Home Alone Funko Pop Collection – Keep The Change You Filthy Animal!

Home Alone is one of the most rewatched Christmas movies of all time, so it’s no surprise it got its own Home Alone Funko Pop collection.

Released in 2018, the Home Alone Pop collection is small, featuring 4 Pops in total consisting of 2 versions of Kevin, Marv and Harry. Detailing on all four are fantastic, with the designers using the latest sculpting techniques and capturing the little movie details wonderfully.

These would make amazing gifts for fans of the film and can be used as very cool Christmas decorations too! The Home Alone Pops are also readily available and are at standard price, so you could easily complete a trio set for under $30!

Kevin Funko Pop Home Alone

Home Alone Funko Pop Kevin

“You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?”

When I was a kid, I adored this movie – it is fun, great slapstick humour and had the makings of a child hero. It was Die Hard for Kids.

From watching this movie as an adult, I’ve realised that Kevin McCallister has the makings of a Psychopath.

He is the underdog in his large family, who provide no love or attention towards him. Kevin’s parents abandon him multiple times as they are too self absorbed to notice their son is missing. Using this as an emotional baseline, he is quick to act violently, attacking Buzz for eating his Pizza and scares the hell out of the delivery guy for his own amusement. Then later, he creates a death-house full of fatal traps for two idiots, when he could have just called the cops. Kevin repeats all of this a second time in Home Alone 2, only upping the pain factor with more ultra-violence.

It’s like watching Jigsaw as a child.

His Home Alone Funko Pop (#491) is perhaps terrifying when thinking about it. Openly wielding an air-rifle and clutching an Iron, this Kevin Pop stares blankly at his prey…

Despite your viewpoint on the little terror, the Pop is awesome. As mentioned above, the sculpt is fantastic, capturing Kevin perfectly. His hair is spot on, the woolly jumper has great texture detailing all over and his trousers have the correct line work from the film, as does his shoes. There is nice little detailing on his rifle and Iron.

Harry Funko Pop Home Alone

Harry Funko Pop Home Alone

Poor Harry. The guy had dreams, but didn’t count on a kid ruining them. Or being tortured on Christmas eve.

The designers of the Harry Funko Pop (#492) had many choices of what injury they wanted to portray for the Mastermind of the Wet Bandits, as he went through a lot – with multiple falls, paint cans to the head, being branded, crowbarred to the chest, and various head injuries.

I think they chose wisely with the blowtorch to the head, as it is the most visual injury the poor guy had and possibly the worst. The sculpt is great, with intricate detailing at the top of the head of burnt hat and hair, with a blended pink paint job for the burn. The outfit is fairly straightforward with Harrys ensemble of garments.

They could have posed his empty hand differently, perhaps having the branded ‘M’ in his palm – it feels like a missed opportunity. But otherwise, this is an excellent Home Alone Funko Pop!

Marv Funko Pop Home Alone

Marv Funko Pop Home Alone

Oh Marv! In my opinion the best character in the movies, he is the Pinky to Harry’s Brain – a loveable idiot sidekick who you feel the most sorry for throughout.

Similar to Harry, Marv went through some horrific ordeals in the McCallister house; BB pellets to the face, nail gun rounds to his dick and nose, plenty of back breaking falls, a nail through the foot and stepping on glass, paint can to the face and doing the best scream ever when he is pinned by a tarantula.

As you can see for this Home Alone Pop, Funko went with the classic iron to the face moment.

The Marv Funko Pop (#493) is teeming with some great details. His wild fluffy hair and beard look perfect and his old green ribbed jacket and sweater vest combo are a great rendition of his awful clothes. Marv is equipped with his tool of choice, the crowbar. Lastly, the subtle Iron imprint to the face is a great touch.

If I could improve upon it, he should be bare footed and perhaps have a nail gun round in his nose!

Kevin Funko Pop Home Alone Exclusive to Target

Kevin Funko Pop Home Alone

This is the last Home Alone Funko Pop in the list and is a Target Exclusive.

The Kevin Pop variant (#625) is based on the outfit he wears to go get groceries by himself, when questioning the shop owner about the validity of the toothbrush he wants to buy.

Whilst overall the Home Alone Pop looks great, the main attraction here is the carfully detailed woolly hat, with the exact same reindeer and Christmas decals.

Wet Bandits Funko Pop Home Alone 2 Pack

Funko Pop Home Alone

If you’re after a duo pack of the Wet Bandits Pop Duo, look no further!

These are the same Pops of Harry and Marv, only in a twin pack.

Do you have any of these? Do you think they could be more Home Alone Pops? Let us know in the comments below!

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