Harry Potter Funko POps

The Complete Harry Potter Funko Pop Buying Guide

What I best remember about Funko Pops and their humble beginnings is the start of the market flooding with Harry Potter Pops. Suddenly stores had an influx of Pops, and there were a million for every pop culture reference you could imagine.

Of course, Harry Potter Funko Pops is where my Pop collecting began, as I am sure many can agree to. There are so many beautiful costumes, animals, and creations in the Harry Potter universe that it is no wonder that Funko would be inspired to keep creating series after series.

My wallet felt the danger all too well – however, I found the best place to buy my Harry Potter Pops was at Entertainment Earth. They boxed them really well and only took a few days to arrive. You’re looking at around $11 a Pop. I would highly recommend them.

Let’s take a look at all of the Harry Potter Pops already out there so that you can decide which ones are the perfect fit for your own personal collection.

Harry Potter (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Pop keeps it simple enough, adorning Harry in a set of classic wizard dress robes to go forth and make a fool of himself at the Yule Ball. None of us can forget how his ordinary robes paled in comparison to his ginger best friends.

Here he looks well-groomed and put together, his hand holding the edge just slightly as if he were wearing a tux. This is the wizard equivalent after all. The sleeves are wide and deeply cuffed, as is befitting a wizard, and the collar is a bit old fashioned while still looking clean and sensible.

This Pop doesn’t necessarily stand out, but it does go along with the Triwizard series.

Fawkes Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Funko has really taken the world by storm when it comes to representing the Harry Potter creatures. At first I was worried about how they would manage it because it seems that their designs were overall fairly simple, but now I love their animal pops more than the humans.

Fawkes positively glows in this Harry Potter Funko Pop, painted in vivid red and gold, catching the air midflight with his tail coasting along a trail of flames. He looks fierce and protective, as is befitting his nature.

There is no confusion when it comes to who this Harry Potter Pop is supposed to be, and that’s why it is a must have for any diehard Potter collector.

Cedric Diggory (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Our favorite Hufflepuff is here at last in Pop form, looking like they stuck a cedric head smack dab on the same body they used for Harry Potter, unfortunately. It can be annoying when Funko chooses to not put too much effort into their Pops, but this one does happen to make a little sense. Since they base the pops on the movies clothing designs, they were stuck with the fact that Cedric and Harry were dressed pretty much the same, and they worked with what they had.

Regardless, if you are a Hufflepuff then this pop is certainly a must have, because there won’t be too many of poor old Cedric. He was the spare after all.

Fleur Delacour (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Stunning as always, Fleur stands out in her icy blue gown and gorgeous head piece. Funko pulled out all the stops with her, probably because the boys ended up looking so disappointing. Her gown even features a gorgeous lace embroidery on the bodice, and her hands are splayed out delicately at her side.

Fleur is meant to be the epitome of femininity and in this Harry Potter Funko Pop you can really see that they tried to get the feeling to come across. This is a great example of Funko doing their research when it comes to making sure Pops fit their characters. Now if only they could convey her severely sassy attitude as well.

Viktor Krum (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Viktor Krum is the Bulgarian seeker that everyone loves to hate, and he’s brutal when it comes to the Quidditch field. When it comes to a certain bookish Gryffindor girl’s heart, he is not so brutal. Instead he showcases his intelligence and a wish to learn more, and comes across as kind and ethically sound.

Krum really doesn’t have any bad qualities, unless you can’t be a little dense and accidentally ending up imperiused. This Harry Potter Pop shows off his stern expression and more than gruff personality, collecting all the details in his beautiful Bulgarian outfit for the Yule Ball. He looks both stunning and hardcore in this outfit, and it’s probably one of the only Pops we will ever get of him.

Professor Sybill Trelawney Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Everyone who has ever gone to Hogwarts knows all about Professor Trelawney. She is an over-the-top seer who comes across as a fraud to everyone except for those who have been privy to the true prophecies she’s given. Of course, she doesn’t’ know those prophecies.

She teaches Divination and is always sure to turn up the weird scale to about an 11. This Harry Potter Funko Pop has her holding a crystal ball while staring owlishly out of her large spectacles. They get the garish colors of her clothes right, as well as the shapeless look to them.

Funko Pops designs don’t’ really allow for the proper wild tendrils of hair, but she still looks sufficiently crazed as she predicts another death for poor Harry.

Lord Voldemort Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Voldermort

There is a lot to be said about Lord Voldemort, and none of it is about how cute he is. Of course, who could fail to look adorable in Funko Pop form? Not even Voldemort is immune to the cute-ifying tendencies of Pop-ification, but he tries.

They give him a really ugly, heavy brow so that he doesn’t look cute and round, and he is even one of few Pops that are meant to be human that has a nose. Circling his shoulders is a hissing Nagini, always at her masters side and loyal until the bitter end.

This Voldemort Pop is pointing his stylized bone wand at his left forearm, ready to touch the Dark Mark and call all of his followers to him. This is both eerie and adorable, certainly not what Voldemort would want, and that’s just how we like it.

Nagini’s details are exceptional, and her tail coils around him before coming to rest at the foot of his robes. This Harry Potter Funko Pup is definitely a necessary addition to your Harry Potter collection.

Ron Weasley Riding Chess Piece Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

As a part of their Movie Moments, another way for Funko to grind out the money from loyal Potter fans, Funko has created a magnificent piece. Ron is pictured confident and successful astride a black chess piece, posing as the Black Knight atop a black horse, ready to deal damage.

This is a really interesting looking Pop because it doesn’t fit the norm at all when it comes to display or position. These types of Harry Potter Funko Pops tend to stand out a bit more and that’s why they are a necessity. Ron’s even wearing the exact outfit he has on in the movie: a red button down thrown over a t-shirt and khaki pants.

Do yourself a favor and collect this Potter Pop right away.

Entering Platform 9 ¾ Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Another Movie Moment, this is a classic scene that also translates well into Funko Pop form. I’m not shy about saying that Funko was right and I want to give them all my money for these classic movie moments. The nostalgia certainly is real.

This Harry Potter Pop showcases a colorful brick wall, while Harry is running his trolley, topped with Hedwig in her bird cage, right into it. There’s no need to worry of course, because as all Potter fans know the wall is not solid and he is phasing right through it thanks to magic.

Hermione Granger (Cauldron) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

The best part about the Movie Moments Funko Pops are that they get the costumes perfectly right, and you can see that this is a recreation of a scene from Sorcerer’s Stone.

A famous marketing photo from the second Harry Potter movie, Chamber of Secrets, has a smirking Hermione with poofy hair stirring up the contents of a boiling cauldron. I had that poster in my room, not just because I was in love with Emma Watson, but because it was a well-executed design. I can definitely say the same when it comes to this Harry Potter Funko Pop.

She is, of course, meant to be stirring up a Polyjuice Potion so that they can all illegally pose as a few Slytherins and expose Malfoy as the Heir of Slytherin. Everyone who knows their Potter lore knows how this ends.

Harry Potter (w/ Broken Arm) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Another iconic scene from the aforementioned Chamber of Secrets movie, Harry is standing awkwardly in a classic looking pair of striped pajamas. This Harry Potter Pop takes another scene that only real Harry Potter fans will remember and puts it into Pop form.

Harry is cradling what seems to be a broken arm, but is so much more. You see, he broke his arm in a Quidditch Match and Professor Gilderoy Lockhart thought it would be a great idea to use him as an example of his incompetence: by attempting to fix it and instead managing to remove all the bones from Harry’s arm entirely.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop shows Harry actually re-growing all of the bones in his arm, which is supposed to be quite painful. Thanks Professor.

Rubeus Hagrid (w/ Cake) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hagrid

The Hagrid Funko Pops are certainly some of my favorites because they never skimp on him: literally. He is always a 6 inch Pop which means he stands gloriously over all the other Pops, just like a half-giant should.

This Harry Potter Pop is easy to love because bumbling Hagrid is holding aloft the cake he brought to young Harry to celebrate his eleventh birthday, misspelled icing and all. They do a great job of getting his costume just right, even if they can’t get his humor and kindness across with his eyes in the way that they should.

Hermione as Cat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

Remember how I said we all know what happens when Hermione makes that Polyjuice Potion? Yeah, well the results aren’t too pretty. Sadly in the movie we only get a glimpse of Hermione and her huge mistake, but this Harry Potter Pop is a great way to remember a hilarious moment.

Hermione accidentally mixed her potion with a cat hair instead of a human hair, which is not how the potion is meant to work. So she is stuck with those huge luminous eyes and cute furry ears for quite a while. I just love the way they did the mouth on this Harry Potter Pop, as Hermione looks both adorable and furious.

Hedwig Funko Pop (and Flocked Version)

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hedwig

No cage is needed for this bird, certainly when she has so many important duties to perform, such as ferrying all of Harry’s important letters and packages. I have said it before and I will say it again, I simply love Funko’s take on animals, and this cute Pop is no exception.

Hedwig looks appropriately wide eyed and surprised as she turns her head and stares outward. Her wings are decorated with just enough black spots to keep her from looking too white, and her feet are large and in charge at the bottom.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop is just itching to take flight into your collection!

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hedwig

This is the same version of Hedwig except she is flocked, which means she is now appropriately soft and fluffy to the touch. For those who love variants this is a great alternative to the normal one, as you can really see the difference even through the packaging.

Dobby Snapping His Fingers Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

In the movies you definitely wouldn’t describe Dobby as very cute, but at least his Pop is. With drooping bat like ears and tennis ball sized eyes, this House Elf is ready to serve Harry Potter at a moment’s notice.

Dobby just needs to snap his fingers to perform a challenging bit of magic, such as dropping Aunt Petunia’s painstakingly designed cake onto the top of the wife of an important client for Mr. Dursley.

This moment is easily recreated in this Harry Potter Pop, pillowcase toga and all. Dobby looks a little sad and tired, and they manage that with some excessive crow’s feet. This Pop is definitely a great one to add to your Potter Pop pile up.

Bloody Baron Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

What really stands out about this Harry Potter Funko Pop is that they didn’t choose to try and make the ghosts look clear or anything. Instead, the Bloody Baron Pop is in shades of a cold icy blue, the only color the red staining his shirt from when he was stabbed.

For those who read the books, we know the story of the Bloody Baron, but for many he most likely comes across as insanely creepy. This is why I like how the red stands out and he has a hand tossed out casually in an almost beckoning manner. Even his eyebrows look frosty and his eyes are a stark blue to contrast.

Sirius Black Funko Pop (Flocked)

Harry Potter Funko Pop

As always this Harry Potter Funko Pop stands out, because they manage to make animals look both unique and adorable. Luminous yellow eyes pierce like headlights from this stark black Harry Potter Pop, exactly like they should appear when Harry first sees them in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Sirius looks seriously adorable with his shaggy tale and ruff, head slightly tilted, paws spread apart. Remember that he went by the name Snuffles while he was undercover, so he definitely had a sense of humor. A little spooky, a lot of cute, this Pop is perfect for your Funko shelf.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Pop stands out because his eyes glow far more bright a yellow, and his fur is a deeper black since it is the flocked velvet. His nose is also shinier and lighter in color which gives him a different look.

Ron w/ Sorting Hat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

Everyone’s favorite best friend, Ron Weasley sits on a stool nervously, hands clutching the sides. Muggle clothing peeks out from beneath his rob, sorting hat dwarfing him dramatically as it determines what Hogwarts House he belongs to.

The tilt of his eyebrows shows his distress, and the grumpy expression of the sorting hat really does take the cake. This Ron Funko Pop looks both concerned and nervous, which is to be expected considering everyone in his entire house was sorted into Gryffindor. What if he’s the one outlier?

Of course, he isn’t, and he ends up rightfully in Gryffindor house along with his brothers. It’s nice to see a cute Pop of Ron being himself, and it’s a very momentous occasion for him to be marked.

Ron w/ Howler Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

Don’t we all recall the infamous moment that Ron’s mom embarrasses him and Harry (Ginny too) over breakfast by sending an insane Howler? These must have been invented by angry moms because they work so well.

Ron Weasley stands with his signature slightly confused expression, Howler aloft in hand. The Howlers look like bright red envelopes that open up into garish mouths with a flame for a tongue. They scream the contents of the letter at you for everyone to hear then shred themselves up afterwards, to make a point I guess?

This cute Harry Potter Funko Pop shows a memorable moment for true fans, and is a great reminder of how the Weasley family tends to operate: not in the shadows at all.

10” Hedwig Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hedwig

This Hedwig is just as adorable as the previous versions, but stands at a whopping 10 inches tall so that she can survey the room with her owl eyes. This is a super cute exclusive ready to take up way too much space. Hedwig lovers are rejoicing everywhere!

Hermione Granger w/ Sorting Hat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

Hermione looks characteristically unperturbed, resting on the stool with the sorting hat placed primly on her head. Love the details in her stockings and Mary Janes to help set her apart from the boys. Her hair is of course a mess as always, and she gazes at the crowd with resilience.

As a muggle-born she feels she has a lot more to prove than everyone else, which is already getting on people’s nerves. She has less understanding about the going-ons of the Wizarding World and is itching to prove herself, and to find friendship as well.

This Hermione Funko Pop fits in well with the rest of the Harry Potter Pops that are wearing the sorting hat, and your collection would be incomplete without it.

Professor Quirrell 2018 NYCC Exclusive Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This is an exclusive Harry Potter Pop that was only available at the 2018 New York Comic Con. Poor petrified, bumbling Professor Quirrell looks nervous as he wrings his hands together over his chest, as he should. Because beneath his turban lies the hideous face of Lord Voldemort.

Yes, this is one Pop that you may be confused about keeping boxed, because his turban in 100% removable to uncover the villainous expression of our favorite dark wizard. They even have his skin turn into a deadly corpse grey.

Exclusives are usually very popular because they are hard to obtain, and this Harry Potter Funko Pop was no exception as it has a stand out design.

Sirius Black (Azkaban) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Sirius Black looks both gritty and haunted in this Harry Potter Pop, meant to resemble his Azkaban wanted poster. Striped jumpsuit and all, this Sirius Black Funko is not messing around, he is ready to escape and kill the one who betrayed the Potters.

You can see in this Pop how serious Sirius can be, and his dark brown overcoat lends a nice touch to his ragged appearance. In his hands he holds a sign that bears the numbers used to recognize him in the prison system, and he looks just crazy enough that you could believe all of the rumors about him, mass murder and all.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

The Chase addition to this Funko Pop looks the same as the original, but it is in greyscale complete. I believe this is to better resemble his wanted poster in the movie because they print the papers in black and white. The Daily Prophet would have had a picture similar to this revealed in the search for the notorious prisoner.

Professor McGonagall Animagus Cat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Purr-fect as always, this Harry Potter Funko Pop showcases the adorable animagus form of the stern Professor McGonagall. They don’t really catch the details in this Pop, as there are no spectacle markings around her eyes, but she still looks cute and standoffish, as she should.

If you aren’t familiar with what animagus are (how dare you!), it is when a really strong witch or wizard crafts a spell or potion that helps them turn into an animal at will. It is assumed you do not get to choose the animal you turn into, but that it is often representative of who you are in your soul. So, McGonagall is a temperamental gray tabby and no one is surprised.

Funko did take their time with this design as it stands out differently from other cat Pops, and her legs are banded and face rounded to look especially plump and kissable. Hopefully McGonagall is cringing from this description.

Accident Seamus Finnigan Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Everyone should remember the iconic gags throughout the first movie, Sorcerer’s Stone, in which unfortunate Seamus Finnigan was apart. Poor Seamus had a startling tendency to, well, accidentally blow things up. This Pop has him covered in soot stains from spells and potions gone wrong, his hair a wild mess.

He holds his wand aloft in surprise eyebrows singed off. This is a hilarious addition to any collection.

Dobby 10” Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This oversized Harry Potter Funko Pop stands out because Dobby looks both silly and charming as he clutches the sock Harry tossed to free him in Chamber of Secrets. His heavy brow and drooping ears assist in his look of disbelief, and the oversized nature of the Funko Pop brings a nice touch to this Dobby Funko Pop.

Basilisk 6” Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Basilisk Funko Pop is an amazing Pop design. The basilisk is coiled seductively, such as snakes do, and has a massive toothy grin. I love the expression because instead of making it look menacing, the basilisk looks like he just told a dumb joke. The detail on the scales are really nice and not uniform, which makes it look a bit more gritty and appealing. This isn’t just some perfect snake, this is Slytherin’s Monster.

His eyes are a metallic gold, which makes it stand out from other animals who have yellow eyes, because it is meant to kill anyone who looks deeply into them. This pop stands at 6” so that it may tower over the other Pops and intimidate them.

Nearly Headless Nick Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Just like the other ghosts in the Harry Potter Funko Pop collections, Nearly Headless Nick is looking good in an icy blue color, meant to help divulge his ghostliness. His head is tilted at an awkward angle to show that he indeed is nearly headless.

This Pop is meant to stay boxed, which avid collectors should love. His period costume is fully detailed, ruff and all, with a nice ghostly flowing cape. The ghost Pops always impress.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This version of the Nearly Headless Nick Harry Potter Funko Pop actually glows in the dark, which is a super neat quality to have and made way for the tons of Glow in the Dark exclusives that now exist.

In 2018 they put out a lot of fun exclusives like this one for collectors to show their appreciation for the Pop collecting game.

Moaning Myrtle Glow in the Dark Exclusive Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This is the only version of Moaning Myrtle out there to find, and she is pretty rare. I know that can be disappointing if you just don’t have the funds to acquire her. She retains the icy blue color of the other ghostly Harry Potter Pops, while standing out with her lightly colored glasses and cute pigtails.

Myrtle also happens to glow in the dark, which just adds to her rarity, while she stands there looking suitably, well, dead.

Tom Riddle Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Tom Riddle looks properly studious and slightly intimidating, as this young Lord Voldemort should. Handsome and cold, this Slytherin was already committing ultimate acts of evil at age sixteen. His hair is perfectly coiffed and his stance is correct and he is ready to go. You don’t want to get caught in the pages of a diary with this fellow, that’s for sure. Even a fragment of his soul is beyond powerful.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This variant Harry Potter Pop is in sepia tones to match the movies renditions of his flashbacks through the pages of his diary. They showcased those scenes in sepia tones to make it a bit more obvious that it was this past, and this variant adds a nice touch for sincere fans.

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Nothing is sassier and more self-absorbed than this Gilderoy Lockhart Funko Pop. He stands in a hero pose ready to ruin everything and take credit for successes that were not his, just because he thinks he deserves it more because he is handsome. This Pop does a great job of getting his personality across, along with a bit of his buffoonery.

They could have opted for a more garish costume of pink or purple, for which Lockhart is known, but they went with a beige suit, and that is my only criticism. Of course, he looks good with his windswept hair and artfully cocked eyebrow, but we all know the truth. He has a coward’s heart.

Ginny Weasley (w/ Tom Riddle’s Diary) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Ginny looks adorable as she poses, feather quill in hand ready to write her deepest secrets into Tom Riddles accursed diary. Of course, at the time, she has no idea that she’s giving up her soul to a ghost. She just believes she has a found a friend who listens to her, until her life starts going more and more haywire.

Her ginger hair is parted in the signature center, freckles dotting her cheeks while a little blush rogues her cheeks. This Ginny is still young and foolish and has no idea what is in store for her. This Pop is perfect for your shelf and should stand with the other Pops important to this particular scene.

Hermione Granger (Herbology) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

Not only does Hermione look adorable in this Harry Potter Pop, so does the mandrake clutched in her smartly gloved hands. With ear muffs shielding her ears from the baby mandrakes fainting-inducing cry, Hermione is handling him like a pro.

Her Herbology cot and gloves protect her from his impudent bites and keeps her uniform clean from any dirt. The mandrake looks rightfully angry at being repotted, dangling from her grasp like an ugly baby with his eyes glaring forward.

Ron Weasley (Herbology) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

Ron’s earmuffs stand out against his vivid ginger hair, so this way we know that he remembered to put them on unlike poor Neville. His mandrake has a wide open mouth as it lets out a strangling shriek. I have no idea how parents do it!

He stands in basically the same position as Hermione, the only difference being the positioning and expression of his mandrake. I love how they all seem to have their own personalities so that they don’t just look like copies of one another.

Harry Potter (Herbology) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry’s Pop has the biggest difference in that he is grasping his mandrake in his left hand instead of his right. That’s important because otherwise the trio would look too similar, but if you put one of his best friends on either side then it flows perfectly. They all always look good when you place them together as a set.

Ron Weasley (Quidditch) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

This Harry Potter Funko Pop has a little stand to hold up Ron as he expertly rides his broomstick, preparing for a Quidditch match. All the Quidditch gear he is wearing is movie accurate from his headgear down to the crest shaped knee pads and boots. This Pop is very detailed because it works from the clothing design of the movies, and stands out because he is captured midflight.

Ron looks ready to win a Quidditch game instead of letting his nerves take over. You go, Ron Weasley!

Ginny Weasley (Quidditch) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Quaffle tucked under one arm, broom clutched in the other, Ginny is showcasing her considerable Chaser talents as she zooms through the air in this Funko Pop rendition. Her Quidditch Robes are detailed with the proper colors and tassles, Gryffindor emblem smack dab on the left side of her chest. She is ready to score a goal and take down anyone who challenges her.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop also has Ginny placed on a stand so that she can keep soaring into the action even when placed on your shelf without her box, though many collectors choose to keep their Pops in the boxes even while on display. The action visible in this Pop really stands out.

Boggart as Snape NYCC 2017 Exclusive Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Annoyingly enough, Funko decided to make this iconic hilarious moment into an exclusive. That’s great for avid collectors but not-so-much for the average ones. Snape can be a hard Pop to spot at times, and he looks amazing in this format.

In Prisoner of Azkaban poor Neville Longbottom was forced to see a boggart transform into his worst fear: Professor Severus Snape. We all know that the way to combat a bogart is with laughter, and so Professor Lupin helps Neville envision the dour Snape dressed in his grandmothers belongings: mainly a vulture hat, mink stole, tartan dress, and hideous carpet bag.

Every Harry Potter fan should have this Pop!

Harry Potter (w/ Firebolt and Feather) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Funko Pop features Harry clutching his state of the art Firebolt to him, ready to soar off into the sky if need be. A few hippogriff feathers are attached to the handle so that we know it came from his good pal and godfather, notorious mass murderer Sirius Black.

I love the little touches that these Harry Potter Pops often have. They feel like Easter Eggs for true fans.

Quidditch Ginny Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Ginny Weasley stands there in her full Quidditch get up, looking slightly awkward as she stands there with her broom in her right hand. Her hair is perfectly parted and her Quidditch robes are highly detailed and match the movie uniforms to a T.

Ginny pops are always super cute because she is the only ginger female character, so she stands out among the rest of the Harry Potter Pops.

Harry Potter w/ Hedwig Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Hedwig perches elegantly on Harry’s gloved right hand, and he stands with his cloak fully clothed about him so that he is warm from the cold. No snow shall be getting to him as he stands outside, ready to send Hedwig on yet another journey to deliver an important letter. His Gryffindor scarf circles his neck tightly, and you can see a bit of his sweater peeking through beneath it.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop stands out a little bit because you can’t see his legs. Usually the uniform is visible from the front and the cloak billows around it.

Remus Lupin as Werewolf Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

With a wild an evil looking grin you’d never suspect that this was the classy Remus Lupin, one of the original marauders. As a small child he was bitten by a werewolf, and since then has been cursed to transform into a beast at every full moon. He looks scary and beastlike in his werewolf form, teeth bared and ready to attack.

The glowing yellow eyes stand out starkly against the light gray of the werewolf, and his lupine stance is more human than wolf. This brings attention to the fact that he is not a normal animal in any way, but is instead a magical creature. They went all out with trying to make this werewolf match up to the creature we see in the movie and keeping it looking distinct as well. You wouldn’t mistake this Pop for a classic movie werewolf, that’s for sure.

Peter Pettigrew Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Peter Pettigrew looks shift and rat like even in his human Pop form, warts and wrinkles and all. He appears in an unkempt suit that is dirty and dusty and full of holes. His hands are clutched up near his chin like a nervous rat, and he is peering out of the box in a suspicious manner.

You would never guess that this pathetic excuse of a man was the real betrayer of Lily and James Potter, you wouldn’t have thought he’d have the guts. But Lord Voldemort’s most loyal servant doesn’t have to fit any type of look to still be the most reliable partner he has. His rat-like features really draw attention to the fact that his animagus form is a rat, and we all cringe when we remember that he was a part of the Weasley family for twelve years, hiding in plain sight and being fed bits of cheese.

Luna Lovegood in Lion Hat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This iconic look has confused a lot of casual fans into thinking Luna was a Gryffindor, but she is most definitely a quirky Ravenclaw. Luna looks adorable and supportive of her Gryffindor friends in her handmade lion’s hat that is spelled to roar whenever the Gryffindor Quidditch team scores.

Any fan of Luna will want to collect this Harry Potter Funko Pop in order to keep their collection up to date. The colors and details look unique and definitely stand out. Luna belongs on your shelf and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t collect this Harry Potter Pop.

Ginny Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This simple Ginny Harry Potter Pop looks adorable, as Harry’s girlfriend stands with her wand at the ready in her Gryffindor uniform. The ginger looks ready to fight her way to Harry and destroy a million death eaters to get her way.

She looks both firey and sure of herself, just as she always does, and this Funko Pop looks good next to all of the others, especially if you are a Ginny fan. Since there are not a lot of different Pops out of Ginny you most definitely want to have this one by your side. She’s a lot more exciting of a character in the books, so if you have only seen the movies then you should take the time to read about her a bit more and experience her fun attitude.

Remus Lupin Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Lupin looks super casual and classy in his Harry Potter Pop form, even with his trademark scars crossing his face. His robes are a dark efficient brown and they flow effortlessly over him, causing him to look every bit the Professor.

Lupin is confident and kind, and you can see it quite easily with his tiny moustache and slicked back hair. The combination suit and robes is a great mix of muggle and wizard that has always really set him apart from other characters and he is a must have Pop to sit on your shelf and teach you all about boggarts.

Ron Weasley w/ Scabbers Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

Another beautifully detailed Harry Potter Pop, Ron has his old hand-me-down pet Scabbers the rat in his left hand. Scabbers actually manages to look a bit cute  in his hand as all Funko animals do, and Ron looks like he has had to handle a lot in recent hours, including the scratches marring his chin.

If you love Harry Potter and all the serious moments throughout the books and movies then you definitely need this Harry Potter Funko Pop. Ron looks awesome and you get the chance to see Scabbers before he turns into his true self.

Hermione Granger w/ Time Turner Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

This adorable Harry Potter Pop spares no detail when it seeks to match up to Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban. Down to her flushed cheeks and the long cut beneath her eye. A time turner rests out of the opening of her pink hoodie, available to turn back time when she really needs to do it and her wand poised in her right hand.

Her jeans and muggle attire make her look older and more responsible than the usual Hogwarts robes. Her hair looks long and tangled and she has been through the ringer running all around the Hogwarts grounds.

Harry Potter w/ Marauders Map Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry stands ready to confront the mysterious name of Peter Pettigrew on his Marauders Map, wand at the ready to cast a spell at a moment’s notice. Harry is wearing a pair of dark red flannel sleep pants and a light gray hoodie, the perfect ensemble for illegally traversing the drafty Hogwarts halls.

As always, the Chosen One is up to no good, though he isn’t trying to search out trouble necessarily. This Pop definitely adds charm to the Harry Potter Funko Pop collections, and we get to see Harry looking a little less than perfect for once.

Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Pop is a must have for any Ravenclaw, or a fan of Luna Lovegood. Luna stands tall with her trademark Spectrespecs, one lens blue and one lens purple, the glasses themselves neon pink with a fun pattern. Her platinum blonde hair falls to her waist in loose waves and she carries a copy of her father’s magazine: the Quibbler.

Her outfit is just as garish and mismatched as in the movie, and you can see every inch of who she is in this tiny Pop. Luna is ready to go hunt down some Nargles on your shelf if you just give her a chance. If you feel that you can’t be understood by anyone then know that Luna Lovegood won’t care about anything as silly as that, and you can be herself around her as long as you don’t imply her father’s magazine is make believe.

Lucius Malfoy Holding Prophecy Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Lucius Malfoy follows all the details of the other Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter Funko Pop, only this one is an exclusive that holds the prophecy cradled in his right hand. He’s clearly taunting Harry with the prophecy the young wizard is so eager to get his own hands on.

The prophecy shows as a tiny crystal ball and really adds a nice touch to the overall Harry Potter Pop itself.

Dolores Umbridge Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Dolores Umbridge is looking as finicky and demanding as always in her Harry Potter Funko Pop form. Frightful in pink, she wears her standard pink suit dress which is somehow even more menacing than Voldemort’s billowing robes. Her wand is held in both hands as she is ready to “tsk-tsk” any wrongdoing.

Perfectly coiffed hair and wide glaring eyes stare out at you, and you just want to break all the rules and spin out of Hogwarts on your broom in a whirlwind of fireworks.  Don’t forget to make your villain collection complete by adding the notorious Dolores Umbridge. If you happen to have any plates covered in ugly kittens then this would be a lovely contribution to the display.

Mad-Eye Moody Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This creepy Pop is ready to come home with you, and see everything you might be trying to hide. There’s nothing that can stay secure for long with Mad-Eye Moody and his magical eye on the case. Grizzled and gruff, this Harry Potter Funko Pop has Mad-Eye down to the last gritty detail.

Even his eyebrows grow all scraggly to add to his character. Nothing about Mad-Eye is normal and this truly shows. Adding him to your collection is nothing but beneficial in getting the full cast of characters.

His scars are deep and noticeable, and his magical staff looks hardcore in his grip. They really went to town with this Harry Potter Pop and it shows. You wouldn’t be surprised that he thinks there is a Dark Wizard hiding behind every single door.

Professor Minerva McGonagall Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

With her witch’s hat poised at an angle over her head, that is the only unchecked thing about this Harry Potter Funko Pop’s appearance. Her stern expression and posture perfectly fits the stoic character. Professor McGonagall has always been a teacher that you don’t want to mess with, and that definitely shows even in her Pop form.

Her left hand is poised in a loose point, ready to reprimand you for inadequate spell casting, and she definitely adds to any collection. There is nothing scarier than a teacher ready to hand out punishment to the students who have disobeyed her orders or performed magic incorrectly. McGonagall is a must have for every Harry Potter fan.

Lucius Malfoy Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Lucius stands with heavily lidded eyes, casting sneering judgement over Harry and his friends that is quite reminiscent of the trio’s arch nemesis Draco Malfoy. This Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter Funko Pop has his fingers lightly wrapped around his snake cane, a cane that holds his wand within it not unlike a classic sword cane of old.

His long blonde hair falls straight and perfect over his shoulders, and you can see every inch of contempt in his simple expression. Adding this Lucius Malfoy Pop is a great idea, especially if you want to have all of your villains available on your shelf. This original Death Eater definitely needs to be a part of your collection.

Bellatrix Lestrange Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Funko Pop looks gorgeous, and they really did Bellatrix Lestrange justice with her details and design. Her wild hair is emphasized in gorgeous tight waves, a single strand curling down her forehead. Her eyes look the same as most Funko Pops, but they are circled with faint red eyeshadow that stands out against her pale white skin.

This Bellatrix Pop stands firm with her arms spread ready to cast a curse in the blink of an eye. Her costume perfectly matches the movie rendition, and her wand is at attention so that she can destroy anything in her path. Make sure to keep your Sirius Black Pop far away from her, because there are some scenes too devastating to recreate.

George Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

George Weasley has never looked better, and is ready to stand beside his brother as he hugs two large packages to his chest. The bows stand a little lopsided and different to add a little bit of character to the packages, and you can wonder how many different magical gadgets are hiding in those innocuous boxes.

His fingers circle around the boxes naturally, a few fingers separated. This is a nice touch to this Harry Potter Funko Pop as it looks better than the usual uniform look to it. Putting Fred and George Weasley side by side is a great way to keep your Harry Potter collection looking full. Plus, George should never be without his beloved twin brother, and this way he never will be alone. He deserves to have his brother by his side.

Fred Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

This Fred Funko Pop looks adorable as the ginger jokester stands holding a suitcase emblazoned with his self-made business title “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes”. Fred is half the set of the Weasley twins, and he is definitely a fan favorite. This Harry Potter Pop was made to match up with his Twin, George.

Sadly there isn’t really anything exciting setting this Pop apart from others, but he still looks cute and is a very important character. If you are a Harry Potter fan then Fred Weasley should be a part of your collection to help make it as complete as possible. If you are a true Harry Potter fan then you know that Fred Weasley is the twin that doesn’t survive past the end of the last book, so of course you would want this Pop to help remember him by.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Another Harry Pop, this time wielding his wand and holding the Prophecy Orb.

Harry Potter on Broom Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry looks awesome in his classic Quidditch robe as he soars through the air to catch the golden snitch. The wind ruffles through his hair to give him a sense of movement, and a clear stand makes sure that even when taken out of his package Harry is still flying at a super speed.

This Harry Potter Pop looks great, and there’s a lot going on to make it look unique. His scarlet robes fit the original early movie designs, and the golden snitch in his hand shows that he is on a winning streak for his beloved Gryffindor house. The details to this Pop give it a fun sense of movement that a lot of other ones don’t have, and he looks great in his Quidditch uniform as well.

Lucius Malfoy (Death Eater) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Lucius Malfoy Pop is deliciously dark, as Draco’s dad stands with his face covered in his Death Eater’s mask in an attempt to hide his face and identity. Of course, the label on the box and his long blonde hair really makes it obvious who it is. The metallic silver details in the mask look beautiful, and his snake cane is completely visible out front. Seriously, who does Malfoy think he is fooling?

Sadly Funko really does seem to be lacking when it comes to creative poses, as this Lucius is standing in the same way as the other Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter Pops.

Bellatrix Lestrange (Prisoner) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Bella is looking appropriately bedraggled in this Harry Potter Pop format as she wears her Azkaban prison uniform and a set of manacles and chains. Guess that’s the fashion among the dementors these days. Her hair is looking lank and messy, and she still has that signature red eyeshadow around her eyes, though it helps make her look like she’s had a few sleepless nights.

Her uniform is ragged and torn and she holds up her prison ID card so that she can be easily identified. The Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter Funko Pops stand out because of the level of detail that goes into them. Bella is a very popular villainess, therefore her Pops need to look super awesome.

Ron Weasley in Sweater Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

The details on this Harry Potter Pop are very nice, as you can see that the sweater he is wearing looks knitted. That’s a nice touch from the usual design of a regular form type of fabric. His mom knitted that sweater with all of her love in the stitches and we should be able to appreciate that fully.

His hands are clenched in fists at either side and he is ready to defend his best friend to his last breath, or his goofy sweater, depending on what nemesis faces him. This Ron Pop is utterly and adorable and would complement plenty of the others in your collection.

Harry Potter in Sweater Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Funko Pop is the same as Ron’s above, except instead of a maroon sweater he is wearing one in navy with a giant H emblazoned on the front. This Pop as the same level as detail as the Ron one to the sweater and he also looks ready to dive into battle regardless of the situation. At least he will stay warm?

This Potter Pop set looks perfect when you add his best friend by his side in his matching sweater. They are just like family and it shows!

Harry Potter w/ Golden Egg Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

When Harry was entered into the Triwizard Tournament it was a shock to everyone, but he quickly found his own strengths and worked toward them. This Pop is very detailed like many of the others, and he’s wearing his combat robes for the tournament while holding the Golden Egg in his left hand as he attempts to divulge its secrets.

The ties on the front of the robe are distinguished, as are his fingerless gloves and arm guards. He looks ready to beat down a dragon or some merpeople right now. This Harry Potter Funko Pop definitely adds to any collection and has a lot of lovely little touches to set it apart.

Neville Longbottom Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

When this Neville Harry Potter Pop was finally revealed people went nuts, not only because it is an adorable Pop but because Neville has been an absurdly popular character for a long time. In his left hand he is cupping his loyal frog Trevor while his right holds his wand at the ready. When it comes to this Neville Pop you might not be sure if you want him backing you up with his wand or not.

His skills seem to develop further on, once he becomes more confident as well and his skills grow due to dedication and hard work. Either way, this was the first Neville Harry Potter Funko Pop to make an appearance and he is a must have for any Harry Potter fanatic.

Harry Potter w/ Sorting Hat Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

The sorting hat looks like it has a lot to say to Harry, as we all know he does. His mouth is wide open, eyes narrowed, as he chastises Harry and claims he would do very well in Slytherin. Harry perches a bit nervously on the stool, thinking maybe if there were a Hogwarts House for those who were slightly queasy then he would fit right in.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop fits right in with the rest of the trio and their sorting hat Pops from earlier, and he is a must have for anyone who believes the real nostalgia to be found are in these scenes from the first few movies. All of the Harry Potter Pops look cute and will add tons of personality to your collection.

Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Triwizard Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

For all those Hufflepuff fans out there Cedric stands here in all of his Triwizard contestant glory. He stands tall, proud, and noble in his yellow Hufflepuff sweater and is ready to battle dragons and maneuver magical mazes and all the beasties hiding inside.

Cedric is one of the few Hufflepuffs we ever get a chance to know, and his untimely demise left a huge impact on millions of people. That’s why a lot of people appreciate this Harry Potter Pop and require it for their collection to feel even a little bit complete.

Overall, Cedric looks a bit average when compared to other Pops, but once you know who he is you know that he needs to be added to your collection, especially because there are so few well known Hufflepuffs out there.

Draco Malfoy Quidditch Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

For all the Slytherins out there and Draco Malfoy fangirls, this Harry Potter Funko Pop is a must have to add to your collection. The Quidditch robes have always stood out as looking quite colorful and unique. His robes are a lovely Slytherin Green while his Nimbus 2001 looks sleek and black.

With his slicked back blonde hair and confident stance, Draco Malfoy looks ready to kick butt on the Quidditch field and wave to his adoring fangirls. This Slytherin Seeker is ready to fight tooth and nail for the golden snitch and win his Hogwarts house the match. Adding this Pop to your collection is a no brainer, especially because there aren’t a lot of Draco Malfoy Pops.

Dementor Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Have you ever hoped to relive your traumatic past at the drop of a hat? No? Then maybe you shouldn’t collect the Harry Potter Dementor Funko Pop, because he looks real enough to affect anyone. This dementor is spooky as anything as his wisps of gray-black cloak flow through the air and reveal his vacuum like mouth opening up for a dementor’s kiss.

He looks frightfully ready to get down to business, and really would brighten up any shelf you put him on. This iconic magical creature is a must have for the real Harry Potter fans out there, even though he looks quite creepy, and aids in the diversity of your Harry Potter Funko Pop collection.

Dobby Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

As Harry Potter fans we all have a soft spot in our hearts for the loveable yet annoying House Elf. Dobby was enslaved by the Malfoy family for quite a long time until Harry managed to free him with nothing but a dirty old sock.

Dobby stands, bulbous eyes and lopsided ears at the ready, the old sock clutched in his hand. Anyone who loves Dobby will know that this Harry Ptter Pop is a must have to add to their collection, because it features an iconic character in a mind blowing moment in both the movies and the books.

This House Elf deserves nothing but love from fans because he honestly made the ultimate sacrifice by the very end.

Sirius Black Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

So Sirius Black in his own style of outfit has a nice flare to details, and this Harry Potter Pop is no exception. He has a cute little chain hanging between his vest pockets with a lovely little charm. He looks dapper in his striped pants and patterned jacked, hair falling to his shoulders in perfect waves.

With his beard trimmed he looks ready to go out and he adds a nice elegance to your Harry Potter Funko Pop shelf. Sirius is on the run from the Ministry of Magic, but that doesn’t mean he can’t look good while doing so. That’s a huge part of his personality and it is wonderful that Funko showcases it so well.

Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Obviously Dumbledore is another must have Harry Potter Funko Pop for those true Harry Potter fans. This Pop is a staple to the Harry Potter collection and he looks quite amazing as well. The detail that went into his design is quite admirable, and we do love Dumbledore in his signature purple robes.

A touch of whimsy is added with the bells tied around the tail end of his beard, while the elder wand is lightly held aloft. He is ready to cast a spell or tell a joke, depending on his mood. That’s the case with Dumbledore, you never really know what you’re going to get.

This Dumbledore Pop will look great on your shelf, so be sure to snatch him up.

Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Everyone’s favorite Ravenclaw is wearing her trademark giant turnip earrings, platinum hair falling past her shoulders in waves. Her Ravenclaw uniform looks oddly put together for her wayward dressing attitude, but even Luna has to follow the rules now and again. She is ready to defend her friends to the bitter end, her wand clasped in her right hand.

This Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Funko Pop is ready to make its mark in your collection, and every Ravenclaw should at least have this basic Pop. Looney Lovegood is a fan favorite for her cheerful attitude and ethereal existence, and she should never be left behind. She will fit right into any Harry Potter Pops you have.

Draco Malfoy Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Draco Malfoy fans were gifted with a necessary Pop to add to their Slytherin worshiping collection when this Harry Potter Pop finally graced us with its presence. Draco looks snooty as ever decked out in his Slytherin robes and Hogwarts uniform. His hair is slicked back in its classic manner, eyebrows tilted with arrogance. His wand is at the ready for some sort of duel, and the challenge in his posture can be felt by everyone.

This Harry Potter Funko Pop showcases all of Draco Malfoy’s snark and attitude with little effort, and you can’t have a Harry Potter collection without adding him to it. You definitely won’t regret purchasing this Pop.

Ron Weasley (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

Finally here to make a statement is Ron Weasley in his Yule Ball dress robes. Harry was lucky and received ordinary looking robes while Ron was forced to wear a hideous set of hand me down robes that were covered in ugly bits of lace and were not a great color for him. Ron has never enjoyed the color maroon, and for a good reason.

Hopefully this Harry Potter Funko Pop doesn’t smell like his Great Aunt Tessie the way his robes are supposed to. But he does look appropriately silly and would fit right in among the rest of your collection. Ron has never looked more like himself than in this iconic Pop scene right here.

Hermione Granger (Yule Ball) Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

In the books Hermione wears a set of gorgeous blue robes, but in the movies they decided to go with pink. This pink dress is actually quite iconic in Harry Potter movie history, and this Harry Potter Funko Pop definitely does it justice.

She stands prim and proper with her hands clasped in front of her, the details and colors of her gown sticking out in a lovely design. The ruffles themselves stand out and her cheeks are lightly blushed with pink. They even managed to give her curls a sleek look as it is pulled back for the Yule Ball. No wonder Ron gets flustered, because even in this Harry Potter Pop form Hermione looks stunning and needs to make her mark on your shelf.

Harry Potter Triwizard Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry stands at the ready with his wand clutched in his right hand, proudly wearing Gryffindor red in his checkered Triwizard top. This Pop is fairly basic but is a good match for the Cedric Diggory Harry Potter Pop where he’s wearing the same outfit but in Hufflepuff colors.

You’d never know from looking at this Harry Potter Pop that Harry was pulled into the Triwizard tournament without his consent, and that he’d face some of the darkest events yet to come in his young life.

This Pop definitely matches up with the rest in any collection and wouldn’t be amiss among all the Triwizard Pops to showcase the four champions that are ready to win for their schools.

Harry Potter w/ Sword of Gryffindor Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

One of the original Harry Potter Pops that came out, this one showcases a brave second year Harry Potter holding the Sword of Gryffindor aloft in his right hand. He just pulled it out of the sorting hat that Fawkes the phoenix had brought for him.

His uniform is clear cut and classic, robes open so you can see his Gryffindor sweater. Harry is ready to fight to save Ginny Weasley from the basilisk despite any and all risk to himself, as befits his extreme sense of character.

When it comes to Harry Potter, you can’t get more in character than him in the middle of saving the day. Your collection wouldn’t be complete without this Pop to take its rightful place on your shelf.

Harry Potter Quidditch Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Harry Potter Pop is the partner to the Draco Malfoy Quidditch Funko Pop, and his flowing red Quidditch robes will stand in stark contrast to his nemesis and his emerald green robes. The main difference here is that Harry has actually caught the golden snitch, fulfilling his duties as Gryffindor seeker and winning the match for his team.

His left hand holds the snitch cupped within while his right holds up his broom as if he’s just landed. You can’t have the Draco Pop without this Harry Pop to offset it, and they add a nice pop of color onto your Harry Potter Funko Pop shelf for sure. Include this Pop to your collection without any regrets.

Rubeus Hagrid Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hagrid

This 6” Rubeus Hagrid Pop is here to tell you that you’re a wizard, and whisk you away from your muggle guardians to experience the magical world of Hogwarts and all the other wizards and witches.

A half-giant, Hagrid stands tall and strong with his dark brown coat and brown boots. Fans who have read the books will know why he is holding a pink umbrella in his left hand. You see, when he was expelled from Hogwarts they broke his wand into a few different pieces. He gathered up the pieces and hid them inside this frumpy pink umbrella. Even though he isn’t supposed to perform magic he still does a few tricks and such with that little pink umbrella.

He towers over the other Harry Potter Pops just as he should, and looks friendly and large as always. We all need a Hagrid in our collection.

Lord Voldemort Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Voldermort

Voldemort has really never looked cuter than in his Harry Potter Funko Pop form. Not sure why he is posed the way he is, but he happens to look a little confused. I guess returning to a body can do that to a wizard? Either way, his expression is more befuddled than it is menacing, but you can clearly tell that this is the Dark Lord.

His wispy black robes and proffered wand fit his character well, and this Pop is definitely a must have.

Severus Snape Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This Snape Pop is probably one that most fans just had to have the moment it was available. Severus Snape is a fan favorite so it is surprising that there aren’t more versions of him around, but it might just be hard to find interesting ways to represent him. Billowing black robes and a sneer that could cut glass are his trademarks after all.

The fact that his suit is bluer while his robes are black is a bit strange, but you can still tell that this is the best Potions Master we all love to hate.

Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Now this Dumbledore better fits the classic Headmaster full of whimsy that we grow to love in the first few books, before his dark side and past comes out to full glory. His hat is spangled with golden stars and his half-moon spectacles are a nice bronzed color. His robes are a deep mauve and you can’t tell if he is about to crack a joke or not.

Dumbledore is another Harry Potter Pop that sadly does not have a lot of designs, so he would be a great addition to your collection.

Hermione Granger Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Hermione

This simple Hermione Granger Harry Potter Pop is a good classic representation of the young Gryffindor. She stands ready to spout answers at a moment’s notice, wand in right hand and her uniform impeccably pressed. The bangs add a nice touch to help you see this is a younger version of her, and she’d fit in with any set of the trio in a heartbeat.

Ron Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop Ron

This basic Ron Weasley Funko Pop is a great starter if you’re looking to begin your Harry Potter Pop collection, and he fits right in with the previous Hermione. His wand is mended with spellotape, so you know to step out of the way if he tries to cast any sort of spell just in case it backfires.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Harry is looking good in his first Funko Pop rendition, wearing his Gryffindor uniform with pride and about to cast a spell if it is required of him. He’s never been much for learning or studying, but that’s okay, because he makes up for that with raw talent. That, and loyalty to his friends. This is why he should be a part of your Harry Potter Pop shelf.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Engine Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

This set of Harry Potter Pops is a must have for anyone who loves putting them on display through their home. You can find Harry, Ron, and Hermione riding various parts of the Hogwarts Express. The details of the Hogwarts train are gorgeous, and you know without a doubt that you are looking at a piece of Harry Potter magic when you have this whole set together.

Ginny Weasley, Percy Weasley, & George Weasley Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

Nothing is more adorable than the Weasley’s all supporting Ireland together, funny hats and a face paint and all. We don’t always get a chance to see Ginny’s scintillating personality in the Harry Potter movies, but at least in Pop format we can see she loves cheering on her favorite Quidditch Team with her brothers. Interesting that Fred is missing…but I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything.

Cornish Pixie, Mandrake, & Grindylow Funko Pop

Harry Potter Funko Pop

The Harry Potter Magical Creatures all look adorable in this fun little set. The Cornish pixie has a characteristically devilish grin to go along with his bright blue skin. You definitely don’t want to come across him in an empty corridor. The mandrake should be happily potted, but instead he looks just as grumpy as when he is on the move. The face he is making should be illegal it’s so hilarious!

Finishing off this set is the lesser known Grindylow, which Professor Lupin kept in a tank in the Defense Against the Arts Classroom, though they also live in the lake on Hogwarts grounds. He looks a bit shifty eyed and unfriendly, but that’s why you should always approach magical creatures with caution.

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