Tarantino Funko Pop Vinyls List – Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Hateful 8

Quentin Tarantino’s movies have so many interesting characters – from Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction to the Bride and Gogo in Kill Bill, the variation in designs is numerous – so it’s no wonder they would make amazing Pops.

The collections for each movie are small, however finding them all is not that straightforward. All of the Pulp Fiction Funko Pops and most of the Kill Bill Funko Pops are vaulted and cost considerably priced higher than others, so be prepared that it it may be quite expensive to complete the sets. You’ll spend most of your time on eBay for these, so make sure you check out our guide on buying Pops on eBay to be safe.

Below is our Funko Blog with the full list of every Tarantino Funko Pop Vinyl, including the rare and readily available. I’ve ordered the Pops below by film, starting with Pulp Fiction, then Kill Bill and to finish, The Hateful Eight.

(There was word of Django Unchained and Reservoir Dogs Pop Vinyls being released eventually, so when they do come out I’ll update the list.)

Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyls List

Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl

Oh man, I just shot Marvin in the face.

First on our list is Vincent Vega, a man with an attitude who knows how to get himself into sticky situations and somehow get out of them (well almost all of them…). Whether he is blowing Marvin’s head off or stabbing an adrenalin shot into his boss’s wife, it’s thoroughly entertaining.

The Vincent Vega Pop Vinyl (#061) is you standard Pop body design with the horseshoe legs, equipped with pistol, black suit and greasy long hair.

He has his own blood splattered variant Pop, however it was a SDCC exclusive and only 1000 were made, so good luck trying to find this.

The price you should be paying for the standard Vincent Vega Pop is around $50 on eBay. If you can find it, the blood-splattered version is around $140…

Jules Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

The Jules character is where Samuel L Jackson really began his career. Streetwise, witty, dangerous and downright terrifying at times, Jules was not someone you wanted to cross. Or say “what” to. I dare you.

The Jules Pop Vinyl (#062) is one of Funko’s earlier designs, so the detail isn’t too great here compared to the recent moulding techniques you see in the new Pops.

However, it captures his features perfectly: afro, handlebar moustache, black suit and gun. Put this Pop with Vincent and you have the iconic scene where they shoot burger boy. Like Vincent, this Pop also has the blood splattered variant. This is an essential for a Pulp Fiction Pop Vinyl collection.

The price for Jules is around $70 on eBay and the blood-splattered version is about $165, however I saw one on eBay that is signed by Samuel L Jackson and it’s going for $900!

Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl

Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Three tomatoes are walking down the street, papa tomato, mama tomato, and baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. The papa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes him, says: “Ketchup!”

This cute Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Pop Vinyl (#063) shows off Uma Thurman’s character in her Jack Rabbit Slim’s outfit when she goes on a date with Vincent. Posed in a dance move with her black bob haircut and bare feet, Mia Wallace always gets what she wants.

It’s a shame there isn’t an OD’d version with a syringe hanging out of her chest, but I guess you wouldn’t be able to have an age of 3+ on the box.

Mia Wallace Pop Vinyl goes for around $65 on eBay.

Jimmie Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl

Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

I don’t need you to tell me how ****ing good my coffee is, okay? I’m the one who buys it, I know how good it is.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to continue the quote any further for obvious reasons!

Quentin Tarantino gets his own Pop Vinyl (#064) as his character Jimmie, the friend Jules goes to after Marvin’s head exploded in his car.

The Pulp Fiction Pop Vinyl has the Quentin hairstyle, pj’s, dressing gown and of course, his coffee.

Jimmie Pop Vinyl is priced at around $85 on eBay.

Butch Coolidge Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl

Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

When you look back on the day Butch Coolidge had in Pulp Fiction, he is the most unluckiest out of all the characters.

Fleeing from mobsters, running over the Gangster boss by sheer coincidence and then being locked in a basement by some men who plan to do unspeakable things to him – it’s amazing how he even survived.

The Butch Pop (#065) comes complete with bloody t-shirt and samurai sword. This is the only one of two Pops available for Bruce Willis (see our Die Hard Pop Vinyls list for McClane).

You can pick up this Pulp Fiction Funko Pop Vinyl on eBay for around $75.

Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyls List

The Bride Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl

Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Those of you lucky enough to still have their lives, take them with you! However, leave the limbs you’ve lost. They belong to me now…

The lead protagonist of Kill Bill has many names; The Bride, her codename Black Mamba and the beeped Beatrix. Whatever you want to call her, she is one of the best heroines in an action movie (besides Ripley from Aliens – check out her pops here).

This Bride Pop Vinyl (#068) has her in the Bruce Lee signature yellow and black suit, worn when she massacres all of the Yakuza singlehandedly.

The suit itself is actually the biker suit, shown by the patches on her chest and lines on the knees – she never draws her sword whilst wearing this, but we will let that detail slide. It has intricate details on the trainers too, and the head sculpt though simple, works well with the movie accurate hairdo.

The Bride is vaulted too, so this Kill Bill Pop Vinyl is priced at around $70 on eBay.

Bill Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl

Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?

Bill, the target of the Bride, the man responsible for her ruined wedding, dead husband, her 4 year coma and unborn child, didn’t count on her recovery and murdering her way through his band of assassins. He had it coming though.

The Bill Pop Vinyl is quite plain and I’m going to say it, a bit boring. He looks like a Doc Brown gone rogue. Equipped with sword, there isn’t too much to say about this Pop. Perhaps as you never saw him in the first film, his character and Pop never really got much visual flair to it like the others.

Bill is the cheapest of the vaulted Kill Bill Pop Vinyl collection and is priced around $30 on eBay.

O-Ren Ishii Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl

Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or my American heritage as a negative is, I collect your f**king head.

Leader of the Yakuza and the first on The Bride’s list, O-Ren is a force to be reckoned with and she isn’t afraid to decapitate her own men.  Her one on one fight with Black Mamba at the House of Blue Leaves was the highlight of the first film, and this Pop does her justice.

This O-Ren Pop Vinyl (#070) nails Lucy-Liu’s character to a tee. The hair with flower pin, the faint freckles around the nose is spot on. The white robe with sword and sheath completes the look.

The most expensive Kill Bill Pop Vinyl of the vaulted lot, O-Ren will set you back $75 on eBay.

Gogo Yubari Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl

Ferrari? Italian Trash!

What she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness.

When she isn’t gutting toothy Japanese businessmen, this little psychopath puts up a mean fight. Equipped with a Meteor Hammer (Yes, that is what her weapon is called!) she shows her fighting prowess to Black Mamba ruthlessly, until she gets a table leg stuck in her skull.

Funko have nailed the Gogo Pop Vinyl (#071). Her casual stance when she is standing at the top of the stairs has been captured perfectly. Wearing her school outfit and wielding her silver ball and chain, the Pop looks as calm as she did in the movie.

Gogo is priced at $40 on eBay. For her bleeding eyes version, you’re looking at $120, but she is a must have whichever one you go for to complete your Kill Bill Pop Vinyl list.

Crazy 88 Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl

Kill Bill Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded


That’s pretty much all they say in the film, apart from the bloody gurgling noises they make after being gutted by the Bride’s Hattori Hanzo blade.

The Crazy 88 Pop Vinyl (#072) is straightforward in design, with his black suit and mask and poised wielding his katana sword.

The Crazy 88 is the only Kill Bill Pop Vinyl in this collection that is not yet vaulted and you can pick this up on Amazon Prime.

The Hateful Eight Pop Funko Vinyls List

John “The Hangman” Ruth Hateful Eight Funko Pop Vinyl

The Hateful 8 Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

That’s the trouble with old people. You can push them down the stairs and pretend it’s an accident, but you just can’t shoot ’em.

The first of The Hateful Eight Pop Vinyls, John Ruth Pop (#255) is based on the old bounty hunter played by Kurt Russel who is escorting Daisy to the noose.

This Pop and the rest below shows how far Funko has come in regards to increasing the level of detail since the Pulp Fiction Pops 4 years ago.

From top to bottom, this is an exemplary figure. The complex moulding of the fur hat is amazing to see, and his wild mutton chops and giant moustache look spectacular. This high level of detail continues on the body of the Pop, with his fur coat textured, lines in his suit, buckles, chain and the rifle and handcuff accessories are on point.

Stand him next to Daisy Domergue and you have a right pair.

Major Marquis Warren Hateful Eight Funko Pop Vinyl

The Hateful 8 Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded
You believe in Jesus now, huh bitch? Well good. ‘Cause you ’bout to meet him.
Samuel L Jackson is back in yet another Tarantino movie as Major Marquis Warren, the bounty hunter.
The Major Warren Pop Vinyl (#256) has him posing with twin pistols, with that suspicious glare in his eyes straight out of the movie. Like The Hangman, the detailing on his beard, suit and accessories are excellent.
It would have been a great addition if he was holding his letter from Lincoln.

Daisy Domergue Hateful Eight Funko Pop Vinyl

The Hateful 8 Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

When you get to hell, tell them Daisy sent you.

Daisy Domergue, leader of the Domergue gang, is the cause for all the death and violence in this movie. So it’s natural she would be getting her own Pop!

Again, just repeating myself here as the outfits for these Pops are quite similar, the detail on this Daisy Pop (#257) figure is great. Her bloody nose and black eye is a nice nod to the films for accuracy, with the cuffs dangling by her body.

Sheriff Chris Mannix Hateful Eight Funko Pop Vinyl

The Hateful 8 Funko Pop Vinyl Nerd Upgraded

Like I said, friend, you got me at a bit of a disadvantage!

To complete the coach ride group, here is perhaps the funniest character in the entire movie. Watching Walton Goggins raise an eyebrow or two as the racist Southern Mannix is a very funny, despite the topics of conversation, and he thoroughly deserved his own Pop.

Annoyingly, the Sheriff Chris Mannix Pop Vinyl (#258) is not as perhaps as recognisable to his character as the other three above, however it is a great Pop nonetheless. The detailing here is really on his trench coat and the folds in his clothing. An accessory would have been nice though.

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