Warhammer Funko Pops – For The Emperor!

Warhammer Funko Pop

Considering how wildly popular Science Fiction and Nerdom have become in recent years, it’s frankly surprising that we haven’t had Warhammer Funko Pops yet!

Warhammer 40K is the most popular of Games Workshop’s franchises and their Space Marines – or Adeptus Astartes to the more discerning reader – have existed in some form or another since around 1990.

The Space Marines are the poster child of the hobby, so they get the Warhammer Funko Pop treatment first.

For those mentioning that we have put this in the Video Game category – we don’t have a tabletop section!

Ultramarines Intercessor Warhammer Funko Pop

Warhammer Funko Pop

The Ultramarines are the most iconic of all Space Marine chapters and it’s no surprise that the opening Warhammer Funko Pop in the range is from the noble XIII legion.

The Ultramarines Intercessor 40K Pop (#499) comes equipped with the tabletop accurate Bolt Rifle from 8th Edition.

While the posing (weapon across the chest) might strike some as slightly boring it will certainly appeal to hobby purists – whose own Space Marine forces are likely styled in the same. Holding it I was reminded of the many hours spent posing my own marines this way.

Well done to Funko for achieving a pose that is at once simplistic and loyal to the brand.

The attention to detail on this Space Marine Pop is fantastic and this is something you’ll notice across the range of Warhammer Funko Pops. I really like the effort they’ve put into hands and fingers.

A slight complaint would be that the paint job on the left hand wasn’t as clean as could be but between you and me this can quickly be solved with two thin coats of Calgar Blue Citadel Paint.

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Blood Angels Assault Marine Warhammer Funko Pop

Warhammer Funko Pop

Next up on our list is the Blood Angels Assault Marine Pop (#500) and as you can see, he’s ready to live up his title. I had to go back and check – this ISN’T his war gear from the famous 7th Edition Codex cover, where he wields a chain sword and plasma pistol.

The colour palette chosen for the Blood Angel himself is very striking and works very well.  Funko have done an excellent job at having the lime green eyes stand out from the yellow helmet, which itself is contrasted well with the (mostly) matte red armour.

The ‘decals’ have been applied expertly on this glorious Warhammer Funko Pop. An excellent job has been done on the Blood Angels insignia on the left shoulder as well as the lightning bolt on the right knee-cap, marking him out as a Fast Attack option.

The Blood Angel is probably my favourite of this first wave. As a little extra he’s ever-so-slightly dynamically posed with his legs slightly off flat; he looks ready to advance and purge the heretic up close!

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Dark Angels Veteran Warhammer Funko Pop

Warhammer Funko Pop

The Dark Angels are represented in the first wave of Warhammer Funko Pops by the Dark Angels Veteran (#501). The Veteran comes equipped with a Power Sword and Storm Shield.

The Dark Angel is the most detailed all the Space Marines Pops on this list and as a result he really shines amidst the lineup.

For many, the defining characteristic of the Dark Angels will be the flowing, monastic robes of the 1st Legion. Funko have done an excellent job of capturing these in this sculpt – whether in hood or tabard form.

The other detail that draws attention to itself is the angelic figure on the Veteran’s shield. This too is a “Funko” silhouette- which is a brilliant (if slightly meta) touch! There’s also the rope belt, augmented eye (complete with scarring) and bejewelled hilt of the Power Sword that are worth looking at!

The Dark Angels Veteran is a fantastic sculpt and really makes us excited for what else they could do with the Warhammer Funko Pop range. Sticking with the Dark Angels – can you imagine how awesome Deathwing Terminators or Ravenwing Bikers would look in Warhammer 40K Pop format?

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Space Wolves Pack Leader Warhammer Funko Pop

Warhammer Funko Pop

Some say there are no Wolves on Fenris, but there is certainly one on our list of Space Marine Funko Pops!

Filling out the first wave roster is the Space Wolves Pack Leader (#502). He comes equipped with a Power Axe and Bolter.

Rightfully so, the Space Wolves Leader is the most expressive of all the Warhammer Funko Pop sculpts in the range. Funko tends to give the impression that a character is aggressive by slanting their eyebrows inwards and whilst they’ve done that here, they’ve also subtly designed the Space Wolf’s beard to give him unhappy, frowning mouth.

The axe helps too- but then again, would you tolerate a Pack Leader with anything less?

A quick note on the decals as well. Like with the Blood Angel Funko have done an excellent job in applying these to the model- particularly to the face and Bolter.

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What next?

The Warhammer Funko Pop range, while fantastic so far, is at this stage only in the experimental phase for Games Workshop.

Assuming the partnership goes well, I imagine high up the list for the next wave will see the forces of Chaos represented in 40K Funko format. Death Guard, World Eaters, Thousand Sons and Emperors Children anyone?

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