Friends Funko Pop Vinyl – The One With The Complete List

These Funko Pop Friends will be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

So you need a gift idea for Friends fans? Well these Pop Vinyl Friends figures are a perfect way of telling someone you’re their lobster.

The whole cast are here of course, though to get a full set you may have to pay a considerable amount more for one than the others, depending on which versions you want. Two sets were made, the cheap Pop Vinyl figures are the second set, as they are the most recent. As the first set are no longer in production now, they are priced at a minimum of £80 plus. Also it’s worth mentioning just because I said cheap, I’m talking price. The build quality and designs are much better than the old ones.

Before you check out our Friends Funko Blog below, have a look at this awesome video from Original Funko showing off the Friends Pops!

Hair Chandler Bing Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Starting the Funko Blog list with a great one is the Hair Chandler Bing Funko Pop.

The figure is from the episode The One Where The Stripper Cries (Season 10, Episode 11), where Chandler and Ross look back on their college days in 1987 whilst attending a school reunion.

The 80’s was renowned for its ‘interesting’ hair styles and Chandler Bing definitely didn’t go light on the hairspray for his. Sporting the devil-horn-do, this Friends Vinyl Pop captures the Chan-Man’s hair perfectly.

The body design has the embroidered brown jacket with sleeves rolled up, with a frightening mustard yellow shirt underneath. Garish.

This is fantastic cheap vinyl pop alternative to the other Chandler Bing figure below, as you can pick it up on Amazon for under £11.

The only thing I would critique is that if you’re a collector and want to keep the Pop in the box, you won’t be able to see his awesome hair – which lets face it, is the main feature about this particular figure.

Supergirl Phoebe Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is a wonderful design choice for a Phoebe Funko Pop and a great option for fans of both Friends and Supergirl. The design is from the episode The One With The Halloween Party (Season 8 Episode 6).

What makes this Pop special is that it’s so colourful. This is made possible be the combination of the Supergirl suit and Phoebes hair. All three primary colours in one Pop isn’t common, so it’s a real treat here.

To complement the visual feast is the high level of detail and fantastic moulding. Phoebes hair with pigtails is very nicely done, put the real treat here is the Supergirl suit, which in my opinion is actually better than the official Supergirl Pop Vinyl.

The folds in the red cape and skirt go all the way around, so Funko didn’t cheap out and just do a flat cloth look which is awesome. The blue top with the official ‘Super’ logo (or ‘Hope’ as it means on Krypton) is perfectly printed and the gold touches on the bracelets and belt are the cherry on the cake.

One of our favourite Friends Pop Vinyl for under £12 in this Funko Blog, which is an absolute bargain considering the Phoebe Buffay Funko Pop down the list is over £100.

Hair Ross Geller Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Way, No Way!

Similar to the Hair Chandler, the Hair Ross Funko Pop is from the same episode The One Where The Stripper Cries (Season 10, Episode 11).

Though simple in design, it’s very effective in netting the look of Ross in all his splendour in the 80’s.

The perm hair is superbly moulded, with great waves in the hair (it sounds like a shampoo commercial, but honestly the level of detail is excellent) and the moustache has also had a lot of care and attention from the designers.

Detail is continued in the moulding for the body, particularly his blue jacket and tanned trousers (or pants for the Americans).

In his hand is a homemade poster for Ross and Chandler’s band, Way, No Way! The symbols painted on it are the same from the episode, which is a really nice touch.

This in my opinion is better than the other Friends Pop Vinyl Ross in our Funko Blog. The design is much more interesting, plus it is under a tenner, whereas the one below is close to £100.

Hair Rachel Green Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

As with Hair Ross and Hair Chandler, the Hair Rachel Pop Vinyl is based on the 80’s Rachel Green from the same episode.

This pop has been given the same love and attention to detail as the others and is marvellous.

The hair is unsurprisingly the main feature and it’s gorgeous, with the contouring looking spectacular all over and especially on the 80’s quiff. Complimenting her face is some subtle blusher and a hoop earring on the left ear.

The body design is perhaps one of the most intricate in this Funko Blog Pop Collection and easily the most fashionable. The satin blue leopard pattern top is expertly printed and shiny, with the black leather trousers bagging at the bottom. And she has nice shoes.

Her accessory is the traditional red plastic party beer cup she holds in the episode at the party.

Again, for under £10, this is an excellent Friends Pop Vinyl of Rachel Green.

Joey With All Chandler’s Clothes Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“Look at me – I’m Chandler! Could I be wearing any more clothes? Maybe if I wasn’t going commando!”

Ah, Joey logic. You got to love him. This Friends Vinyl Pop is modelled on the episode The One Where No One’s Ready (Season 3 Episode 2). Joey goes out of his way to annoy Chandler by wearing his roommate’s entire wardrobe because it’s the opposite of what Chandler was doing. And then he does some lunges to really ice the (sweaty) cake.

As you can see, this Joey Funko Pop’s main selling point is the body. All of Chandler’s sweater vests, ties, jackets, underwear, shorts and trousers are moulded and painted in nice detail, with Joey’s arms outstretched as he enters the room to parade his accomplishment.

It’s another great and cheap Pop Vinyl priced at under £11.

Monica With Braids Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

This is the first of four designs of Monica in the Friends Pop Vinyl list and it’s a great one.

You’ll recognise her from the One in Barbados (Season 9 Episode 24), where Monica has gone and got her hair braided because the humidity is causing it to be all frizzy.

This Monica Pop has spared no expense on the moulding of the braids, with each one individually realised in fine detail. The shells are well crafted and gives a really nice touch (and fortunately don’t make that annoying noise!).

Her body of course has the same outfit she did in the episode, complete with her wedding ring from Chandler.

This Friends Funk Pop is priced under £10, though there is a really nice twist when ordering this Pop.

When you order her, there is a chance you may get an alternate ‘Chase’ version.

What is a Chase Pop Vinyl? Well when retailers receive a batch of Pops, they also receive what is known as a Chase piece. This is an alternate version of the character which is different in design and therefore a rare Pop Vinyl, one that the collectors go crazy for. For more information on Chase Pops, check out our Post on What are Chase Funko Pops.

So if you order this Monica Pop, you might get the Chase version, which is listed below. Hope you get lucky!

Frizzy Hair Monica Funko Pop (Chase)

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

As mentioned above, this is the Frizzy Hair ‘Chase’ version of Monica from the episode The One in Barbados (Season 9 Episode 24).

To get this you can either purchase it for just under £40 from a private seller, or cross your fingers and hope that you get it when buying the Braided Hair version. Due to the rarity of this Pop, I’m confident this will only increase in price, particularly so when they cease production on this Friends Pop Vinyl set.

As the name suggests, this is when Monica gets frizzy hair in Barbados. The moulding on the backwards baseball cap is particularly good, as is the volume of hair underneath.

Other than that, this Pop isn’t the most spectacular, but I’m sure some will go after it. Personally, I prefer the next two below in our Funko Blog!

Turkey Head Monica Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

The Monica Geller Turkey Head Exclusive is a definite favourite of ours from the Friends Pop Vinyl list.

This Pop is designed from the moment when Monica apologises to Chandler at the end of the episode The One with all the Thanksgivings (Season 5 Episode 8). Adding to her turkey is a fez, glasses and doing a little dance, the couple make up after she gets Chandler to laugh. Then Joey runs away screaming after walking in.

The turkey head has been excellently moulded, with the textured bumps covering the skin to give it a real tactile feel. The glasses have orange Perspex so they are see-through and the fez has a detailed string topper.

The body is the same outfit from the episode, a green blouse with Monica’s trademark leather trousers. Her stance is in the dance mode too!

The only downside to this Friends Funko Pop is that it’s way too top heavy. You’ll have to prop it up against something as the slightest nudge will send it toppling over.

You can pick this up for under £30 which is a great bargain for an exclusive Pop Vinyl.

Chef Hat Monica Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Our favourite Monica in this Funko Blog, but also the most expensive due to its rarity.

This Friends Pop Vinyl is the closest design out of the four available to the normal Monica we all know and love.

Dressed in a chef outfit, her stance is one of authority and order with one arm on her hip; the other impatiently holding a frying pan. It’s Monica in her element.

The chef outfit body is nice and neat and the frying pan accessory is cute, but it’s the head that makes this Friends Funko Pop.

The swept back hair under the chef hat is all well finished, though the diamond earrings are the really nice touch on this. Maybe they’re the pair in which Rachel lost one of them? Who knows, they look fab.

Price-wise this is where these Pops get expensive – you’re looking at just over £80 currently for one of these and they are only going to go up in value.

Joey Tribbiani Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“How you do’in?”

This is your classic Joey Tribbiani Pop Vinyl figure, holding the duck (the Chandler below holds the chick).

A great mould with the cool hair and outfit, this is the better of the two Joey Pops available.

This though is priced just over £80 also, so only the committed Joey fans will be purchasing this Friends Pop Vinyl.

Ross Geller Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“We were on a break!”

Complete with Marseille the monkey, this Ross Pop Vinyl figure is a nice addition to the set especially if you’re wanting a Ross and Rachel duo.

It is however not the most exciting Pop in the collection – the episodes with the monkey were kind of annoying, perhaps they could have picked a better design option.

This Friends Pop Vinyl goes for £100 at the time of writing.

Rachel Green Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Now this is a gorgeous version of Rachel Green.

Everything about this design is perfect. For starters, you have the classic Rachel Hair with highlights and the moulding and paintwork is very nice – you can instantly look at this and know it is Jennifer Aniston’s famous TV persona.

The body boasts some great detail – the blue denim top with zipper, knee high boots and skirt are well made, but it is the accessories that grab you.

The signature Central Perk apron and coffee mug are a lovely touch (even though they weren’t in the show).

Similar to Ross, this Friends Pop Vinyl goes for $125/£100, but honestly if you are an avid collector of Friends memorabilia, then this is a must have.

Phoebe Buffay Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

Similar to the Rachel Green Pop mentioned above, this is a beautiful Phoebe Buffet and this captures her musical essence. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat…. Ear worm yet?

This Friends Pop Vinyl design is simple enough, though a lot of care and attention has gone into the little details.

From the golden hair, many rings on her fingers, her hippy necklace, the wonderful intricacies on the guitar and the leather jacket and boots combo, it screams classic Phoebe. Voices in her head are not included though.

This is a rare one, hence why the pricing is a little higher – you’re looking at around $160/£120 for this, though you may find it for a few quid less in other places.

Chandler Bing Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop Nerd Upgraded

“Could I be any rarer?”

And finally, the most expensive Pop Vinyl Friends figure in the Funko Blog list is Chanandler Bong. Sorry, Chandler Bing!

When writing this article I was really surprised to find out that Chandler was the most expensive on the list – my money was on Rachel or Phoebe to be honest.

The Pop figure looks great. The hair is definitely on point, as is the sweater vest and shirt, beige trousers and shoes. And he is holding the chick.

Twinned with Joey, this would be a great Friends Pop Vinyl duo, best friends together both with their feathered friends.

The lowest price I can find this for is just over $200/£150, so if you are an ultimate Friends fan and want to get the whole Funko Pop set, then it’s a steep investment. However, this will only likely to increase in price over time.

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