Top 21 Funko Pop Gaming Characters

Over the years Funko Pops have created 100’s of gaming themed exclusive Pops. They’ve wonderfully realised many Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and Sega characters throughout the console ages.

I’ve picked 21 games which have amazing Pops based on their characters which are all available for around $15, with a couple of exceptions.

In this list are the classics such as Sonic, Crash and Steve, to the new kids on the block like Kratos, Overwatch and Fortnite Pop Vinyls.

Check out our Funko Blog below for the best gaming Pop Vinyls available!

Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop

First up on our Funko Blog, this Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop (#273) has perfect nostalgia value for Playstation 1 owners.

Crash Bandicoot entered the scene back in 1996 on the PS1 and has recently received a remake for the latest consoles. This Pop was to celebrate that and I’d say Funko have done him proud.

The Crash Pop is gorgeously realised and has no flaws to speak of (which goes for the entire Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop range too). The moulding is spot on, the colours are vibrant and the facial design retains his cheeky look.

Crash fans can pick this up for just under $12 on Amazon, along with variations and other characters.

Sonic Funko Pop

There are plenty of Pop variations of the speedy blue hedgehog, but this Sonic Funko Pop (#146) is my overall favourite.

Classically posed clutching a gold ring behind his back, the overall detail is great and far better than the original Sonic Funko Pop released years ago. The ‘spines’ on the back are solid and not sharp, and particular attention goes to the detailing on his shoes.

As far as gaming Pop Vinyl collections go, your shelf wouldn’t be complete without one. As mentioned before, there are plenty of different Sonic Pops available. You can pay around $13 for this one, or if you were hunting for the original, you’d be looking at $300 plus. If you’re a collector, then I wouldn’t stand in your way, however if you need a cool low cost gift, this is perfect for a gamer.

Kratos God Of War Funko Pop

There have been previous renditions of Kratos in the God of War Funko Pop (#264) range, though this is by far the best, much like the latest God of War video game on PS4.

The detail on this chap is brilliant.

His head bares the scar near his eye, his red mark and a well-moulded beard. The detailing on his clothes is top notch, with perfect contouring on his muscles, armour and waist (just look at the paint job with the gold). Of course his Leviathan axe has received just as much love and care as the rest of him, with fine detailing on the hilt and blade.

Simply put, this is awesome and for only under $12 too.

Pikachu Pokemon Funko Pop

This guy is freaking adorable and perhaps the cutest Pop on our Funko Blog ever.

Everyone should know or have heard what Pokemon is, and this Pikachu Funko Pop (#353) is the best character for the collection to start with.

The simplistic design has been transferred over very easily. Adorable cheeks, big ears and the lightening bolt tail looks fab.

For buyers outside of the US, it is quite difficult to get hold of and the price has creeped up considerably.

Amazingly at the time of writing, this is the only Pokemon to have been created into a Pop (with a Bulbasaur arriving in the US any time now). This will without a doubt end up being a huge collection once released – if you can get your hands on them.

Currently Pikachu goes for around $40 on Amazon, however you can get it a bit cheaper on eBay, depending on what the delivery fees are.

Spyro Funko Pop

Similar to Crash Bandicoot, Spyro had a successful reboot and along with it came this amazing Spyro Funko Pop (#361).

The purple dragon has been painstakingly crafted from horn to claw (or horn to tail). The vibrant purple body has crafted with the same quality as the above Pops, with his yellow wings, tail and horns all contoured like they are in the latest video game.

Also as a side bonus, you get an even smaller Pop with him – his friend Sparx, who has glittery wings to boot.

The pair are priced very reasonably under $15.

Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Funko Pop

Inspired by Resident Evil 4, this Leon Kennedy Funko Pop (#156) is my favourite of the many Resident Evil Funko collection.

The fourth game in the series revitalised the saga, adding the third person camera into the fray, along with new locations, tone and monsters. Personally, this game terrified me more than any Resident Evil game before it – right at the start, you’re being chased by crazed villages with sacks over their heads, chainsawing the door down. And Leon handled it like a champ.

With his 90’s Back Street Boys hairdo, the Leon Vinyl Pop looks the part. Wearing full tactical boots and trousers, with his leather jacket, fingerless gloves and pump action shotgun, this Pop is ready to take on zombies, or Las Plagas, or whatever the hell it is now.

A great gaming Funko Pop, you can find Leon for around $20, along with others from the series.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Funko Pop

There are only two Lara Croft Funko Pop designs – the classic which has her wearing the turquoise top in hot pants and the reimagined version (#333), which I’ve chosen for this Funko Blog post.

I picked this because honestly, the older version whilst retaining the classic Tomb Raider look, is nowhere near as good as this Pop, due to a variety of different reasons.

Firstly, the detail and paint job on this is astounding. The figure is based from the rebooted Lara, so if you’ve played the game, all of her cuts, bruises, mud, bloody bandages and blows to the head are included here. She comes with her gravity defying red climbing axe, revolver and bow which is wrapped around her chest.

For less than $10, this gaming Funko Pop is a bargain.

Master Chief Halo Funko Pop

No gaming Funko Pop list is complete without Master Chief from the Halo series.

This Master Chief Pop (#) is a must for Halo fans. The soldier is wearing the traditional Mjolnir armour with Cortana Mini Pop in hand.

The level of detail is true to the original designs of the earlier games and the moulding is a treat, especially the body armour and visor lines. The paint job is simple and effect, with the mask showing off the gold sheen.

There are a handful more available, which range in price from $10 to $140. This one will only set you back a tenner on Amazon though.

Brite Bomber Fortnite Funko Pop

Let’s face it, it’s unsurprising that Fortnite is on this Funko Blog list. The game exploded onto the scene a couple of years back with a tremendous following and Funko saw an opportunity with the vast array of characters and skins. There are plenty out there, and this is my personal favourite.

The Brite Bomber Fortnite Funko Pop is spectacular in every way. It exudes vibrant colours, detailed design work from head to toe and maintains the over the top nature of the game. Particularly of note is the moulding on the hair – the bright pink really highlights it along with the flat glaze of the sunglasses. The suit itself is gorgeous with the unicorn print on the chest and her Rainbow Smash unicorn weapon is amazingly detailed.

Check our complete list of Fortnite Funko Pops – there are 26 in total!

Tracer Overwatch Funko Pop

Adding more girl power to the Funko Blog list, here is the Tracer Overwatch Funko Pop (#92).

As Tracer was the lead character for the marketing campaign when the game came out, this was the first Overwatch Pop to be released and is still readily available under £10.

Though the Pop isn’t the most colourful or exciting Pop in the list, it’s a great rendition of Tracer – they got the hair and visor perfectly, along with her armour and stance.

If you’re getting one as a gift, it’s perhaps worth asking the person what are their favourite characters in the game. There are a lot to choose from, so getting the right one will earn mucho brownie points!

Overwatch has a long list of exciting and colourful characters which Funko has brought to life. There are around 60 in total, most ranging from the $10-$15 mark, with some rare ones getting as high as $50-$70.

Sora Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series blessed with two amazing studios – Disney and Square. From the West you have the entire Disney back catalogue, which now also consist of Marvel and Fox. From the East, you have the worlds of Final Fantasy and much more. Combining these imaginative writers and talented animators leads to amazing stories, beautiful worlds and of course, fabulous character designs.

There are plenty to choose from, however the Sora Kingdom Hearts Pop (#331) is my favourite (unless they release a Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife Pop Vinyl… hint hint).

He is your typical Final Fantasy protagonist – he comes with the Squall/Cloud hairdo, crazy costume and ridiculous weapon, yet with a hint of Disney design (oversize feet!) and colouring.

The Kingdom Hearts Pop Vinyl is intricately detailed in every way and a beautiful Pop. The moulding on the body is the main attraction here, as Funko have done an excellent job with the individual belts, buckles and material seams, with the paint job being very precise.

Nathan Drake Uncharted Funko Pop

The sharp-witted archaeologist and hero of the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake is a clear must have in this list.

This Nathan Drake Funko Pop (#88) was released to coincide with the latest game, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. The Pop is a great gift idea for fans of the adventurer. It’s not the most exciting looking on the list, its the only Uncharted Pop Vinyl you can get. The Pop comes complete with the Nathan Drake hair, gun holsters and grappling hook. Price-wise this goes for just over $12.

There is an alternative version of this Drake wearing a red shit and brown trousers which was a target store special. The figure is still the same and you can pick this up for the same price.

Geralt Witcher Funko Pop

Amazing game, amazing Pop, so it needs to be on this Funko Blog post.

Geralt from Witcher has been captured beautifully here just like Kratos has. They have his white hair and beard down to a tee, with scars in the correct places as you would expect.

The body is where this Witcher Funko Pop (#149) really stands out – the armour is amazingly detailed from his chainmail shoulders to his boot straps. Belts and buckles across his chest are all there, alongside his emblem and his two handed grip on his broad sword looks great. The twin sword and crossbow are on his back too. Everything on here is painted to an expert level – much neater than some of the other Pops that were released around the same time.

It’s rare to find the Witcher Pop series in stores, but they are abundant online. You can pick him up for just over $10, plus you can also get a few others including Triss and Ciri – though they are more in the slightly higher price range.

I’ve read from reviews though this particular Pop is a bit unbalanced and easy to knock over, so be careful where you put him.

Ryu Street Fighter Funko Pop


Moving our list onto the fighting games, our first from the Streetfighter series. As far as gaming Funko Pops go, this Ryu Pop (#137) is a fantastic one.

Instantly recognisable with his torn karate outfit, black belt and signature red cloves and head band, this is a must for any Street Fighter fan. There isn’t too much detail needed on a figure like this, but from what has been moulded to produce this iconic character, it’s a solid gaming Funko Pop.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Funko Pop

It was a toss up between Scorpion and Sub Zero, the two iconic characters from the decades old franchise so I picked the one I won most fights with!

This Mortal Kombat Pop has plenty of intricate detail all over, with his mask moulding, belts and buckles (there seems to be a lot of that in this article) and tunic. The piercing white eyes instead of the traditional Pop black really seals the deal for this one too. An Awesome gift for a Mortal Kombat nut, this is only £12.

Similar to the Street Fighter and Tekken Pops, this has a few of the other opponents available too, but not all of them.

Heihachi Tekken Funko Pop

Being a massive fan of the Tekken franchise it was difficult to pick a favourite, but for me, the old father of the Iron Fist Tournament wins… though only just next to Kazuya.

The Heihachi Tekken Pop Vinyl (#171) captures the martial art expert perfectly in Funko form. The design is taken from Tekken 4, his greying hair and black karate outfit bare all the details from the game, including his tiger emblem on his back, bushy eyebrows and balding spot!  His stance is the same pose he performs just before he fights in the game. 

If you want to see the full list of Tekken characters, check out our Tekken Funko Pop roster.

Steve Minecraft Funko Pop

Minecraft is everywhere, so it was obviously going to be in this Funko Blog list!

I’ve picked the iconic Steve character (#316)  – the builder who you start off with in the original game. As far as gaming Pop Vinyls go, this is a perfect copy, considering the source.

Funko have captured everything they can in terms of ‘detail’ with this blocky character, with his goatee to pickaxe.

Carmine Gears of War Funko Pop

Gears of War fans would may have thought Marcus Fenix would be the obvious choice for Gears of War Funko Pops, but no. It’s Carmine (#113).

For those that don’t know, Carmine is the equivalent of the Star Trek ‘red shirt’ – the one that always dies. Throughout each game, there has been a Carmine character (all related somehow) and in every game, they die. It’s a running ‘joke’, but one always hopes he may survive.

Well Funko made that possible with this gaming Pop Vinyl. The Carmine is highly detailed from head to toe in his full body armour. The mask, chest plate and legs are all wonderfully moulded and he comes equipped with his trademark Lancer COG weapon.

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Funko Pop

Another fantastic Playstation exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a world where robotic beasts reign supreme with human scavengers trying to survive. The game was so popular, Pops were naturally going to follow.

Based on the main character, this excellent Aloy Pop (#257) captures all the post apocalypitc details of the female protagonist.

The head and body are filled with excellent details and colours. Aloy’s fiery hair flows into her plats, her outfit made from fur is expertly moulded with different skins, armour plating and tribal decoration. Her accessories are her quiver and bow, all crafted as they were in the game.

Altair Assassins Creed Funko Pop

The successful Assassins Creed series has been around for over a decade now, and though it’s had many different protagonists, Altair from the original is the best known.

The Altair Pop (#20) is an older gaming Funko Pop and is not as detailed as the newer releases, however it is a classic.

Dressed in his white hooded robe and equipped with the assassin’s wrist blade, this Pop is perfect for any Brotherhood fan. Detailing on the armour and waste band is really good too.

This Pop is accompanied by a few other’s from the series, such as Ezio and the lead from the Syndicate, so if you’re buying this as a gift, find out which Assassins Creed game is the favourite.

This Pop is priced just over $20, which is great considering how old it is.

Vault Boy Fallout Funko Pop

To finish off our Funko Blog list is the iconic Vault Boy from the popular Fallout franchise.

This is simplistic gaming Funko Pop is pretty basic looking, though captures everything recognisable about the mascot for the Vault-Tec corporation from the Fallout universe.

This chap goes for around $15.

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