is 5 times the regular Marty as there was only a certain amount printed.

In my opinion the best Marty McFly Vinyl Pop, this has him grabbing the electric guitar to teach Chuck Berry how to play Chuck Berry (the song was Johnny Be Goode). His outfit is all accurate, from his 50’s attire to the gorgeous guitar.

As it’s a rare one, pricing starts around the $30 mark, but this is something that will only go up in value over time.

Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly on Hoverboard Pop Vinyl (Very Rare)

Another rare Funko Pop, this time of Marty from Back to the Future 2 on his hoverboard.

Marty is wearing his outfit from the future, featuring his jacket with extendable arms and heater (not included in this obviously), his inside out pocket jeans and his Nike trainers. There is a perspex stand for this Pop to have him hovering, which also makes it very stable.

Be careful when buying this – there are some priced for about $70 which is what you should be paying for it, whereas scalpers are charging twice that. Don’t pay over and above what this one is worth.

Back to the Future Dr Emmet Brown Exclusive Pop Vinyl

Another limited edition but not so rare, this is a great Doc Brown Pop Vinyl from the first movie.

This Pop has his crazy hair, glasses and him holding two wires with electricity going between them.

Slightly more than the one above, you’d be looking at parting with just over $20 for this nice little piece.

Back to the Future Lego – The DeLorean Time Machine

This Lego DeLorean Time Machine set is perhaps an option for the diehard Lego enthusiasts and fans of Back to The Future. This was $45 when it was released a few years back. It’s now tripled in value due to it being discontinued!

The set is impressive and you won’t find anything like it. It comes with 401 pieces and the car can be built in 3 ways like the three variations in the movies. It also comes with a Lego Marty, Doc Brown and hoverboard.

An absolute treat as a gift, or a cheeky indulgence for us nerds. You’ll be looking at $170 on Amazon, or you can shop around on eBay for one that might be around the $100 mark.

Back to the Future Canvas Wall Art Picture Print

There are a number of canvas prints online featuring the DeLorean, but this one is our favourite.

You can pick this up and others for around $20-$40 on Amazon.

Back to the Future Monopoly Board Game

This is one of the much better themed Monopoly games I’ve played in terms of the fun factor.

Obviously it’s still a property trading game, but with the Back to the Future twist and some interesting rule alterations, token pieces, cards and ideas it’s great to play.

A great game for 6 fans of Back to the Future for a gentle price of just under $25.

Back to the Future Blu-Ray Trilogy

I couldn’t complete the list without this.

It’s more than likely a Back to the Future fan has the complete trilogy on Blu-Ray (still waiting patiently for the 4K remasters!!), however if they don’t it’s a great gift idea. All 3 are re-watchable and timeless (haha) and can easily be a binge watch in one sitting due to how they integrate with one another.

You can grab the boxset for a tenner.

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