Resident Evil Funko Pop Collection – These Things Are Rare!

Resident Evil Funko Pop

Most people have come across Resident Evil, whether it’s via the excellent game series, or the questionable movies. The franchise has been going for over 20 years now. So why are there only 6 Resident Evil Funko Pops?!

Yup – only 6, and half of them are vaulted already. Also, there isn’t a zombie Resident Evil Pop! It sounds bizarre, and it is. A franchise this big with many characters and monsters should have been ripe for the picking, though Funko, in all its mysticism, has not pushed on with more.

This makes the small collection of Resident Evil Pops very difficult to come by – your best bet is finding them online. Below is our guide to all 6, with a video going into more visual detail for your to feast your eyes on…

Jill Valentine Funko Pop Resident Evil

Jill Valentine Funko Pop

First in our list of Resident Evil Funko Pops is Jill Valentine (#155), a member of the S.T.A.R.S. team who were the first responders to the catastrophe at the Umbrella mansion in RE1.

Sporting her classic gear and infamous pose from the first game in the franchise, Jill looks great. As with all of the Resident Evil Pops, the sculpt is highly detailed. Her beret and hair look perfect, with the nice little S.T.A.R.S. decal at the front.

Her outfit is pure tactical gear and surprisingly practical for a female character (if you play the later games the female costumes get ridiculous). Belts, buckles, pouches are all here from the game, as is her Beretta pistol and her pose is one of the plucky and confident aspects from Ms Valentine.

Leon Kennedy Funko Pop Resident Evil

Leon Kennedy Funko Pop

Inspired by Resident Evil 4, this Leon Kennedy Funko Pop (#156) is my favourite of the Resident Evil Funko Pop collection.

The fourth game in the series revitalised the saga, adding the third person camera into the fray, along with new locations, tone and monsters. Personally, this game terrified me more than any Resident Evil game before it – right at the start, you’re being chased by crazed villages with sacks over their heads, chainsawing the door down. And Leon handled it like a champ.

With his 90’s Back Street Boys hairdo, the Leon Pop looks the part. Wearing full tactical boots and trousers, with his leather jacket, fingerless gloves and pump action shotgun, this Pop is ready to take on zombies, or Las Plagas, or whatever the hell it is these days.

Nemesis Funko Pop Resident Evil

Nemesis Funko Pop Resident Evil

First seen in Resident Evil 3, Nemesis was the big bad which hunted you throughout the entire game. Without a moments notice, this thing leaped out of nowhere and followed you through the map until you somehow managed to lose it or shoot it down. Which took a lot of ammo. It was terrifying, adding a whole new element of fear never felt before in a RE title.

The Nemesis Pop (#157) captures the stalking nightmare extremely well. It’s face is a Frankenstein of a mess, with separate skins parts stapled together, one eye and an exposed set of dentures. Weirdly, the teeth and gums are insanely well-done in terms of sculpt and paint job, looking pretty lifelike considering it’s a Pop. In between the skin and staples, the red lining of muscle tissue is visible too – which is great attention to detail.

For the body there is organ-piping near the neck and shoulder, with some scorched skin exposed. The majority of the outfit is some kind of S&M number, black leather trench-coat (it looks like a gimp suit), straps, silver buckles – all of which are well sculpted.

For his accessory, it’s his favourite bazooka.

Licker Funko Pop Resident Evil

Licker Funko Pop

The moment I saw the Licker for the first time in RE2, my heart was in my mouth.

First witnessed crawling past a window in the Racoon City Police Department, the inside out monster with a devilish tongue is downright terrifying.

The Licker Pop (#158) captures all the details that made this monster awesome and gross at the same time. The sculpt is wonderful – the brain ridges are contoured with great detail and a nice rotting beige paint blend. The teeth are all individually moulded, with the razor sharp Licker-tongue flicking out to the side. Pretty sure this ugly fella is smiling too…

As for the body, the pose is in pounce mode which is a nice touch and the inside out flesh, muscle tissues and fibres look fab. The large clawed feet make an excellent support for the ugliest Resident Evil Pop in the list.

Tyrant Funko Pop Resident Evil

Tyrant Funko Pop

Originally the leader of S.T.A.R.S., Albert Wesker uses the T-Virus on himself as a last resort. If you’re familiar to the Resident Evil series, you know this never ends well.

Wesker turns into the Tyrant, a near indestructible and one seriously ugly monster. He is the final boss from the first Resident Evil video game and this is the Tyrant in Super-sized Pop form (#159).

How many grim medical issues are on this chap? Well, we’ve got an oversized claw, black-plagued like skin, critical organs on the wrong side of the skin, balls of pus and a whole lot of veins. It’s freakin’ disgusting, but also very cool at the same time!

Whilst the white body sculpt itself is fairly standard (though effort has been put into the muscular look), it’s obivously the gory details which make this monster Pop stand out. It’s glorious, but very difficult to get hold of.

This Resident Evil Pop also has a Glow in the Dark variant which is exclusive to Target.

Hunter Funko Pop Resident Evil

Hunter Funko Pop

In the first Resident Evil game, these things were dangerous. When you return to the mansion later in the game, these Hunters follow you in and could pretty much insta-kill Chris or Jill with a single left hook.

This big boy is another super-sized Resident Evil Funko Pop, standing at 6″ tall – not sure why they made the Hunter (#160) this big considering it was human-sized in the game, but hey, I’ll take it.

Ironically the amount of detail on this sculpt is more than the entire polygon count of the original game – it’s stunningly detailed, with every scale individually moulded, particularly on the legs and arms. The green paint job is two-toned, allowing the scales to ‘pop’ more. The yellow eyes contrast nicely to the skin colour.

And that’s it! Told you it was a short list. What would your choice be for some new Resident Evil Pops?

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