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Tekken Funko Pops

The King of the Iron Fist Tournament had been raging for 2 decades and ended when Tekken 7 was released in 2017, concluding the Mishima storyline. To celebrate, Funko teamed up with Bandai Namco and released several Tekken Funko Pops!

How many Tekken Funko Pops are there?

There are 12 Tekken Pop Vinyl figures in total, counting variations of Nina and Armor King.

A few of these are store exclusive, such as the variants mentioned above and some of them have been vaulted too, such as the first Heihachi and King – so getting your hands on these are tricky, though not expensive if you go through the right channels.

Hopefully more Tekken Funko Pops will be released in the future as there are many characters that would make excellent Pops, such as Yoshimitsu, Paul Phoenix and Law to mention just a few.

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Below is the best unboxing video of Tekken Funko Pops I could find – check it out!

Heihachi Tekken Funko Pop

The man who started the King of Iron Fist Tournament and threw his son into an active volcano, I give you Heihachi Mishima in Funko Pop form!

There are two Pops based on the big boss of combat, this Hehachi Funko Pop (#171) is from Tekken 3 when he became a granddaddy.

The attention to detail on this Pop is great. His signature wild hair, bushy eyebrows and moustache are all present. His black karategi outfit looks fab, complete with tiger emblem on the back and red belt. Heihachi’s stance is based on his fight pose before a match, which is captured wonderfully in this figure.

This Tekken Funko Pop is vaulted, so you’re unlikely to find this in a store, however the value of this is only around $15/£12 so it’s still a good price.

King Tekken Funko Pop

King is one of the technical characters in the Tekken franchise. As a Mexican wrestler, his moves are focused on chaining grapples and was one of the more difficult fighters to master.

This King Tekken Funko Pop (#172) is based on the 2nd King who was a student of the original, who died in the main canon of the story to Ogre. Regardless, his moves are the same and wore the infamous leopard mask.

The design of this Pop is fantastic. Though the mask is the main feature of the figure, what is really special is the attention to detail on his boots and outfit (especially the King with Cape below). The vibrant colours of the yellow and blue bring out all the line work on the boot straps, gloves and pants. Also the tail is super sweet.

Similar to Heihachi, this Tekken Pop is vaulted, however the value is only $7/£5.

Jin Kazama Tekken Funko Pop

Jin Kazama is one of the fan favourites of the series. Though like his father Kazuya, Jin didn’t have the best upbringing.

After Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama, was killed, he trained under his grandfather Heihachi. Unfortunately for Jin, Heihachi was manipulating him for personal gain – to extract his genetic code, which contained the ‘Devil Gene’. After the third Iron Fist Tournament, Jin eventually transformed into Devil Jin, causing all sorts of global trouble in the later games.

The Jin Kazama Funko Pop looks brilliant. The awesome signature emo hairdo, the classic stance and the tattoo look fab, but like King, it’s Jin’s costume that steals the show. The detailing on the gloves is nuts, particularly the studs which are all individually raised. The flamed trousers look epic, with the yellow rimmed belt adding a nice break in colour between the chest and clothing.

This Tekken Funko Pop is still available at the standard Pop price.

Nina Williams Tekken Funko Pop

Nina Williams, the Irish assassin with a fierce sibling rivalry with her sister Anna, has been a fan favourite throughout the series. Along with Heihachi, King and Paul Phoenix (who still doesn’t have a pop yet!), Nina Williams is one of four characters who have been in every Tekken instalment.

Nina gets two Tekken Funko Pops (#174), one of which is a Walmart exclusive – it’s just a basic colour change of her ‘player 2’ outfit.

Her hyper-sexualised and impractical combat outfit is fully realised here in Pop form, with various straps, buckles, armour padding and ‘strategic’ camouflage pattern placement where it should be.

You can pick up the standard purple outfit Tekken Pop online at regular Pop price.

Kazuya Tekken Funko Pop

A Tekken Pop collection cannot be completed without Kazuya – particularly if you want the whole Mishima family.

Kazuya hasn’t had the best of luck in the series. He’s been thrown off a cliff, transformed into a devil, chucked into a volcano and then resurrected – and that isn’t going into the final couple of games. No wonder he was always in a bad mood.

The Kazuya Funko Pop (#175) design is similar to Jin’s in terms of outfits, yet they are still strikingly different to fans of the series. Kazuya’s famous red eye, scars on his face, slicked back hairstyle and his whopping great chest scar (courtesy of dear old dad) make him instantly recognisable. His clothing is similar to Jins, however Kazuya has his gold emblem on his white pants.

This Tekken Funko Pop is still widely available and is at standard price.

Devil Jin Tekken Funko Pop

This is the most elaborate of all the Tekken Pops here, and so it should be.

The Devil Jin Funko Pop (#176) is of course based on Jin’s transformation into the Devil. This Pop is brimming with detail and is a must have for any collector of the series.

The head has Jin’s signature emo hairdo, with horns and demonic markings across his face. Jin’s torso bears more devilish tattoos, his hands have mutated into claws, he has chains wrapped around his waist and left leg of his ridiculously cool flame pants, with his right foot bearing studs around the bottom of the boot. And he has giant freakin’ wings.

Honestly, this is one of the best designs for a Pop I’ve seen and the detailing is incredible. The black wings have moulding of feathers all over which are clearly visible despite the dark colour, the silver chains look dope and the red flames on the leg (and overall paint quality of the whole figure) is beautiful.

This Tekken Funko Pop is exclusive to Gamestop and is still available. It’s valued around $15 last time I checked, so still a great price.

Heihachi Tekken Funko Pop

This Heihachi Pop (#200) is exclusive to Gamestop, with the only difference between this and the other version is that he has more hair and no greys.

Jin Kazama Tekken Funko Pop

This next  Jin Tekken Funko Pop (#201) is the same version of the Jin Kazama above, though it is one of his later costumes from the series.

As you can see, the only difference is the colouring of his costume. They should have released his hooded outfit from Tekken 5, as that was one of the best. This feels like a lazy attempt to be honest, but is still cool.

This is an exclusive to Namco Bandai and is hard to get, priced at around $18/£13.

Armour King Tekken Funko Pop

I’m so glad that Funko did Armor King and his Pop version (#202) is on point.

Armor King didn’t have much of a fleshed out backstory – he was a rival/friend of King, plus he had pretty much the same moves with a few variations. However his costume was kick ass.

His Tekken Pop has the same head sculpt as King, except for the paint job is different on the fur, he has one red eye and the other green and the scarring on his face. The body however is completely different, with silver armour (it’s in the name!) covering him from head to toe – extra padding, plating and spikes.

There is another version of Armor King which is exclusive to Gamestop, with the only difference being that parts of his armour are a dark shade of blue.

King (Caped) Tekken Funko Pop

This King Tekken Funko Pop (#207) differs from the earlier version by – you guessed it – he comes with a cape!

There is no difference between the designs other than that, though it does add more of a Mexican wrestler vibe with the new garment.

This is a Best Buy exclusive Funko Pop, however it is readily available.

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