Stranger Things Funko Pops

Stranger Things Funko Pop Complete Guide – Including Season 3 Pops!

Stranger Things Funko Pops were always going to happen – and I’m so glad they did!

The cult Netflix show has become a hit and is probably the best original show on the streaming service. Over the past couple of years, Funko has released a load of Stranger Things Pops.

Edit – Season 3 is here and I’ve just binged it, so some of the descriptions of the early release Season 3 Stranger Things Pops were guesswork, so don’t tell me I’m wrong, I know!

I recommend Entertainment Earth for Stranger Things Pops – they seem to have the best selection around at reasonable prices!

TOP PICK – Steve (with Sunglasses) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Everyone’s favorite soccer mom—er, I mean babysitter, is ready to kick some butt here. With his perfectly puffed up and swooped hair, Steve is ready to take matters into his own hands. Those yellow gloves and sunglasses mean business- no one is messing with his kids.

Steve is more pure than we have ever deserved in a character, and this Stranger Things Funko Pop is a must have for any real fan.

Top Pick – Eleven w/ Eggos Funko Pop

Everyone remembers Eleven in her pretty pink dress she used as a disguise, holding tight to her precious Eggos. With a dirty face and bloody nose we know she deserved those Eggos. This is another Stranger Things Pop that really showcases an iconic scene with the character.

The super popular Eleven Chase has her wearing that blonde wig and we see her look like a normal put together little girl for the first time. Otherwise, she looks the same as the previous Stranger Things Funko Pop.

Dustin (Vest) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Dustin

Our curly-haired cutie is ready to take on anything in his adorable outfit, weapon in hand. Have you ever met a more resourceful group of kids? Probably not. It looks like Dustin has come prepared not only in a properly matching outfit with a Camp Know Where hat, but also with his hammer mechanism to do battle against all unsightly monsters out there in the Upside Down.

We know nothing bad can happen to this pint-sized hero as he is still just getting his groove going.

Eleven (Red Jacket) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Eleven

Could anything look cuter than Eleven with her slicked back hair and adorable eyelashes? Not sure what this outfit may entail, but Eleven is showing off her flair for style once again, and sporting a confident look with her forehead exposed.

This Eleven Pop is neither timid nor afraid, and we should wonder what exactly she’s about to do with her long red jacket and blue striped high-waisted pants. It is sure to be a significant scene in this new season.

Battle Eleven Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Eleven

Once Again Eleven is ready to kick some ass while looking good. Watching Eleven fully develop into herself is probably one of the best parts of the Stranger Things continuations. Everyone’s favorite girl is growing up and into her own and always discovering new things about herself.

A tell-tale bloody nose compliments this flashy outfit on this Stranger Things Funko Pop and shows that Eleven is still working hard to protect the ones she loves and nothing will get in her way, not even a blindfold.

Erica Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Erica

Lucas’s little sister, Erica, stole hearts with her hilarious and sassy attitude from the moment she stepped on the screen in Season Two. Now she’s going to have her own Stranger Things Funko Pop for all of her fans to take home and place on their shelves.

A helmet with headlamps easily showcases Erica’s wild readiness to join in her brother’s adventuring, and her cute overall outfit is a nice pop of colors for this Stranger Things Pop.

Lucas Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Lucas

Lucas is looking good in his signature camo headband and fly jacket covered in kanji. A hand on his hip is the perfect addition to his energetic personality and flair for style. This Lucas Pop is a must have for anyone who truly appreciates this character. Season One didn’t really have a lot of development for this guy, but Season Two really took the plunge and now we all have to love him. This is a great Stranger Things Funko Pop to have for you to show your admiration for him.

Max Mall Outfit Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Max

Everyone was up in arms at the mention of a brand new character, but it was time for the addition of another kick-ass girl in the Stranger Things universe, and Lucas would most definitely agree.

Hardcore and strong, this Max Pop looks great with her awesome 80s fashion and a nice spray of freckles over her cheeks. Sunglasses and skater shoes complete this care free look, even though we all know she has a lot to deal with under her signature smirk.

Will the Wise Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Will

Getting to know the real Will has been difficult since the first season where he was missing, but this Stranger Things Funko Pop shows his attitude in the form of his Dungeons and Dragons persona. Will the Wise stands tall and dorky in purple robes spangled with stars. He holds a staff, every inch the true wizard ready to take on all danger and handle it well.

Stranger Things Funko Pop Will

This Will Pop is the same as the one before except that the stars glow in the dark, which is a nice addition to any Stranger Things Pop collection.

Dustin at Camp Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop dustin

It looks like Dustin is going to camp, so we will see how that adventure unfolds, especially if he is separated from his friends for the summer. His Camp Know Where hat and t-shirt are especially cute and you have to be curious about what that pun-derful name really means. Season Three will probably update us, but for now we can be content with this Dustin Pop and his interesting uniform.

Stranger Things Funko Pop dustin

This variant of the Stranger Things Funko Pop has Dustin sporting a super cute arcade style shirt with cats on it instead of the Camp Know Where shirt. It stands out as a nice sky blue while showcasing an interesting design. This Dustin Pop is a must have for those who love his character.

Steve w/ Hat and Ice Cream Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop steve

This Steve Pop is for all of the Steve Stans who think he must look adorable in this old timey sailor uniform that we can only guess he’s wearing because he’s being paid for it. Babysitting must not provide the money he needs (was he even getting paid for it?) because he is ready to sell you ice cream and look adorable doing it.

Love the apron and kerchief, really brings the whole look together. If you love Steve then we know you love this Stranger Things Pop.

Eleven Mall Outfit Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop eleven

Fashion is really taking off for our Eleven these days and she looks totally awesome. Her romper is definitely iconic and all the rage right now and I’m sure we will see tons of different cosplays of it. Her hair is also getting pretty long and righteous.

Seeing Eleven develop is awesome, and if you line up all the Eleven Pops in order then the stranger thing you might see is how she has changed over the seasons and really found herself.

Hopper (Date Night) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop hopper

Who knew Hopper could look so debonair? This man is ready to take a lucky lady out on the town so he can tell her all about his wild fatherly duties, though it’s doubtful she’d believe him. Dad of the Year deserves all the good things that are sure to come his way in Season Three though, so let’s just hope Eleven doesn’t make things too difficult for him. Who are we kidding? She probably will.

Mike (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop mike

Mike looks so nervous and cute in his fancy dance attire. He doesn’t know what exactly to expect, but he definitely looks adorable. This Mike Pop has a cute bunch of freckles over his pale skin, and his suit is so perfectly 80s that it hurts. Eleven’s heart doesn’t stand a chance when she sees how adorable he is, especially as this Stranger Things Funko Pop.

Steve VS Demodog Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

When we first met the Demodogs we were not sure how to react, though Steve seems to think that his signature baseball bat is ready to do the trick. Regardless of the danger, they can at times seem friendly enough, almost pet like, as Dustin taught us. Regardless, they can also be dangerous if left unchecked. Steve has both hands on his bat full of nails ready to take them down if he has to. Anything to protect his kids.

Eleven and Demogorgon Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Creepy much? This iconic scene between Eleven and her supposed arch nemesis really takes the cake on 80s horror style. This Stranger Things Pop doesn’t fit the usual bill when it comes to its design, but that’s okay because it showcases such an important moment.

Eleven’s eyes are black pits with spider webbing veins as she faces off with her enemy, blood dripping from ears and nose as she uses her powers to their fullest extent. The Demogorgon steps forward from the wall out of the Upside Down…and then, well, we all know what happens next.

Demogorgon Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

For all the people who love horrific monsters among us, this Demogorgon Pop should 100% be on your shelf. With its creepy muscled body and taloned fingers reaching ominously toward you, there’s nothing else to stare at but his gaping flowery mouth and rows of jagged teeth. Can you say spooky?

Stranger Things Pops are definitely known for being off the beaten path, and this monster takes the cake for sure.

Hopper Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Hopper Pop is the basic depiction of the local Sherriff that you need to complete your Stranger Things collection. He has uniform and hat on, flashlight in hand as he uncovers the mysteries of his decidedly not-so-sleepy town. What he discovers rocks the very basis of his world, but he handles it like a champ and rescues an innocent girl in the process. He’s a hero in every sense of the word.

Dustin (Hockey Gear) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Can you even tell it is Dustin under all that hockey gear? No, me either, but that’s okay because there’s a label right there. This Stranger Things Funko Pop gets all the details on his hockey gear just right without making it look too overwhelmed. The bright orange vest stands out, but it brings together all the other colors as well. Get ready to win it all Dustin.

Eleven (Burger T-Shirt) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Eleven has her ice cream and a burger shirt, looking a bit more human these days. This is a cute Eleven Pop that showcases how young she is and her childish side, which we just don’t get to see enough of throughout the show. We should never forget how innocent she really is and how she deserves to be in her pajamas eating ice cream all of the time, not just in this scene.

Eleven (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Reappearing for one magical evening, Eleven shows up ready to be swept off her feet by her first and best friend Mike. Her hair is finally starting to grow out and she has a cute little curl to join in with her adorable bow. The dress is so 80s and fits her age perfectly. Gotta love how the shows color palettes fit into everything, and this Eleven Pop would look perfect next to the Stranger Things Pop Mike counterpart.

Robin (Ice Cream Parlor) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Finally, another badass girl ready to enter the world of Stranger Things. With a cast full of boys it will be nice to see another girl enter the scene, and it seems like Robin will be a friend of Steve’s as she happens to work at the same ice cream parlor. Her outfit is a bit more modern but full of stripes and cute shorts and vest and hopefully she has a lot to contribute to this paranormal scene.

These are exclusives, so it’s unlikely you’ll find these…

Vampire Bob Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Loveable Bob didn’t get what he deserved in this show, but we will stick to keeping it fairly spoiler free. This friendly fellow was the subject of a lot of affectionate eye rolls, especially with his over-the-top vampire costume for Halloween. This Stranger Things Funko Pop really gets Bob’s personality out there along with the fun details of his costume.

From the eye makeup to the gapped teeth, this Bob Pop really is all Bob!

Steve (With Bandana) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Look, it’s our favorite mom friend again! Steve is looking. . . manly, with his traditional paisley bandana and goggles. Those gloves also show how ready he is to get down to business and survive anything these crazy monsters can throw his way. Nothing gets past him in this town, and he’s about to dive down into the belly of the beast to make a difference for everyone up above.

Hopper (With Vines) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Real father material is Hopper as he stands covered in those weird sentient vines, pocket knife at the ready to cut through the vines that want to drag him under. Dirty and tired, he’s got nothing left to lose and he wants to save everyone that he can. This Stranger Things Funko Pop really shows his determination well, and he is a necessary addition to your Funko shelf for sure.

Billy Funko Pop

Let’s all just admit it right now, get it out into the open: we hate Billy. There will always be those weird fangirls out there who love his style and flair and can look past his abusive tendencies because of his own past, but that’s not most of us. He’s a jackass. You can see it perfectly in this Stranger Things Pop, as Billy just looks like a jerk with nothing on his torso but a motorcycle jacket to offset his classic blue jeans. That mullet and moustache really say a lot, don’t they?

Billy and Karen Wheeler (2 Pack) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

A big will-they won’t-they are Billy and Karen. Will Mike’s mom actually fall for this debonair bad boy? Signs point to a solid maybe, as this show never goes the way you think. Billy looks pretty suave, cookie in hand, while Karen Wheeler clutches closed her sexy wine colored robe. Again, you never know where the story is going with this and this Stranger Things Funko Pop suggests it might be going somewhere after all.

Bob (In Scrubs) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Bob Pop looks pretty legit as he stands there posed in scrubs, walkie talkie in his hand and flashlight in the other. He’s stronger and more daring than anyone could have believed. True kindness and bravery really stand out in this man, and he’s ready to tackle any problem hands on to save the people he cares about. His scrubs show he’s a hardworking man, and that he has skills.

Eleven (Elevated) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Eleven Pop showcases Eleven’s hardcore badass side quite openly. She’s basically floating in midair, blood pouring down her face, ready to throw trucks like they are nothing more than paper balls. That leather jacket paired with the cuffed pants show that she means business, and the clear stand makes it that she can still look awesome even outside of her box, if that’s your jam.

Dustin (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Dustin’s curly fro has never looked more adorable and manageable than it does when he’s dressed to the nines for the Snowball Dance. He really stands apart with his good looks and good attitude, and we all want to kick those rude girls who refuse to dance with him in their shins. Luckily he has good friends and Nancy has a kind heart so he doesn’t go without a lovely dance of his own.

Demogorgon Funko Pop 6”

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Demogorgon is a bit more concealed. His flower(?) is not fully open exposing his rows of jagged teeth, but he is just as creepy as the other ones. This Demogorgon Pop is a whopping 6”, which means he will tower over all your other Stranger Things Pops, so you definitely need him to complete your collection. There will be no hesitation in purchasing once you see this crazy thing.

Dart Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Do you remember Dart? Dustin’s ill-fated attempt to raise a supposedly evil monster? Kind of like a puppy, Dart does happen to remember Dustin’s kindness to him, but we aren’t sure how deeply that resonates with Dart and if loyalty can overpower the mind control of his bosses. Somehow Dart’s endless rows of teeth are not as ominous as the Demogorgon’s even though they seem more numerous and, well, close.

Dustin and Dart Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Let’s not forget that Dart was sort of cute in the beginning, before he ate the cat and all of that nonsense. He and Dustin made an adorable pair and you had to love Dustin’s tenacity at trying to raise this creature before he realized what it truly was. Dustin and his “pet” stand side by side, Dustin ready to defend him and keep him a secret while Dart just keeps eating and growing.

Eleven (New Punk Look) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Just in case you weren’t sure if this was an Eleven Pop, they added a nice little nose blood and box of Eggos to help clarify things. This Stranger Things Funko Pop shows off Eleven’s punk look with a leather jacket, slicked back hair, and jeans. She looks older, wiser, and still as if she’d destroy worlds for Eggos. Having one pant leg cuffed and the other under the sock is a very nice touch.

Max (Costume) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

With the introduction of Max we were given another fun girl character to add to our collection. Her Halloween costume isn’t too original, but it’s definitely fitting for her. A creepy mask and knife accessorize her coveralls, and in case your forget she’s trick or treating, she has a cute little pumpkin basket in her hand to hold all the candy she collects. Red converse complete this classic costume look.

Max Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Skateboard in hand, Max looks every bit the skater girl in her maroon jacket zipped up over a multi-colored striped shirt. Her style really comes through in these Stranger Things Funko Pops, which is great because they used to all suffer from looking the same. Now that they focus on smaller details and accessories it is a lot easier to define the Pops from others. Her red converse and backpack complete this look of cool new kid.

Joyce Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Joyce

Every bit the mom here, Joyce stands adamant and determined with her hands on her hips. Her shaggy haircut is pure 80s in this Stranger Things Funko Pop, and her work shirt looks cute over a long sleeved one. She’s ready for life to get back to normal but there are no guarantees in the world when the Upside Down is just a few blinks away, and Joyce knows that better than most.

Ghostbusters Stranger Things Funko Pops

Ghostbuster Dustin Funko Pop

Our original introduction to this classic foursome involved their epic Ghostbuster outfits, so it’s nice to see this homage to their group costume for the first Halloween we got to experience. Dustin’s hair is curly and he clutches important gear, along with a pillowcase to hold all of the candy that he collects. You will need this Dustin Pop to make your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection stand above the rest.

Ghostbuster Lucas Funko Pop
Lucas looks super cute in his Ghostbuster get up and doesn’t look too different from his friends, which is kind of the point of a group Halloween costume. He looks ready to battle ghosts and collect candy, the ultimate goal of any pre-teen. He and his friends would make any shelf look like a bit of a confusing hodgepodge of Stranger Things Pops.

Ghostbuster Will Funko Pop

Will was a bit of a mystery thanks to being the main quest of Season One. Will is carrying a backpack full of necessary tools and a pillow case full of ectoplasm, or maybe candy. His bowl cut is certainly iconic of the era, and he is an adorable replica of the 80s. Don’t miss out and be sure to add this Stranger Things Funko Pop to your collection.

Ghostbuster Mike Funko Pop

The way Mike’s freckles spread unevenly across his face are a good example of how Funko has really done their job with Pops in recent years, and this Mike Pop looks just like his actual real life counterpart. A pillowcase rests on his left side ready to intake all the candy he could possibly need and he matches the rest of his friends as well to keep the group costume going strong.

Eleven Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Eleven

This Eleven Pop stands out as the premier version of Season Two Eleven. Now we get to see what Eleven’s hair looks like as it starts to grow out: super wavy and thick. She’s still as powerful as ever and ready to use her powers, but looks a little more frumpy in her oversized flannel and little sweater. This Stranger Things Funko Pop really contributes to the Eleven evolution.

Joyce (Biohazard Suit) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop Joyce

Like any strong mother would be willing to do, Joyce pulls on a biohazard suit to explore the depths of danger that may be threatening her children. The biohazard suit is a bit old fashioned but looks totally awesome and adds a bit of color to the grey grim Upside Down world she is adamant to explore. This is a unique looking Stranger Things Funko Pop to add to all of the Pops you have.

Hopper (Biohazard Suit) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop hopper

Looking for the perfect partner to stand next to your Joyce Pop? Then look no further because this Stranger Things Funko Pop perfectly matches as Hopper is wearing that neon yellow biohazard suit as well. He’s got a nice looking weapon perched in his hands because that’s what you should always expect of the Sherriff of any small town, right? He’s ready to defend the town as needed and explore all possibilities.

Eleven (With Electrodes) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Eleven Pop is quite freaky looking as she stands there in a hospital gown with electrodes attached to her head in some strange contraption. A characteristic nosebleed drips down so we can gather that she is probably being tested on the levels of her powers. Even in this state, this Stranger Things Funko Pop shows how powerful Eleven really can be, especially when in danger or enraged.

Upside Down Eleven and Barb (2 Pack)

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This biggest mystery of all: what happened to Barb? The creators of Stranger Things probably did not expect Barb’s disappearance to strike a chord with everyone, but she did. Therefore this is a nice nod to all the people who wanted her story to mean something more and to continue further than it did. Eleven stands in her weird outfit from her captors and Barb looks super sad and down, as she did in real life. Wish she could have gotten a better story but this Stranger Things Pop will have to be enough.

Brenner Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Looking stark and businesslike, there’s not much more you could expect from Brenner, the cold mastermind of this all. The Director of the Hawkins National Laboratory is not yet aware of all the damage that will really go on because of his dastardly deeds and still thinks he has complete control over the entire situation. This Brenner Pop will probably think he still has control over all the pops in your collection as well.

Nancy Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

With her hair pulled back and gun in her hand, this Nancy Wheeler Pop does not look like someone you would want to mess with. She has a nice red jacket to help up her badass status and no one should mess with her little brother or boyfriend. She is not the type of girl to be a damsel in distress that’s for sure. Nancy would be a good addition to your Stranger Things Funko Pop group.

Johnathan Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

From creeper to crush, Johnathan didn’t really follow the stereotype we expected for him initially, which is part of why this show is so great. It has classic tropes that it doesn’t follow through with and makes sure to change the story to something a bit more modern. He has that camera, the tool of his misdeeds, in hand as he stands ready to assist Nancy and Steve, or fight off a bully.

Hopper Stranger Things Funko Pops

Stranger Things Hopper Funko Pop

This Hopper Pop doesn’t do too much for Hopper, as it shows the Sherriff in classic cop capacity with coffee in one hand and donut in another. He has a scruffy beard and his classic Sherriff hat, and there is not much to really do in the sleepy old town of Hawkins. Of course, he hasn’t realized what yet is to occur and how his life will soon change.

Stranger Things Hopper Funko Pop Chase

This Chase Hopper Pop looks the same as the previous pop except that he is missing his trademark hat. Not necessarily a must have for a collection but still pretty neat of a Stranger Things Funko Pop.

Stranger Things Hopper (Gold) SDCC Exclusive Funko Pop

This version of Hopper just must be easy to reproduce, because it is the same Hopper Pop as before but with his hat back, coated in gold. This might be the better rarity to want to add to your collection, however you won’t get it.

Only 50 were made and they are one of the most expensive Funko Pops ever released.

Eleven (Hospital Gown) Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Still looking cute as heck, Eleven stands in her hospital gown clutching a handful of fries. Her dirty face and blushed cheeks add a sense of innocence to her overall, and she needs to be a part of any Stranger Things Funko Pop collection. She looks cute doing pretty much anything, as that is a gift of being Eleven, and this is just different enough to continue to add variety.

Mr. Clarke Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Another classic character, this Mr. Clarke Pop takes his character and easily represents who he is. You don’t have to be a serious Stranger Things fan to recognize him and his iconic plate. He is open to explaining any questions you may have and to hover excitedly over any potential scientific discoveries. Got to love that beautiful classic moustache and suit, he almost looks like a magician.

Steve Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Summer Exclusive is super important not just for Steve fans but for anyone who wants to have the best Stranger Things Funko Pop collection possible. Steve has that dashing cut across his nose and blood splattered over one eye in a nondescript sweatshirt and pants. His bat full of nails is held in battle ready position and no supernatural being is making it past him unscathed, that’s for sure.

Upside Down Will Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Stranger Things Pop is also a must have because it is just awesome. Will stands there, upside down, because that’s where he’s stuck. Is he dead? Is he alive? You need to watch the entire first season to fully understand, but grey pallored skin and dark circled eyes really say it all. This Stranger Things Funko Pop was hard to find once it came out because he flew off of the shelves.

Joyce Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

One of the best received scenes of Season One was Joyce becoming obsessed with finding her son and using Christmas lights to talk to him. So here she stands in pop form clutching Christmas lights as if they are her last link to humanity.

Demogorgon Funko Pop

Just another Demogorgon Pop, but still creepy as heck and needs to be on your shelf from the get go for your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection. Those rows of teeth and fissured skin really do creep us out.

This Chase actually looks a bit better for once as the Demogorgon Pop’s face is all sealed and closed, hiding away those vicious teeth. This Stranger Things Pop looks a bit like a mummy, but we all know the truth.

Barb Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Barb was an internet sensation, but there’s really only this single Barb Pop for true fans, so you need to add her to the collection. When it comes to Stranger Things she is part of its history and one of its main memes that helped make it popular.

Will Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Will Pop looks the same as the Upside Down Funko Pop but just in a normal color palette.

Lucas Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Lucas is clutching those famous binoculars in his hand and has his camo bandana, a nice little bit of flair to match the rest of his colorful outfit. We can’t forget how interesting a character he is and how funny a friend in the Stranger Things universe, now can we?

Dustin Funko Pop

Dustin is adorable in his hat and graphic tee, jacket protecting him from the cold. We don’t really see his loveable puppy like qualities in this quite yet, but it is coming.

Mike Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

This Mike Pop is looking a bit basic but also ready to discover what exactly happened to his best friend, walkie talkie at the ready. This is the perfect example of a classic Funko Pop design and he really looks his best.

Eleven Underwater Funko Pop

Stranger Things Funko Pop

Remember that weird scene of Eleven being stuck underwater? She has a cool looking astronaut helmet and those freaky electrodes sticking to her scalp. How many crazy experiments did this poor girl have to go through? This Eleven Pop shows just another one of those experiences.

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