Big Mouth Funko Pop List – Hormone Monster! Not The Puberty Fairy!

Big Mouth Funko Pop

Netflix’s Big Mouth released back in 2017 and has since received rave reviews for its “interesting” depiction of the trials and tribulations of puberty. It’s hardly surprising that the series has quickly received a run of Big Mouth Funko Pop Vinyl’s to immortalise the principal cast.

As it’s a very short run – only four Big Mouth Pops – they’ve chosen to sculpt only the main characters for now. We’ve got Andrew, Nick, Maurice and Connie to start.

So, whether you’re looking to buy that special someone a gift for the Day of Valen, or the Shame Wizard is on to you for not supporting your new favourite TV show like you should – check out our list of Big Mouth Funko Pops below.

Andrew Funko Pop Big Mouth

Andrew Big Mouth Funko Pop

The first Big Mouth Funko Pop in the range is none other than everyone’s favorite pot-bellied Jewish teenager- Andrew Glouberman (#642).

What we particularly like about Andrew’s sculpt is that Funko has done an excellent job in capturing his attempts to appear ‘sultry’ and wise. His eyes are sculpted to appear as though they’re ‘regarding’ you and his eyebrows are raised to relay that he likes what he sees (insert awkward Andrew laugh).

Funko have also faithfully recreated each of his five moustache hairs, which is a nice attention to detail. Andrew comes dressed in his usual show attire.

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Nick Funko Pop Big Mouth

Nick Big Mouth Funko Pop

Little Nick Birch (#643) is next up in our Big Mouth Funko Blog.

Nick comes holding a basketball, which is a bit of an odd choice for his initial Pop Vinyl. He is seen playing across a few episodes (who could forget the Big Dicks Shooting Hoops Song from the first ever episode?) but it’s hardly his defining feature.

Funko have sculpted Nick looking very happy; or perhaps like he’s been spending some time with Jessie and her Dad’s stash. Again; Nick is in his usual ensemble for the show but unfortunately Funko have let Nick down by ham fisting his fringe slightly.

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Hormone Monster Funko Pop Big Mouth

Hormone Monster Big Mouth Funko Pop

The original Hormone Monster (#684) – and that is Hormone Monster and NOT the puberty fairy- is up next.

Despite Andrew and Nick being the ‘protagonists’ of Big Mouth it’s fair to say that without Mauri and Connie the show wouldn’t have the same appeal. It’s little wonder then that they feature in the first run of the Big Mouth Funko Pops.

As Mauri is such an iconic character, you’d hope that Funko would do a good job at his sculpt and we’re pleased to report that that this is indeed the case. His pose is classic Mauri – obnoxious and apathetic and the designers haven’t shied away from giving him his signature beer gut.

Unfortunately, his coloring is slightly off versus what we see in the show. If they do any more versions of Mauri in the future, let’s hope they fix this minor issue.

Interesting note – on the box art Mauri is wearing a fanny pack but is not on his Funko. Where is he carrying his dicks!?

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Hormone Monstress Funko Pop Big Mouth

Hormone Monstress Funko Pop

Connie the Hormone Monstress (#685) rounds out the first run of Big Mouth Funko Pops as well as our Big Mouth Funko Blog.

The first point to mention about Connie’s Funko is her undeniably excellent posing. Like with Mauri before her, Funko sculpted her in such a way that captures the essence of her character from the show. With her hand-on hip, bent-in knees and sultry eyes (complete with heavy lids and lashes) she exudes sultriness and confidence.

Her hair is well textured – which makes it a bit of shame that so much of it is hidden when the Pop is forward facing. Connie’s coloring is much, much closer to her character model from the show than Mauri. Our only real complaint is her hands come off a little too much like she’s wearing Mickey Mouse gloves!

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Who’s next?

Big Mouth has been a thorough success for Netflix and doesn’t seem as though it’ll be stopping anytime soon. As it continues we have no reason to expect that Funko will slow down in bringing out further characters from the show.

If we get another four in the next run our money is on Jessie, Missy, Coach Steve and The Shame Wizard.

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